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Delete Uber History: The Best Way To Clear Past Rides

You cannot easily delete Uber history, but you can remove private information from the app through an account deletion. Keep reading to learn more.

If you’ve spent a few years using Uber, you may want to delete your Uber history.

The popular rideshare app provides transportation to people all over the world, but it also collects a lot of personal data.

Keep reading to learn how to delete Uber history.

What Is Your Uber Ride History?

Your Uber ride history is a record of every trip you have taken using your Uber account.

While you cannot find an overview of your ride information on the app, you can scroll through your previous destination locations.

To find your ride history on the app, you click the menu icon (three bars) on the top left edge.

Then, click the section titled “Your Trips.”

Here, you can scroll through a list of every ride you have taken, ordered from newest to oldest.

By tapping on the trip, you can see the pickup and drop off destinations, fare, time, driver, and rating.

You may change the rating or report an accident as well.

If you are a frequent user, you may tire out your thumb before scrolling to the bottom.

Also, you will need to head to your computer if you want an overview of every trip.

Checking Your Uber Ride History on Google Chrome

On the Chrome browser, go to the Uber website and enter your login data.

Then, you download the RideShare Trip Stats Chrome extension.

After it installs, you can click the extension icon by the address bar and press “OK”.

The extension takes you to the Trips page, which resembles the in-app one.

Tap the extension icon once more to get a report of all your data.

You can choose to download individual trip data, but that takes longer and spams your email with Uber receipts.

Instead, click “No” and view your ride statistics.

You will see the total number of rides, money spent, and time in Ubers, among other stats.

What Data Does Uber Store Within Your Account?

Uber stores a lot of user data, including account, rider, Jump Bikes, and UberEats information.

What you receive in your data download changes based on what Uber features you use.

Your information includes personal and technical details, such as:

  • Name, email, phone number, ratings, sign-up date
  • Referral codes
  • The date you entered payment details, bank name, billing country, payment type
  • Support conversation metadata
  • Saved places’ names and addresses
  • Locations and times you requested, started, and finished a trip
  • Distance traveled
  • Currency, prices, transactions
  • Mobile event data from the past 30 days, including device model, language, operating system, and app version
  • Restaurant names, prices, items ordered, and time of placement
  • Special instructions and customizations

The last two are part of the Uber Eats app.

You can request your personal data on the My Privacy Uber website.

While Uber collects more data, they exclude some of it in a download for security reasons.

These include your social security number, date of birth, bank account, mailing address, credit card details, and received messages.

Furthermore, they do not show you promotions, rewards, unused credits, and temporary verification code data.

Can You Delete Uber History?

As it stands, you cannot delete Uber history in regards to rides without deleting your account.

If you are scared of a data breach leaking your personal information, you may want to delete Uber history.

Some countries consider Uber illegal, so you may not want that information out there if the authorities catch you.

This issue is minor as you are unlikely to get in serious trouble for it, but you might want to stay on the safe side.

You may also have an automatic deactivation if you violate Uber service guidelines.

This action would result in a deletion of your history without you doing work at the expense of you using the app.

How to Delete an Uber Account Using the Uber App

vector graphic showing a hand delete Uber history on a mobile phone

Uber does not have an easy delete option.

You can delete your Uber account on the app from your Android phone or iOS devices.

If you do not see it on your home screen, you can search for the app.

Press the app menu icon with three horizontal lines on the screen’s top left corner.

Go to the settings section at the bottom.

Keep scrolling until you find the Privacy button near the bottom.

On the Privacy page, scroll to the bottom where you will see the “Delete Your Account” link in red.

Verify your account password by entering it and press “Continue.”

You will see a goodbye message and go to a page with a brief overview of your account data.

From there, you can click the black “Continue” button on the bottom right of the screen.

You can choose a reason for deletion to see the confirmation message.

Finally, you tap delete.

Your account will have 30 days of deactivation before deletion.

If you sign in during that period, you will reactivate your account.

Otherwise, you will delete Uber history and it will disappear permanently.

If you have a driver account, you will need to follow a different deletion process.

You can also delete it from the website by logging in, pressing the “Help” button.

Then, tap “More” under “Account and Payment Options,” and selecting “Delete my Uber account” in the “Changing my account settings” section.

What Happens After You Delete an Uber Account?

When you deactivate your account, your Uber account gets deleted after one month.

You will need to check the Uber privacy policy to see if they retain any data.

Generally, they will only keep the information if they need it for fraud prevention, safety, legal, or security purposes.

If you have an unresolved claim, outstanding payment, controversy, or a dispute, they may keep your data.

If you have one of these issues with your account, Uber can keep your data for a minimum of seven years after the deletion request if you are a driver.

Riders will usually get their data deleted entirely after 90 days.

Before You Go…

For whatever reason you wish to delete Uber history, you can do so by deleting your account.

Doing so may prove a tedious process, but you can start a new account with the same information at any time.

Overall, you aren’t losing much by removing your data from the platform.

For more information about ridesharing and delivery apps, visit us at Ridester.com.

We cover all forms of public transportation if you want to get started using or working for a service like Uber.

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