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How The Grubhub Student Discount Can Save Students Loads Of $$

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As a student, the chances are pretty good you do not have too much extra money hanging around.

Every dollar you save is one more for books, basic expenses, fun, food, etc.

Grubhub can help with some of that with its Grubhub+ Student program.

The Grubhub+ Student discount program helps cut delivery costs and provides valuable coupons and discounts.

Best of all, when combined with Amazon Prime Student, it is free.

Here are the details on the Grubhub plus discount, the Amazon Prime Student program, what both do and do not do, plus detailed instructions on how to join one or both programs as a college student.

Does Grubhub Offer a Student Discount?

Yes. A Grubhub student membership provides a discount for all students and educators that is different from a Grubhub promo code.

From the restaurant side, the program is contingent on collaborating with Grubhub for the discount to apply to a student food order.

The discount and benefits for Grubhub+ Student members (or Seamless+ members) are as follows:

  • Free food delivery on any Grubhub order of $12 or more at participating restaurants or campus dining services
  • Unlimited free delivery for all food orders by a Grubhub member
  • VIP level care
  • Matched donations for Donate the Change by participating restaurants
  • Grubhub customers get exclusive access to valuable Grubhub coupons, discounts, and programs Grubhub runs periodically

Applicable Rules

There are a few rules.

Only ordered food counts towards meeting the $12 free delivery threshold.

Taxes, tips, and applicable fees do not apply to the $12 threshold.

Membership in Grubhub+ Student membership also includes food Gruhub promos, coupons, etc.

Amazone Prime Student

Finally, the Grubhub+ Student membership (or Seamless +) membership is free if you are a member of Amazon Prime Student.

Existing and new customers will have to open an Amazon Prime Student account and then activate the Grubhub member portal to sign up for the free Grubhub+ Student membership.

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How Does Grubhub Student Discount Work?

You activate or apply the Grubhub student discount through the Grubhub+ Student membership app or by logging into your account on their website.

You use Grubhub to order food and delivery, but your membership in the program means any discounts or coupons get applied automatically.

This only works with participating restaurants, so you need to verify that a restaurant is a Grubhub partner for the Grubhub Student program free delivery discount to work.

Who Can Use the Grubhub Student Discount?

College students are eligible for membership in Grubhub+ Student.

If your Grubhub+ Student membership is active, you can use the student discount.

Grubhub+ Student runs in conjunction with Grubhub Campus Dining.

That means many dining options on campus are eligible for the Grubhub+ Student membership discount and any associated perks.

Students, professors, or visitors with an active Grubhub+ Student membership are eligible for the student Grubhub perks and discounts.

Does the Grubhub Student Discount Work Everywhere?

No, but the list of restaurants that do not use Grubhub+ Student or at least honor it, is dwindling from an already small number of establishments.

When you order, online or in person, look for the “Grubhub+” badge, which means the restaurant is a participating member.

You place an order with any of these establishments and the free delivery discount gets applied at checkout.

You do not need any special codes, and there is no limit on how many times you use your Grubhub+ membership.

What is the Discount Amount for Students on Grubhub?

The discount depends on your order and the delivery charge.

Also variable are any promos or discounts you apply to your order.

Is the Grubhub Student Discount Worth It?

This is another “it depends” answer.

Whether the discount is worth it to you depends on:

  • The cost of delivery to your location
  • How much you order food for delivery
  • How much food you order

These three work together to create a formula that can help you determine if the cost of a Grubhub+ membership is worth the investment.

How To Calculate Your ROI With Grubhub+ Student

Add up all the delivery costs you had over six months.

Add the total number of deliveries you had over that same period.

Divide your total costs in deliveries by your total number of deliveries.

This is your average cost of delivery per trip to your location.

Take your total number of deliveries and divide that number by six.

That is the average number of trips you have each month.

Multiply your average cost by your average number of trips.

That is how much you can expect to pay in delivery costs each month, on average, based on your prior six-month history.

If that cost exceeds the cost of a Grubhub+ Student membership, and your average number of deliveries per month is consistent, then it is worth joining.

If it is not, then it is worth considering if the other discounts and coupons you can receive because of your membership make the investment worth it.

If you do not have $10 worth of deliveries each month in food, and probably will not use the coupons and other perks of a Grubhub+ Student membership, then the cost of the membership is probably not worth it to you.

The Amazon Prime Alternative

The other factor is whether you are an Amazon Prime Student member.

If you are, then you can have a Grubhub+ Student membership for free.

That means you get all the benefits of Grubhub+ Student and Amazon Prime Student for the cost of just the Amazon Prime Student membership.

That likely will justify any investment you make in terms of memberships.

The only way this offer is not worth the monthly membership investment is if you never order delivery food and you never use Amazon Prime to make purchases.

What is the best deal?

If you do not have an Amazon Prime Student membership, the best deal is to join Amazon Prime Student.

It costs about the same as Grubhub+ Student plus you get the perks of Amazon Prime and you get a free membership to Grubhub+ Student.

This is a particularly good deal if you use Amazon a lot, even if you do not order delivery food very much.

It is like getting two for the price of one.

Amazon also has many different ways you can reduce your costs on purchases, both as a student and as a prime member.

This offer does not apply to Grubhub Campus and Corporate memberships.

How to Sign Up for Grubhub Student Discount

Joining is easy.

Grubhub also runs a free trial period to test it out.

Visit their website and follow the instructions.

Make sure you select the student membership option when you join Grubhub+.

If you are an Amazon Prime Student member, you qualify for free Grubhub+ Student membership.

If you are a Seamless+ member, you are already covered if you want the basic membership.

If you are a member of Amazon Prime Student or are joining, the signup process for Seamless+ members is just as seamless.

How do I merge Amazon Prime Student with Grubhub+ Student?

Once you have an active Amazon Prime Student account, your Grubhub+ Student account will create automatically when you activate your membership.

If you have an existing Grubhub+ Student membership, your Grubhub+ account will migrate to the end of your current billing cycle, beginning your free membership.

Can you cancel the Grubhub+ Student membership?

Any member can cancel their Grubhub+ Student membership at any time.

To do so, they need to contact Grubhub customer support.

If a member is also a member of Amazon Prime Student and cancels their Grubhub+ Student membership, their Grubhub benefits will stop immediately upon cancellation.

Their Amazon Prime Student account will not be affected.

What happens when your Amazon Prime Student account lapses or is canceled?

When that happens, you are no longer eligible to receive a free Grubhub+ Student membership.

Your account will revert to its prior status if you were a Grubhub+ Student member before joining Amazon Prime Student.

If you had paid for a year’s membership, it will pick up where you left off when you purchased the Amazon Prime Student membership.

If you were not a Grubhub+ Student member when your Amazon Prime Student account began, you will no longer be eligible to receive Grubhub+ Student benefits unless you rejoin Amazon Prime Student or join Grubhub+ Student.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions customers of Grubhub and members of Grubhub+ Student and Amazon Prime Student often have.

Do You Lose the Grubhub Student Discount Once You Graduate?

If your Grubhub+ Student membership is active, you can enjoy the perks, including any discounts or promotions.

If you get Grubhub+ Student as part of your Amazon Prime Student membership, your membership in Grubhub+ Student is valid as long as your Amazon membership is active.

If either lapse, you must start over with a new membership or get your existing memberships up to date.

You are also subject to any Amazon Prime rules regarding membership in their student program.

Can You Get Alcohol With a Grubhub Student Discount?

No. Grubhub will not apply a student discount to any order that contains alcohol.

Additionally, Grubhub only delivers alcohol in specific markets and there are strict rules about how much alcohol and proving you can legally purchase alcohol.

What does Grubhub+ Student cost?

Currently, Grubhub+ Student costs $9.99 a month.

Membership is free if you are an Amazon Prime Student member, which costs about the same per month.

Final Thoughts

Grubhub+ Student is a great way to save money on delivery costs for food, enjoy coupons and discounts and receive the customer service Grubhub is famous for providing.

Joining Amazon Prime Student, though, gets you all the perks of Amazon Prime, plus a free membership to Grubhub+ Student, so it makes sense to join Amazon Prime Student.

Either way, you cannot start enjoying the benefits of Grubhub+ Student benefits until you take that first step.

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