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Uber Deactivation: What Will Get You Canned As A Driver?

Are you worried about getting caught up in the Uber deactivation process? Learn how to avoid or get out of any Uber deactivation situation.

Have you received the dreaded Uber deactivation message or worried about doing something to cause it in the future?

It’s never fun to get notified that Uber deactivated you from its rideshare or delivery app.

Sometimes, drivers don’t even get an email notification.

They find out after settling into the driver’s seat and discovering they can’t log in.

Or, they turn on the app and see a screen telling them that they’re deactivated.


That’s not a nice surprise to see when you log into the Uber app dashboard at 6 AM on a Saturday, expecting to go earn a few extra bucks.

In this article, you’ll learn what causes Uber account deactivations and how to avoid it happening to you.

Uber Deactivation Policy

Generally speaking, it’s Uber’s policy to notify you when your account goes into deactivation status. You’ll usually get an email or text message telling you that it happened.

As well, you’ll typically get a notification in advance telling you that you’re close to an account deactivation situation. This might happen if your driver rating is slipping past Uber’s acceptable ratings floor.

Who Does Uber Deactivation Impact?

No matter what type of driving you do for Uber, the potential exists to run into an account deactivation situation.

Violations of Uber policy affects the following:

  • Uber Rideshare Drivers
  • Uber Eats Drivers
  • Uber Connect Drivers
  • Other Uber Services Drivers

Reasons Uber Deactivation

Uber’s system policy states the following reasons that might cause drivers to get removed from its rideshare or delivery apps.

You should place special emphasis on maintaining a quality driver rating at all times.

Low ratings become a big reason why drivers get their accounts deactivated.

Focus on keeping your ratings above these scores:

You’ll get a notification from Uber if you’re in the danger zone with ratings.

You might lose account status if you’re not driving often enough.

You should drive at least one trip every 90 days.

That shouldn’t be an issue for even the most part-time drivers.

Note that Uber doesn’t completely deactivate an account for low acceptance rates.

Instead, they might log you out of your account if you have too many cancellations, for instance.

Periodically, Uber asks you to upload a new selfie photo to the app.

They do this to confirm that the correct person is driving while the app is in “active” mode.

If your selfie doesn’t match your profile picture closely enough, then you might suffer a temporary deactivation status.

If you drive unsafely, then you’re putting your account at risk.

Follow all traffic laws.

Don’t collect unnecessary moving violation tickets or offenses.

Complaints from riders can cause problems for your Uber account status.

At all costs, avoid any inappropriate behavior that might lead to these types of customer complaints:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Sexual harassment
  • Severely unsafe driving habits

Most of this is common sense but you can check out the rideshare app’s official Code of Conduct.

Changes in driving record or criminal background might cause your account to become deactivated.

Remember when you had to submit to an Uber background check during your hiring process?

That isn’t the last time they’ll check your background.

Uber background checks happen continuously on a random basis.

Don’t engage in activities that might flag you for updated problems with:

  • Drug use
  • Domestic violence
  • Too many moving violations

Make sure all your driving documents remain current.

Uber notifies you when documents will expire soon.

This includes:

  • Driver’s license
  • Auto insurance policy
  • Car registration

Be careful that you don’t engage in activities that might violate Uber’s Terms of Service.

You can violate terms by:

  • Falsifying trips
  • Fraudulent fees
  • Allowing too many passengers in your vehicle
  • Advertising Lyft or DoorDash to customers during trips

Don’t become a stalker.

Avoid any contact between passengers after a trip ends.

If a passenger believes you’re stalking them and they report it to Uber, then you’ll get deactivated in short order.

What Happens When Uber Deactivates Your Account?

My Uber account has been canceled a few times in the past three years, and I can tell you, it’s a frustrating process.

Let’s help you understand what happens after your account becomes deactivated.

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Deactivated?

It’s not difficult to figure out that your Uber driver or delivery app no longer lets you go about your business.

The Uber partner deactivation process is pretty straightforward:

  • Either a support representative will reach out and let you know your account has been disabled
  • or you just won’t be able to log into the Uber Partner driver portal.

Either way, you can’t get online.

One obvious clue is that you’re blocked from logging into your account.

It’s also likely that Uber will send you an email or text message (or both) to notify you that your account will become deactivated or that the deactivation just occurred.

Can’t Log In – Error Messages

The problem with logging in might manifest with messages such as:

  • “Your driver account has not been activated”
  • “The partner account you drive under has been disabled”
  • “Your account is now on hold”
  • “You are waitlisted”
  • “Attention regarding your account needed”
  • “This partner account is currently disabled”
  • “You are in waitlisted, onboarding, or rejected status at partners.uber.com”
  • “Contact support about a problem with your partner account”

Uber Notified You

You’ll know when Uber notifies you about an account problem.

Those notifications pop up in the email account associated with your account.

They might also come through as text messages on the phone that you connected to the app.

The message will inform you of the reason for account deactivation.

The reason typically focuses on performance problems, document issues, or complaints made against you.

The Deactivation Process

If you see a message like the ones above displayed in your Partner app, that is not a good sign and means you’ve probably done something wrong that Uber didn’t like.

If you get deactivated, don’t freak out.

There are plenty of things that an Uber driver can do to get deactivated, but luckily many of these are simple problems to solve and if you go about contacting Uber correctly, a resolution can hopefully be reached.

Once the deactivation process starts, you need to react by reaching out to the Uber support team.

Ask them how to proceed in a way that will help you reactivate the account.

Sometimes, it’s obvious about what you need to do to move through the process quickly.

For example, if you forgot to update your new vehicle registration documentation, then upload those documents immediately into the Uber app.

How Long Will You Be Deactivated For?

The length of a deactivation problem depends entirely on the situation.

If you’re accused of stalking someone, then you can bet you won’t get back into a positive account status for quite some time.

On the other hand, you should get your Uber driver account back into active status shortly if you upload the new auto insurance renewal that you previously forgot to add into your account.

Need help? Call the phone support team if that’s supported in your area.

Another option to speed up the process is to visit one of Uber’s Greenlight Hubs so agents can reactivate your account immediately.

Is Uber Deactivation Permanent?

Permanent deactivations typically occur if you receive serious complaints from customers, such as fraud, sexual assault or harassment, stalking, attacks against sexual orientation, physical attacks, or another major issue that might turn into a criminal case.

It’s very difficult to win if the situation pits you against a customer.

Uber places what customers say above what drivers say because the company must put passenger user experience above all else.

An Uber deactivation may stay permanent if you severely broke a safety rule.

It might remain permanently in place if you committed fraudulent behavior, as well.

These represent cases where Uber is typically unwilling to reverse the decision in your favor.

How to Find out Why You’ve Been Deactivated

Uber doesn’t always provide a solid reason for deactivation in their notifications.

If you’re confused about the reason, then you’ll need to get in contact with Uber to find out.

One way to do this is to use your driver app.

Sometimes, you’ll log in and see a message that your account needs attention.

  • The screen where this message appears will include a button that says “Contact Support”. Tap that button.
  • It will take you to a page where you can use Uber’s contact form.
  • Ask in the form why your account got deactivated and what to do about it. You might not have access to the Uber platform at all in some situations.

You can call the Uber phone number at 800-593-7069 and try to get in contact that way.

Or, try using the forms at help.uber.com.

Still don’t know why you have a deactivated account?

Drive to a nearby Greenlight Hub and talk to the customer support staff in person.

Tips for contacting Uber support:

  • Outline your problem in as much detail as possible. This helps support reps to narrow down your issue in a timely manner.
  • Do not lash out at the person helping you. The last thing you want to do is anger the only person between your account and a reactivation.

What Should I do If My Uber Account Gets Deactivated?

Is the deactivation due to a paperwork issue?

  • If so, then go sign in at partners.uber.com.
  • At the top right, click on My Profile.
  • Look for the “Manage Documents” tab and fix any out-of-date document issues.

Appeal the account deactivation decision as quickly as possible if the reason is for something other than past due documentation.

Contact Uber’s support team to find out what to do next.

Don’t become surprised if it takes several days to hear back from the support team with the exact reason for deactivation.

Appealing an Uber Deactivation

Enter the appeals process if you want to tell your side of the story and work to get the account back into good standing.

1. The Appeals Process

Explain what happened to Uber.

Make sure to be as detailed as possible.

Don’t get upset because it’s hard to think well in that mental state.

If you don’t get a favorable response right away, don’t become mad.

Calmly re-explain or send them new information that they may have asked for.

2. Tips for a Successful Reactivation

Always control your emotions.

It’s more difficult to get the situation resolved if you get angry and lash out.

One of the most effective ways to successfully reactivate an account is by going in person to a Greenlight Hub.

It’s human nature to help people in front of us more than those we talk to through email.

Reps at the Greenlight Hub might provide more help because of that fact.

Tips to Avoid an Uber Deactivation

vector graphic of a hand holding a phone and showing Uber rider ratings on the screen

1. Drive Safely

Pay attention to all traffic laws.

Don’t speed or drive under the influence.

This shouldn’t need to even get talked about.

Your #1 responsibility is getting people places safely.

2. Drive Often

Stay active on the Uber driver app.

You get to set your own hours but Uber also wants some level of commitment that you’ll take care of passengers.

Avoid a high cancellation rate, too.

3. Be Courteous

We all know that the majority of Uber passengers are great people.

Of course, there’s always a “less than nice” person who enters your vehicle here and there.

Make a mental commitment to take the high road at all times.

Even if you’re having a terrible time, watch out for slipping up in this area.

Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time because you let your emotions get away from you might turn into a deactivation situation.

4. Maintain a Good Rating

This goes without saying, but you must keep your rating up.

It doesn’t take much to get 5 stars:

  • Drive safely
  • Be nice

5. Keep Documents in Good Standing

Watch out for those reminders to update documents and simply upload them to the app at the correct time.

6. Stay on the Right Side of the Law

If you get a random background check done on you, then make sure you haven’t done something that causes you to fail the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you get deactivated from Uber Eats, are you also deactivated from Uber?

No, fortunately, you can still complete rideshare trips if you get taken off the Uber Eats platform.

Can Uber deactivate your account for no reason?

No, Uber won’t deactivate an account randomly without reason.

The company needs to see a red flag that causes this action.

Can you sue Uber for deactivation?

You can sue anyone for any reason you want to.

Now, will you win a case against Uber for deactivation?

The odds are against you.

For one thing, you’re an independent contractor.

Wrongful termination suits won’t typically help unless you’re an employee.

It’s unlikely that a court will rule in your favor if Uber comes in with documentation to support why they deactivated your account.

Your best bet?

Follow the rules and do your best to avoid an Uber deactivation in the first place.

Wrapping Up

I may get roasted for saying this, but overall I think it’s pretty simple to maintain a good account standing and avoid Uber deactivation on your driver account.

A lot of the most common reasons for getting deactivated are common sense, and with a little foresight, drivers can avoid most problems.

If you do find yourself on the wrong side of the spectrum, however, it’s important to remain calm and reach out to Uber for clarification.

After all, customer service is here to help and will do everything they can do get you reactivated and back on the road.

Regardless, do you feel a little better about the Uber deactivation process now?

If you follow the basic rules set up by the app, then you shouldn’t have trouble driving for a long time with Uber.

Have you been deactivated by Uber? What are your thoughts on Uber deactivation tips? What did you do to successfully reactivate your account? 

5 thoughts on “Uber Deactivation: What Will Get You Canned As A Driver?”

  1. I was deactivated because riders have an easy ave to receive a refund if the just say a driver made me uncomfortable. I maintained a 4.9 rating for 10200 rides over 4 years. I have been accused of driving drunk . Which I haven’t touched alcohol or drugs in over 15 years. Have tried repeatedly to get in touch with anyone at uber who can help with no luck. Went to green light hub just to be told company guidelines over and over. Was told the 20 year old was the highest ranking person at uber that I could speak to. So the green light hub isn’t much help.

  2. I was deactivated because I cancelled a rider whom make a false report against me. This lady claim that she smell weed in my van. I maintained a 5.00 ratings, I had over 29000 rides” driving 6.4 years with the company No ticket no moving violation. I don’t smoke none at all.

  3. I believe I am waitlisted due to my background report. Been driving for 6yrs off and on. A few things on my report were flagged. 1. Typo in my driver’s license number (flagged as consider) 2. A misdemeanor charge that’s been over 12yrs n always showed up. (flagged as consider) 3. New misdemeanor charge for disorderly conduct in AZ 2019 – but was a victim of emotional abuse. It also says I did 10 days jail time which I never did nor even get arrested for. An appeal to checkr was sent but still wish I knew how to fight this to have my account reactivated. I keep receiving notifications that a rider has requested a scheduled ride with me, and even received an automated call from uber in the middle of the night reminding me to go online for my reserved scheduled riders request. But yet the app says unable to go online. Yet alone can’t even cash out my earnings and was told I would have to wait for the weekly deposit.

  4. I was decativated after background check (which came back CLEAN) they ran my DMV reoprt which had 4 accidents (none at all were my fault, no tickets or moving violations) i was driving on uber / ubereats/uber connect on each of these accidents!
    Tried to explain, being full time and working more hours than part timers is bound to happen, but when you license is clean, not a single point, no tickets, no violations is a bit crazy to me, I’ve been trying to get back for a week now, running back and forth with their background check company. The DMV in my state, and uber … each blaming the other, I’m getting no where, this is my lively hood to feed my family ..
    . Any suggestions???


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