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What To Do If A DoorDash Driver Steals Your Food

Learn what to do if a DoorDash driver steals your food. We'll cover how to tell if food is missing and what to do if it is.

Key Takeaways

  • Occasional food theft by DoorDash drivers leads to their immediate deactivation.
  • For missing food, first contact the Dasher, then use DoorDash’s live chat or call Customer Service for issues with missing orders.
  • Report missing orders with specific details to DoorDash for investigation and potential driver deactivation.
  • DoorDash issues refunds for delivery issues and charges merchants for order errors.

Do DoorDash Drivers Ever Steal Food?

Yes, there have been instances where DoorDash drivers have stolen entire food orders, as reported by customers. However, this is a relatively rare occurrence due to the immediate action the platform takes against drivers as a result.

The more common issue is when drivers are tempted to sneak a few bites of smaller food items like fries or chicken nuggets. Proving that some of these are missing from an order is much more difficult, especially if the majority of the order gets delivered.

DoorDash typically addresses clear incidents of theft by offering refunds or reordering the food for the affected customers. This is a way to establish goodwill with the customer and make the situation right.

On the other hand, they take stolen food orders that fall into the “grey” category that are harder to prove, on a case-by-case basis.

Cases of stolen food are not representative of all drivers, but it does highlight issues of trust and integrity in the gig economy.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I have a good friend who owns a BBQ restaurant in Iowa, and she told me that DoorDash drivers stealing food was one of their biggest complaints from customers. Sometimes, they complained that up to half of the order was completely gone.

As it turns out, the Dashers were casually munching on the food as they delivered it. They wouldn’t take the whole thing, but rather small pieces here and there – just enough for the customers to notice.

After sealing the orders tightly with tamper-resistant packaging and stickers, a practice widely used by large restaurants like McDonald’s, it is no longer a big issue for the restaurant.

What Happens If a DoorDash Driver Steals Food?

DoorDash drivers are strictly prohibited from taking any part of a customer’s order, including food or beverages.

If a DoorDash driver is found to have stolen or eaten food from the order, they face immediate account deactivation, effectively terminating their association with DoorDash.

Customers affected by such incidents typically receive a refund, and sometimes DoorDash may offer a complimentary order as compensation. While drivers can appeal the deactivation decision, the likelihood of reinstatement is incredibly unlikely.

In cases where a driver accidentally loses an order or faces delivery issues due to unforeseen circumstances, they should report it to DoorDash promptly, which might result in a warning rather than deactivation, depending on the situation.

Additionally, if a driver is unable to find the customer, they are not permitted to mark the order as complete without actually delivering it.

What Should You Do if Your DoorDash Order Is Missing Items?

If you suspect your DoorDash order has been stolen, here are the steps to follow:

1. Contact Your Dasher

If the order is still active and it’s been more than 15 minutes past the estimated delivery time, use the chat or live phone call feature in the DoorDash app to contact your Dasher.

Before assuming theft, try to communicate with your Dasher to clear up the situation first. This can help clarify any delays due to traffic, car troubles, weather, detours, or personal emergencies.

When reaching out to the Dasher, be nice, friendly, and don’t immediately assume the worst. The Dasher could have simply made a mistake, so give them the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain.

2. Check for Delivery Errors

Sometimes, an order may be marked as delivered but not received. Again, give the Dasher the benefit of the doubt.

The address could very well be wrong, it could be a mistake like delivering to the wrong address, or a porch pirate could’ve swiped your food.

Verify this before concluding it’s stolen. Then, take next steps if it is.

3. Contact DoorDash Customer Service

If you can’t reach your Dasher or if the order is not active, and you’re sure the delivery hasn’t mistakenly gone to the wrong address, contact DoorDash’s Customer Service.

This can be done through their help page or by calling 855-431-0459 in the US.

Let the customer service agent know your order was marked as delivered but never arrived. Be ready to provide any relevant details of your order.

Clearly & Calmly Communicate Order Details

When reaching out to support, be sure to clearly and calmly communicate the situation. For example, provide them with:

  • Which restaurant you ordered from
  • What you ordered
  • When you ordered it
  • The name of the Dasher
  • The specific items that were missing
  • How long you waited for the order
  • The type of resolution you would like

4. Resolution Options

DoorDash will usually give you a refund quickly, but its team will also investigate the issue. If they find that the DoorDash driver stole your food, they will ban the driver from working again for DoorDash.

The Customer Service Agent will assist in resolving the issue. This may include offering credit, a refund, or arranging for a redelivery of your order.

Remember, while it’s rare for orders to be stolen by Dashers, it’s important to follow these steps for a quick and effective resolution.

Notable Cases of DoorDash Driver Stealing Food From Customers

While it’s not a widespread practice, there have been notable instances where DoorDash drivers have stolen food from orders.

For example, a TikTok user, Abby Elizabeth Marti, shared an experience where a DoorDash driver took her $100 food order and never delivered it.

Other users on TikTok have reported similar incidents, indicating that this kind of behavior, though not common, does occur.

One particularly verifiable case involved a driver who was caught on security footage. After taking a photo of the delivered food at the customer’s door, the driver took the food and left.

DoorDash addressed this incident by compensating the customer and terminating the driver’s employment.

In another case, a TikToker claimed that their DoorDash driver consumed part of their order, including fries and milk, before delivery.

While some comments on these stories suggest they could be fabricated by customers seeking refunds, others have shared comparable experiences.

In terms of prevalence, a US Foods survey found that about 30% of food delivery drivers admitted to snacking on the food they were delivering.

However, this doesn’t mean that food theft occurs in 30% of all deliveries. Many drivers who admitted to snacking might have done so only once or twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do restaurants know when you complain on DoorDash?

Yes, restaurants do know when you complain on DoorDash. They receive both private feedback, which is not public, and public reviews. This allows them to see your comments and improve their service.

Who pays for refunds on DoorDash?

DoorDash pays for refunds related to delivery issues like delays and poor service. However, for missing or incorrect items, while DoorDash initially issues the refund, they charge restaurants a small fee to cover part of the cost.

Wrapping Up

If you find yourself saying, “DoorDash stole my food,” rest assured that it’s not something that happens every day. DoorDash guarantees a positive experience for every delivery, but sometimes mistakes occur.

If you experience any problems, DoorDash offers multiple ways to contact Customer Service. DoorDash Customer Service will provide a resolution to any reported problems.

As the customer, your experience is the priority, so don’t be afraid to leave honest reviews and feedback. Doing so helps DoorDash improve to be better for everyone involved.

Comment below if you have any questions about the DoorDash stolen food policies. We’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “What To Do If A DoorDash Driver Steals Your Food”

  1. Brett, thank you for this article! This problem may be uncommon but we almost never use Door Dash and here is what happened to us. This past Saturday on Easter Eve, we had company over and placed a large order through Maggianos.com. (Maggianos uses Door Dash for delivery.) My husband paid Maggiano’s with a credit card through the restaurant’s website, and the restaurant billed the card. Door Dash originally showed our order as delayed, which wasn’t a big deal, but the driver then “cancelled” our order and all info from the driver was deleted from our texts, presumably as a result of the cancellation. We called the restaurant to ask what had happened, who said that it sounded like a case of driver theft, and since they handed over the food to the Door Dash driver they would not refund our money. Door Dash said it wasn’t responsible since we had paid the restaurant directly. The restaurant offered a 50 per cent discount if we wanted them to re-prepare our food and come pick it up. Door Dash said it would “fire” the driver, which we hadn’t asked for and didn’t want — we just wanted the food we had paid for. We are still within the 7-day window but don’t know what our options are. Any suggestions?

  2. I’ve had food stolen TWICE by Dashers. Both times, I watched in the app as they approached my house and when they were literally only feet from my door, I received a text that my food had been delivered, when it had not. Neither time did they provide a photo either, like every other DoorDash order I’ve had. Both times I texted the Dasher immediately saying I did not receive my food and both times I was ignored. I wasn’t out any money , as I just called DoorDash and had to re-order the entire meal, but it did waste another hour of my time.

  3. My food an money was stolen by door dash I never received my order which was order for my diabetic son I called they tried and issue still haven’t been resolved the offering me a credit,of 9.21 which doesn’t cover anything my order was 36 dollars an some change. I then had to spend 22 additional dollars to get him food.. I will never in life order food with any company that use door dash


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