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What Is Raiser LLC? Uber, In Disguise [Why This Matters]

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Key Takeaways

  • Raiser LLC is a subsidiary of Uber that serves as Uber’s legal and financial buffer.
  • Uber drivers contract with Raiser LLC, influencing their payment and employment status.
  • This entity manages driver payments, tax documentation, and legal settlements for Uber drivers.
  • For legal matters, Raiser LLC is contacted indirectly through CT Corporation.

What is Raiser LLC?

Raiser LLC is a subsidiary of Uber Technologies, established in 2013 by Uber’s then-CEO, Travis Kalanick.

The main purpose of Raiser LLC is to serve as a legal and financial buffer for the San Francisco-based parent company, Uber. This separation aims to protect Uber from potential damages arising from lawsuits or negative publicity.

It was created as a response to the increasing number of cases and lawsuits involving Uber, particularly those brought by its drivers and riders.

Raiser LLC is involved in various operational aspects, including managing airport agreements, government licenses, and handling class action lawsuits.

Additionally, it is notable for being the entity listed on the income statements of Uber drivers, where it may appear as Rasier LLC in some states.

Why Raiser LLC Matters to Uber Drivers

Raiser LLC is crucial for Uber drivers as it significantly influences their working and financial relationship with Uber.

As independent contractors, drivers are not Uber employees, but are instead contracted by Raiser LLC, a subsidiary of Uber. This distinction affects how drivers are paid and manage their taxes.

Some of the ways this impacts drivers include:

  • Contract and Payments: Uber drivers sign contracts with Raiser LLC, not Uber, affecting their employment status and benefits. Payments for driving services are issued by Raiser LLC, as seen on drivers’ paychecks.
  • EDI Payments and Legal Settlements: Raiser LLC handles settlements from class action lawsuits, often appearing as EDI payments on driver payment statements. These include payouts from lawsuits and promotional payments within the Uber app.
  • Tax Implications: For tax purposes, the IRS recognizes Raiser LLC as the payment distributor for Uber drivers, making Raiser’s name appear on tax documents instead of Uber. The tax ID for Raiser LLC is 80-0896455.
  • Legal Actions: In legal disputes involving Uber, drivers actually confront Raiser LLC. The outcome of such lawsuits depends on the specifics of the case, including injury nature and incurred costs.

In essence, Raiser LLC acts as the legal and financial interface between Uber and its drivers, handling payment processing, tax documentation, and legal settlements.

How Can I Contact Raiser LLC?

For general issues or questions, contact Uber customer support directly. If you have inquiries about driver payment statements or tax information, email Raiser LLC at payments@rasier.com.

If you need to contact Raiser, LLC for legal reasons, things are a bit more difficult, as Raiser LLC does not provide direct contact for serving legal documents.

To serve legal documents to Raiser LLC, send them to their registered agent:

CT Corporation

1200 South Pine Island Road

Plantation, FL 33324

Uber Corporate Office

1455 Market St.

San Francisco, CA 94103

CT Corporation accepts these documents on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

Other Uber Subsidiaries to be Aware of

vector graphic showing an uber logo surrounded by the various uber subsidiaries the company operates as business units

Uber operates several subsidiaries, each serving unique functions and expanding the company’s reach in various markets and services. Here’s an overview of the key subsidiaries:

  1. Uber International C.V.: Manages Uber’s international operations, based in the Netherlands.
  2. Uber B.V.: Dutch arm handling ride-sharing and food delivery services outside the U.S.
  3. Uber Singapore Technology PTE LTD: Oversees Uber Eats and rideshare services in Singapore.
  4. Careem: Middle East and North Africa-focused ride-sharing company, headquartered in Dubai.
  5. Cornershop: Online grocery delivery service operating in various countries including the UK and India.
  6. Jump: Bike-sharing company in Europe, offering rental services, acquired by Uber in 2018.
  7. Postmates: U.S.-based food delivery service, transitioning its operations to Uber Eats after Uber’s acquisition.
  8. Uber Eats: Global food delivery service competing with other major food delivery platforms.
  9. Zomato: Restaurant discovery and review platform with online ordering, operating in 24 countries.

These subsidiaries enable Uber to diversify its services, explore new markets, and manage different aspects of its business operations effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raiser LLC responsible for providing health care or other benefits to full-time drivers?

No, Raiser LLC is not responsible for providing health care or other benefits to full-time drivers. As independent contractors, drivers are considered their own bosses, and therefore, Raiser LLC, as part of Uber’s corporate structure, is not obligated to offer employment benefits.

Is Lyft associated with Raiser LLC in any way?

No, Lyft drivers are not associated with or directly impacted by any subsidiary of Uber.

Lyft does not have near as many subsidiaries as Uber, and almost all of its subsidiaries are previously acquired products or services, not brands that affect drivers directly.

Is Unicorn considered an Uber subsidiary?

No, Unicorn is not an Uber subsidiary. It was a code name used by Uber in legal documents, a common practice to protect confidentiality within agreements. The use of “Unicorn” as a placeholder does not indicate a subsidiary relationship.

What is Unicorn?

A report from “Motherboard” based on an examination of legal documents in court cases involving Uber revealed that the company often uses “Unicorn” to refer to itself when acquiring other companies.

The most notable case of this was Uber’s acquisition of self-driving truck startup Otto.

Wrapping Up

Uber drivers often assume that they’re contracted by the company they’re representing every time they’re on the road.

After all, the driver application all seamlessly takes place on Uber platforms and does little to hint that you’re working with any other brand.

However, if you look into your agreements or tax documents, you’ll find that you are actually contracted by Raiser LLC — one of many Uber subsidiaries.

This is a must-know for when you’re filing taxes, receiving payments, or even filing a lawsuit.

7 thoughts on “What Is Raiser LLC? Uber, In Disguise [Why This Matters]”

  1. How come without my concern Raiser, LLC took out $23.63 from my account.
    How much did I earn through Uber last week. This is robbery.

  2. i am an sf uber driver who needs raiser llc address as i am suing them regarding payments. i have uber’s address for service of papers but apparently that wont work for this lawsuit.

  3. thats usually when customer says they shouldnt be charged cancel fee. you have to write customer support about 10 times to get your $5 back.

  4. that is usually because a customer claimed you did something wrong such as picking up wrong customer. you have to write to customer support about 10 times to get your money back.


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