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How to Use Uber Without Smartphone: 3 Ways

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Uber has made great strides in improving ridesharing services, offering plenty of options and special requests you can input.

However, as a mobile-centric service, it can seem like the only way to get an Uber is with a smartphone.

The good news is that you can book and use Uber rides without smartphones.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can get an Uber ride today without having the latest and greatest smartphone.

Can You Use Uber Without a Smartphone?

While it is more complex than using a smartphone, it is still possible to call for an Uber using other methods.

Whether you don’t have access to your iPhone or Android device or the device is not charged, there are different ways to handle placing your order.

However, Uber started as a mobile phone app.

The most common way to book Uber rides Is through that app.

With time, the ability to request an Uber service has become an option through their website.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you will still need a cell phone to receive SMS messages.

The person who will drive you will send you a text message at different drive stages to your pickup.

So, you need to be able to get these notifications on your phone.

Can You Order an Uber by Calling?

Until recently, Uber didn’t have a way for a person to call in to set up a ride.

However, in February 2020, Uber set up a way to book rides by calling a toll-free phone number and having someone help you set everything up.

Once you dial the phone number, you can request Uber services through the website or Uber app.

You’ll work with someone on the line to handle ride requests, set up an account, or add a payment method.

The good news is that you can do this through a cell phone or over the landline.

As long as you have an active phone line, you can call Uber and set up what you need.

Can You Use Uber Without Internet?

While using Uber without the Internet is possible, it will be hard to demand services or rides from Uber to stay updated.

Without access to the Internet or a mobile data plan, you won’t be able to receive updates from your driver about the status of your ride.

If everything for the ride goes off without a hitch, then this isn’t a problem.

The driver will pick you up at the location you set up over the phone and take you where you need to go.

However, unlike a cab service, Uber relies on cell or mobile data services to update drivers on delays or changes to their rideshare.

If you can’t receive these messages, it’s up to the driver to inform you what has changed through a call.

If you don’t have ready access to the Internet, be aware of this possibility.

As a ridesharing startup, Uber focuses on the growing use of smartphones and mobile applications to provide convenience.

Many of the older styles of customer support services, like ordering a ride over the phone, are still new.

Important: If you’re using Uber without internet access or connection, you won’t be able to use the safety features such as sharing your trip with a friend or notifying Uber if there’s an emergency.

Ways to Request a Ride Without a Smartphone

To get an Uber ride without a smartphone, you’ll need either a working phone or a different device with an Internet connection.

Let’s take a look at what ordering an Uber looks like on these different devices.

A Mobile Phone With Internet Access

To book Uber rides with a mobile phone with internet access, you would go to the Uber account creation page and place an order there.

As long as you have your Uber account set up and a payment method like a credit card assigned to the account, you should be ready to place the order.

You can also use the phone to call Uber’s rideshare set-up number to have someone help you order a ride.

A Tablet or Laptop

A mobile device like a Samsung tablet, laptop, or iPad makes for a great place to book an Uber from.

Tablets can all use the Uber app, especially if they have mobile data and location services to share with the app.

A laptop can work just as well, using the Uber website instead of the mobile app to place the order.

You will always need a payment method such as a credit card associated with the account before placing the order.

A Desktop Computer

Much like using a laptop, a desktop computer would let you access the Uber website and set up a ride online.

Follow the same steps as using a computer, and you’ll be able to get your ride booked in no time.

How to Use Uber Without Smartphone

If you’re not using your iPhone, iPad, or Android cell phone to access the Uber app, you’ll have to go about booking Uber a different way.

The website will be your best bet.

Here are the steps you have to take to get an Uber ride through their website:

Creating an Account Online

If you don’t have a smartphone, the first step in calling for an Uber is to get an account set up with their service.

To do that, you’ll need to go to the website using another Internet device such as a PC, laptop, or tablet.

Once on the website, you want to start the registration process.

Part of the registration process will be about getting your location.

Ensure that you enable Uber to get your location from the device you’re using to route appropriate rides to you.

In addition to your account details, like personal information, you also need to include a payment method.

This payment method could be a credit card or debit card, as well as Uber gift cards.

After you supply everything, you want to click the “Create Account” option to finalize the process.

Ordering Rides Without the Uber app

Once your Uber account is set up, you’re good to book a driver using your computer or mobile device.

The first step to doing so will be logging into the official Uber website on the device.

If you receive a network error: This error is due to a security protocol from Uber.

Contact the Uber support team and supply them with the information they need to resolve the issue when this error shows up.

Logging Into the Website

To log into the website, you’ll need to select a pickup location.

You can do this with either manual input or by having Uber automatically find your location.
Ordering an Uber
To order your Uber, you’ll want to choose the type of Uber service that you want.

The options available may include:

  • Uber Black
  • Uber Comfort
  • Uber X
  • Uber XL
  • UberSUV
  • Uber Wheelchair

This section is also where you include other notes for the Uber driver, such as any luggage you’ll be bringing and the number of passengers.

You’ll need to enter your destination.

You need to type in the address where you want to go in and select the Fare Quote button to get a price estimate.

Once you’ve finished entering your customizations, everything is set.

You’re ready to book the ride.

Submit the order for the rideshare, and the first available driver will start moving over toward your pickup point.

Does the Information Above Also Apply to Uber Eats Orders?

Like the regular Uber services, Uber Eats doesn’t require the mobile app to place an order

Instead, you would set up an account with the Uber Eats website and place your orders from there.

Part of ordering from Uber Eats will be submitting an address and a phone number.

The address will be the delivery place for the order if it gets filled.

The phone number is needed if the restaurant can’t fill your order and requires you to make a change or cancel the order.

Can You Make an Uber Account Without a Phone Number?

You don’t have to supply a phone number when you make an Uber account through the website.

So, that means that you don’t need a phone number to use Uber if you only order online.

However, not having a phone number to give to Uber means that your driver might have issues contacting you before your pickup.

Delays and traffic jams happen, so you could be left stranded if the service has no way to reach you about the delay.

You can solve this problem by checking on the status of your ride with the website or by calling Uber support.

While the app and a phone number are the easiest ways to stay in touch with Uber, they aren’t the only ways.

GoGoGrandparent: Uber for Seniors Without Smartphones

The Uber platform can be confusing for older people who haven’t had much experience using mobile devices or cannot do it themselves.

A service called GoGoGrandparent allows these seniors to take advantage of ridesharing services without the hassle of a mobile platform.

What Is GoGoGrandparent?

GoGoGrandparent is a service that helps simplify the ridesharing ordering experience.

Instead of the individual setting up rideshares for themselves, they would call GoGoGrandparent.

From there, the business will set up the pickup and drop-off addresses and handle any tech or routing issues that occur while the driver is on the way.

How Does GoGoGrandparent Work?

GoGoGrandparent vets drivers before any of them drive for the service.

Once they had a fleet of drivers they trusted, the company then took calls from older folks or their families to help set up ridesharing services for the elderly.

Right now, GoGoGrandparent lets you book Uber and Lyft rides over the phone.

There is an automated teller that can direct you through the options.

Or, you can speak to a human operator for more detailed orders.

Once ordered, GoGoGrandparent works with the drivers they have partnered with to drive or deliver as needed.

With GoGoGrandparent, you can request rides, have groceries or medicine delivered, or have home care services driven to your location.

Is GoGoGrandparent Cheaper Than Uber?

GoGoGrandparent has four different tiers of monthly subscriptions that you can pay, affecting how expensive the ridesharing services are.

While the Basic plan won’t cost much, the Total Care plan costs hundreds of dollars a month.

GoGoGrandparet can be much more expensive than just using Uber directly, thanks to the business’s extra assistance.

It’s best to see how much you think your older family members might need this service and plan accordingly.

Wrapping Up

While not as convenient compared to the mobile app, it is possible to use Uber without a smartphone.

Any Internet-enabled device, like a laptop or tablet, can access the Uber website and place an order with an already set up account.

If not having a smartphone has stopped you from using a rideshare service, set up an Uber account today and see how booking a ride online feels for you.

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    Here is my experience with my phone being DOA and a new one to arrive in another two days then another wait for the new SIM card. IE I have no phone to use for UBER. So This is what happens with I try to log into my Uber account. Give ph # or email, then next page, “enter the code” sent to my phone. There is NO way around this. In order to do anything you have to sign in and prove who you are via a code sent to your broken phone. Ha! Email option would be wonderful but not offered. To contact them is the same ultimately.
    Again thanks for your work.
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