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How To Use Shipt Tracking To See Your Order Status

Shipt is delivering on its promise for premiere grocery shopping experiences. Here's how Shipt tracking works, so you always know where your stuff is at.

Many shoppers prefer to buy their groceries and household essentials in person.

But in the height of the pandemic lockdowns that swept across the country last year, many of even the most loyal in-store shoppers transitioned to doing their shopping with an online grocery delivery service.

Shipt is one of the newest and fastest-growing services on the market today, outpacing the development of even some of the best-known names in the business.

They’ve kept up with the times and consistently introduced features such as same-day delivery and Shipt tracking.

Founded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2014, Shipt’s app is available in the Android or IOS app store and can be accessed through Shipt.com as well.

Target acquired Shipt in 2017, so you can shop their stores seamlessly through either Shipt or Target apps.

Shipt also works with many other participating retailers and restaurant locations like CVS nationwide and where available.

Even though the pandemic is mainly in the rearview mirror in the United States, shoppers continue to flock to Shipt when it’s time to order their groceries.

The relatively inexpensive delivery fee and membership pricing, combined with the ability to save time and order groceries conveniently from home, make Shipt very appealing.

And, with the availability of Shipt’s same-day delivery times that in some cases may be less than an hour, Shipt is delivering on their founding promises of simplifying lives through convenience.

If you’re interested in saving your time for other activities, consider becoming a member and letting Shipt do your shopping for you.

And, if you want to make some extra money, consider working as a Shopper and delivery driver for Shipt.

Shipt Tracking Overview

smartphone running the Shipt app and showing a Shipt tracking image for a delivery placed

Unlike other grocery delivery services, like Shipt’s large rival Instacart, Shipt doesn’t track their shoppers’ locations with GPS.

But, your order will have a Shipt tracking or order number attached to it once you initiate it within the Shipt system.

Shipt trains their Shoppers to give consistent and timely progress updates throughout your order’s journey.

So, you can easily follow its progress and remain accurately informed of the status of your order.

Shipt also strives to provide a premium store-to-door shopping experience for its Members.

So, if you forgot to add something to your list, you can even message your Shopper for help while they’re in the store.

And, if your Shopper is stuck in traffic or otherwise delayed, they can message you.

To track your order, just sign in to your member account through either the app or Shipt.com.

Then, select ‘Your Orders’ from the menu to view the latest information available.

Shipt Tracking Order Statuses

The status of your order will always be available through the app or Shipt.com, and it will be in one of the following stages:

1. Open

Your order has been placed, but a Shopper has not yet claimed it.

2. Claimed

A Shopper has claimed your order, but they have not yet viewed the shopping list you have provided.

3. Shopping

The Shopper has viewed the shopping list.

This designation also usually indicates that your Shopper is at the store already.

4. Processed

Your Shopper has completed picking the order and has processed your card payment through the Shipt app.

They are on their way to you.

5. Delivered

Your delivery has arrived, and your Shipt receipt should immediately arrive in your email.

The complete progression of an order made using Shipt is very straightforward.

Using your account and your order number, monitor its progress in the Shipt app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shipt leave groceries at the door?

Shipt offers a form of contactless delivery, and can leave a grocery order at your door.

In fact, with some ongoing concerns about COVID19, many Shoppers and customers may prefer this drop-off method.

Customers specify the drop-off location in the Order Details section of their Order Notes.

Shipt Shoppers should always confirm with their customers that their drop-off is in the correct location specified.

One way to avoid issues is to use the app to send a photo of the order at their door for proof of delivery.

Some Shoppers may prefer to knock on the door or ring the doorbell to announce their drop-off before walking away and sending the message.

Does Shipt have GPS tracking?

Shipt tracking monitors shoppers’ activities through interactions with their smartphones.

Shipt Shoppers follow prompts throughout their shopping and delivery process that announce their status in real-time.

They also can message Shipt Members about the status of their order.

So you should have reliable information about the location of your Shipt Shopper or delivery person.

But, at this time, Shipt does not actively track their shoppers through GPS.

Does Shipt deliver at night?

Shipt members can place a grocery order anytime at their convenience, but the availability of delivery windows limits availability.

When a member creates an order, they will see the next delivery time available.

They can schedule deliveries as long as there are shoppers available and their chosen store is open.

So, in short, yes, Shipt does deliver at night, where and when available.

What is delivery only Shipt?

Delivery-only orders with Shipt are orders that have already been picked and packed by store personnel.

In this case, a Shipt Shopper does not have to find the individual items on the shelves.

Instead, they just meet a store attendant to pick up your completed order, usually in an express checkout.

What happens if no one accepts my Shipt order?

If there isn’t a Shopper available, your order will remain in the queue until someone does accept it.

Wrapping Up

Shipt is growing in popularity.

Their expanding network allows customers to access various stores for their groceries, household essentials, and other products, including alcohol.

Shopping from the comfort of your home has never been easier.

And if you do run into any issues, there is a US-based Shipt customer service team ready to help.

You can email them at [email protected] 24/7.

They even have a phone number that real people answer.

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