Uber Customer Service: Get Help [7+ Best Ways To Contact Uber]

Did you:

  • Get overcharged for a recent trip?
  • Leave something in a driver’s vehicle?
  • Have a bad passenger during a ride?
  • Get into an accident while picking up a rider?
  • Need to report a safety incident or a questionable driver?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then you need to contact Uber support.

But many Uber users seem unclear about how to do so. It’s not their fault since the company hasn’t made their “Get Help” options easily accessible, which is why it’s still one of the most asked questions among both drivers and passengers.

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the fastest and most effective ways to get in touch with Uber.

10 ways to contact Uber support

Uber has revolutionized the way people travel by connecting riders and drivers with each other in just seconds. And with its rapid expansion and ever-expanding user base, the need for customer support has become an even more of a pressing issue. But Uber has still not perfected it yet, limiting people in need of support to their FAQ.

That’s not to say there aren’t ways to get help. Here are 10 effective methods that both riders and drivers can use to contact Uber.

  1. Uber phone number
  2. The rider or driver app
  3. The official help portal
  4. Uber email
  5. Live chat
  6. Local partner website
  7. A local office or Greenlight Hub
  8. Social media
  9. Get Human
  10. Premium Support for frequent riders

Let’s dive right in.

1. Uber phone number

Uber riders and drivers have been asking for a way to call in and talk to someone directly, hence, making it our most requested method.

It may have been a plausible solution in the early days of the app, however, with millions of users and drivers using the platform, Uber hasn’t yet found a phone support solution that efficiently accommodates all of its massive user base.

Q: Does Uber have a customer support number?

A: Yes, Uber does have a 24/7 phone number that can be used to contact support representatives. (Update) Drivers and riders can use this number to get support for a wide range of issues.

But basically, the App claims to connect you with an agent in less than 2 minutes. The only caveat is this feature is only available for Uber Drivers, not the riders.

To access Phone support, all you have to do is:

  1. Open your Uber driver app
  2. Tap Account–>Help
  3. Tap on the blue phone icon —>Tap “Call Support”

Uber is also testing a few other initiatives in the form of pilot programs in select cities.

Uber phone support pilot program

Back in 2016, the company introduced a pilot support program for drivers in the Bay area.

Drivers that found themselves in need of assistance could navigate to “Help” within the Partner App, and then select “Speak to an Agent”, which would then connect them directly to Uber phone support.

We recently rolled out technology to get support right from the app. Whether you are a driver or a rider, just tap “Help” and all the information you need is right there. We’ve already seen response times go down and customer satisfaction rates go up. As we develop our in-app support technology, we want to make sure that getting in touch with us is as quick and easy as getting a ride. – Uber Newsroom

This program seemed promising because it appeared that Uber was trying to have its phone support cater both drivers and riders but wanted to identify and work out the kinks before introducing it globally.

Now, this service is available to all drivers in the United States and Canada. But the riders will have to wait for a bit more to have a similar option available to them.

Till then, in dire times when it’s absolutely imperative to get in touch with them, maybe you can try:

Uber critical safety response line

In case of an Uber emergency, riders and drivers can call the “Uber Critical Safety Response” line to report the incident. While many people haven’t heard of this number, it does exist in many cities. It’s just deeply buried between pages, making it hard to discover.

Uber has been testing the support line in 22 cities but has kept the entire thing on the down low. Instead of going public and telling riders and drivers about the Uber customer support number, they’ve quietly rolled it out as part of a “discoverability” test, meaning Uber would like people to find it on their own.

While this Uber Partner support number is not a replacement for 911, it’s a helpful way for riders and drivers to get urgent support. For example, if a rider has lost items that are incredibly important or valuable to them in their Uber, such as an expensive piece of jewelry or critically important medication, they could call in and get the issue resolved.

When a caller dials in, they are routed to either a call center in Phoenix or one in Chicago. Support representatives deal with the issue at hand and provide the best course of action. The representatives are trained to call the appropriate emergency services if they deem the caller is in immediate danger.

In a statement, Uber said, “We are always looking for ways to improve communication with riders and drivers. In select U.S. cities, we have a pilot program where riders and drivers can call an Uber support representative directly for assistance with an urgent situation after a trip.”

It’s worth noting that you should not call in just to complain about your ride or give menial feedback. Please don’t abuse this number. It’s there for urgent matters, so please take that into account before making a call.

The number is (800-353-8237) or (800) 353-UBER

2. Uber App

For riders and drivers that aren’t part of the region where Uber is testing a phone number (there is also a premium support option available for select users that we will touch on a bit later), the app is the next stop. The support feature available directly within the Uber app is one of easiest ways to get help and works for both riders and drivers.

The actual functionality of the in-app support varies, but the concept is mainly the same.

Uber passenger support

Uber has made it easy for passengers to contact Uber customer service representatives by incorporating a mini help center directly into the passenger app.

This help center is packed with information about all kinds of support topics like rides, Uber trip issues, lost items, driver sign-up process, how-to guides, and much more. They’ve essentially taken the help.uber.com section and packed it into the app.

Passengers can navigate to Menu > Help to access the help center. Once there, they will be presented with their most recent trip, as well as other helpful information about using Uber.

If there’s an issue with a ride, passengers can tap the “Report an issue with this trip”, then select one of the following:

  • I lost an item
  • I had an issue with my fare
  • My driver was unprofessional
  • My vehicle wasn’t what I expected
  • I had an issue with a receipt or payment option
  • I had an issue with my promo code
  • I was involved in an accident
  • uberPOOL issues

Once the proper topic is selected, riders should provide as much detail as possible and an Uber representative will reach out to help resolve the issue.

Uber Partner Support

Like the Uber passenger app, the Uber Partner app now has a Help section build right into it.

Uber drivers looking for support should navigate to Account > Help to gain access to support messages, trip and fare reviews, and other information regarding driving for the platform.

If a driver has experienced an issue, they’ll need to tap “Trips and Fare Review”, and then select the trip in question.

From there, the driver will select from the following:

  • My rider left an item in my vehicle
  • Issues with my fare
  • Rider Feedback
  • Trip Troubleshooting
  • I was in an accident
  • I had an issue with Uber navigation or maps

Our team has used this feedback system, and it’s definitely streamlined, intuitive and comprehensive for when on the road.

If a rider or passenger’s request is outside the scope of the general topics listed within the app, then a trip to the Uber Help Portal may be necessary.

3. The Uber Help Portal (help.uber.com)

The Uber Help Portal is the quickest way for both riders and drivers to gain direct access to Uber customer support. The portal offers many answers to frequently asked questions. These include:

  • Questions about signing up
  • Driving with Uber
  • Questions about fare adjustments
  • Payment questions
  • Reset Uber password
  • Uber lost and found
  • Driver that forgot to start a trip
  • Updating vehicles and documents
  • Etc.

The information here is pretty basic, so expect to find cookie-cutter responses and general answers to common questions that many other riders and drivers have had.

One cool thing worth noting is that when a user logs in or selects a specific city, the information actually becomes personalized to that city. This helps to get refined, helpful answers from other drivers and riders in the area who have run into similar problems.

Visit help.uber.com to access the Help Center.

4. Email

Another common way to reach Uber customer service is via email. Shoot an email to

support@uber.com to get a hold of general customer service. According to GetHuman, the average wait time is about 33 minutes for a reply from Uber customer support.

When emailing Uber support, Uber suggests putting as much detail as possible in your email so that they can assist you quickly without wasting time asking questions. Include your contact details, your ride number if you have it, and exactly what issue you have and how you wish it to be resolved.

If Uber representatives don’t get enough detail in the initial inquiry, they’ll likely respond with vague and generic answers that can be found at the help center.

Once an Uber representative replies to your email, reply to the email thread directly, instead of contacting Uber AGAIN using the same email address.

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Additionally, you’ll likely see a more helpful resolution to your problem if you respond with only one question at a time. Once the first question is answered, then move on to any other questions you may have.

It’s also possible to reach individual representatives in your city. It will likely be faster and easier to contact a local support representative than the general company inbox. If you’re a driver, they will provide you with all of the local details during the signup process.

If you are a rider, you can find your city’s contact information in a great spreadsheet put together by Harry Cambell over at therideshareguy.com.

Update: Back in 2016, Uber phased out customer support offered via email. So the email won’t work anymore. According to Uber, email was great when they were small but now that their customer base has grown to millions of users worldwide email is just not fast and efficient enough to tackle a large influx of customer problems.

Uber decided to do away with their email support and replaced it with a robust in-app support system that allows both drivers and riders get answers right within the app.

Uber claims that adding this feature has boosted the customer satisfaction rate by 10% and cut down the response time to solve each query.

5. Uber live chat

According to a few Uber users who recently emailed us and from what we’ve dug up around the web, there’s now a Live Chat available from Uber.

The Live Chat is not currently operating around the clock and is only available between 5 a.m. and 12 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

We’ve noticed the Uber Live Chat has been available to new drivers during signup, with Uber support employees helping walk new drivers through the application process.

The link to the Live Chat: http://t.uber.com/chatwithus

Update: It appears that their Uber Online Support Live Chat is now defunct.

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6. Local partner websites

There are various Uber sites, besides the main site, that is run by private parties. These sites can offer a plethora of information about local, city-specific Uber operation information like:

  • Uber driver requirements
  • Uber vehicle requirements
  • Uber license requirements
  • Local office hours
  • Local support contact information

However, these sites can be hard to pinpoint, and some cities may not even have a specific Uber partner site.

In this case, a local Uber office or the main site is the best bet for contacting Uber.

7. A local office

A Greenlight Hub is Uber’s answer to its rival Lyft’s Hubs. These Partner offices are a great way for drivers to get in-person support from Uber employees. Whether a driver has a question about their account being deactivated, need their vehicle inspected, documentation questions, or another concern, Uber staff maintains a bunch of local offices to get them back on the road.

But it can be frustrating if you have an issue that the office worker is not qualified to resolve, like billing. These are still issues that require the technical support that can only be accessed through the in-app support. Generally, offices can only help with resolving emergencies. They can also help you if you lost an item in an Uber vehicle or have a dispute with a driver.

The locations of local Greenlight Hubs vary with state and country but they are available in more than 650 spots around the world.

To find the Uber Greenlight Hub nearest to you, Mike Dean at Ridesharereport.com has put together a comprehensive list of these hubs.

Another option is to go to Howiuber.com/all-locations. All you have to do is enter your address, or city, and define the search radius, and it will quickly pull up a list of local offices around you.

This tool is only applicable for users residing in the United States.

Alternatively, you can also Google the phrase “Uber Greenlight Hub” followed by your City name to find relevant results.

You should be able to find office hours and locations on local partner websites if your city has one.

Here are a few main Uber local partner offices with their addresses and hours of business:

  • San Francisco – 301 Vermont Street. Open on Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM and 6:00   PM, and on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Closed on Sunday.
  • Los Angeles – 1726 Westwood Blvd, Suite 100. Open on Monday – Friday 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Seattle-  1714 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA. Open Monday- Friday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Las Vegas- 4180 S Fort Apache Rd. Open Monday – Friday between 10 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Houston- 15135 North Fwy #150. Open on Monday- Friday 10 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Saturday, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Boston- 239 Causeway St. Open Monday- Friday 10 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Dallas – 1801 N Lamar St #130. Open Monday-Friday 10 AM to 6:00 PM, except for on  Wednesday, they are open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Uber also has rolled out an In-App Appointment feature that allows you to set up an appointment before visiting a Greenlight Hub. This feature is currently only available in New York and Los Angeles but there are planning to expand this to other locations over the summer.

To set up an appointment:

  1. Log in to your Uber account app
  2. Tap on “Visit us in person”
  3. Out of the list of locations, select the one most convenient to you.
  4. Select a date and time, and simply tap “Confirm”.

This looks like a promising feature that could help avoid customer support congestion, improve efficiency and cut down on customer waiting time significantly. Hopefully, this feature comes to your city soon.

8. Social media

Uber is present on social media but it’s a less reliable medium for one-on-one support. Social media is an effective way to find out news from Uber or to complain about problems with the rideshare company.

However, it’s not so great for reaching a live person to speak to about issues.

You can follow Uber on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Access their Facebook page then hit the Like button to follow their page and find out updates on pricing and events.

Uber’s Twitter page is worth following for similar information and updates. Uber actually has Twitter accounts for individual cities as well, so it is worth looking up your city’s Uber as well as the main site.

You can also sign up for email from your local Uber partner website.

Social media can help you stay in the loop with Uber and find out things that you normally couldn’t from the app or the help portal, such as surge pricing updates and discount opportunities.

Social media is not necessarily a good way to reach Uber representatives, though. There is no guarantee that a page manager will respond to your messages, or even be able to help you if they do. Uber has notoriously low message reply rates on Facebook and Twitter. It doesn’t look like anyone is paying attention to these accounts and no representatives are using the accounts to help users.

9. Get Human

The Get Human website suggests letting Uber solve problems for you by using their “We Resolve Issues for You” tool on their website. This tool is available at


Using this tool takes far less time than email, and you can have a team of people handle the hassle of getting a hold of an Uber representative.

But there is a caveat. Using this Get Human tool costs nine dollars. If you want to pay this, you can get faster help. But it’s not entirely necessary to pay this when you can contact Uber for free using one of the methods listed above.

10. Premium phone support for frequent riders

Since November 2017, Uber has been testing out a new feature exclusively available as a perk for frequent riders. This allows them to access a 24/7 hotline, and an in-app support team made up of specially trained experts. This feature allows premium members to receive help faster and more efficiently. It’s almost a smart marketing move to encourage members to use the app more while rewarding users who already use Uber as their top ridesharing choice.

In the future maybe Uber will expand this feature to all riders, but for now at least premium members get access to a seamless and frictionless customer service that everyone deserves.


As you can see, Uber has clearly expanded incredibly quickly and somewhat fallen short in its effort to provide quality support and customer service to users. However, there are still quite a few ways to contact Uber for problem resolution and get your questions answered.

As we’ve outlined above, you can visit the Help Portal, email them, use GetHuman’s contact tool, give them a shoutout on social media, or visit a local office. So far, we have found these methods to work when we need support.

How do I contact Uber?
  1. Call (800) 353-UBER – for emergencies ONLY
  2. Use the Uber Partner Support feature within in the Uber app
  3. Visit the official Uber Help Portal
  4. Email the customer support line
  5. Reach out via live chat (from 5am – 12am PST)
  6. Search online for a local partner website (not available in every city)
  7. Find a local Uber office
  8. Reach out to Uber on Facebook or Twitter
  9. Pay GetHuman to resolve Uber issues for you

Over to You

We’ve been polling rideshare drivers on recently, and here are the results about the fastest way to contact Uber.

Have a proven method that we missed? What do you think of the poll results? Leave it in the comments below!

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