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How To Use Shipt Tracking To See Your Order Status

Learn how Shipt tracking works, from how to track your order to the different statuses that you'll see while doing so within the app.

Key Takeaways

  • Order Tracking: Track your Shipt order status with updates, but without real-time GPS tracking of the shopper.
  • Order Stages: Shipt informs you of your order’s progress through stages like Open, Claimed, Shopping, Processed, and Delivered.
  • Shopper Communication: Interact with your shopper during the shopping phase for updates and making changes to your order.
  • Shopper Privacy: Shipt prioritizes shopper privacy, hence does not provide detailed location tracking to customers.

Can You Track a Shipt Order After Placing It?

Yes, you can track a Shipt order after placing it. While Shipt does not use GPS to track their shoppers’ locations, each order is assigned a tracking or order number.

Shipt’s shoppers are trained to provide consistent and timely updates throughout the order process, allowing you to easily follow its progress.

Tracking your Shipt order works differently than with other delivery apps. While DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber allow you to see where your driver is located with your order, Shipt gives you less information on your shopper’s location.

Compared to the competitors, though, Shipt provides a great platform for shopping along with your shoppers while they’re still in the store. You can watch as they pick up items and fill their cart for your order.

How Can I See Where My Shipt Driver Is?

It is not possible for customers to see where their Shipt driver is. You can only see whether they’re working on your order or they’ve already finished it.

smartphone running the Shipt app and showing a Shipt tracking image for a delivery placed

You’ll be able to see when they’re in the store based on their progress with your order. You can watch on the app as they scan items in the store.

If they’re still scanning items on your order, then you know they’re still inside. After they’ve checked out with your order, you won’t be able to access their location until they arrive at your home.

Stages of The Order

Shipt will inform you of the stage that your order is in. As your shopper moves along in the process, you’ll be updated by app notifications.

The order will appear as being in one of these stages:

  • Open: Your order is in the Shipt system. Once a nearby active shopper is available, it’ll be sent to them as a request.
  • Claimed: A Shipt-certified shopper has accepted the request for an order and is on their way to the store to start it.
  • Shopping: Your driver is shopping for your items at the store. At this point, you can watch as they scan and look for the items.
  • Processed: The card on file has been charged and your driver is en route to drop it off. You won’t be able to see the GPS location at this point.
  • Delivered: Your order has been delivered and should be at your door.

Pro Tip: If you have any issues with your order along the way, or you have the unfortunate case of an unresponsive Shopper, you can contact Shipt customer service easily during the order.

Following Along During the Shopping Phase

The Shipt app allows you to follow along with your shoppers on the app as they scan items. This also allows you to choose alternatives if there’s an item out of stock, make an additional request, or message your shopper.

You can find this information by clicking on your order on the homepage. The option to message your shopper is at the bottom of the page.

Brett’s Take: Notes From a Shipt Shopper

In my experience shopping for Shipt, consistent updates just make sense for me to give to the customer.

First, I want to show them that I am proactive and available to help them. As a customer it can be awkward to reach out and ask a question for somebody working for you, so this alleviates that concern and empowers them to speak up if they need something.

Second, I want to open a line of communication while shopping for a customer’s order. While I am at the store, the last thing I want to do is sit around waiting for their replies if I have a question about a substitution or their preferences.

So I always try to give them a courtesy message 30 minutes before I begin their order, another when I arrive at the store, and another when I am heading their way.

Why Doesn’t Shipt Provide the Details of My Driver’s Location?

With most other delivery apps allowing you to track the location of your shopper, it may be confusing why Shipt doesn’t have this feature. It has never announced the reasoning for this decision.

Discussions on the internet conclude that it’s to encourage Shipt shoppers to do multiple orders at once to maximize their profits. If a shopper was dropping off another order before yours, it wouldn’t look good to track that and expose the shopper.

Shipt appears to value the privacy of its shoppers and hides this information from the customers.

While this may lead to somewhat slower delivery times, it certainly benefits the shoppers, and they can opt to make more money by doubling up requests without getting questioned by the customers.

How Do I Know My Items Are Safe if I Can’t See Their Location?

There’s no way to guarantee the complete safety of your order, but Shipt has many features in place to protect it. It has a strong and reliable reputation as a company.

The Shipt app does a background check on its drivers to ensure the safety of its services. While there will be an occasional issue, like an order being stolen, it has a reputation for fixing it immediately.

If there are issues with poor drivers or missing items, you should contact customer service with the necessary information, and they’ll fix the issue as soon as possible.

Can I Choose My Driver?

No, you don’t have the option to choose your driver. If you’ve had a good driver in the past, there’s no way to ensure you get them again. The app will automatically assign you to a shopper after placing an order.

What Other Features Does the Shipt App Have?

While Shipt may lack the ability to track your driver while they’re bringing your order, it does offer other features that its competitors don’t.

Consider these benefits of the delivery app:

  • Subscription-based benefits: Subscribers get free delivery on orders over $35.
  • Scheduled drops: You can schedule your order in advance through the Shipt app.
  • Communication with shoppers: The app serves as one of the best communication platforms between customers and shoppers.
  • Quicker delivery: Although shoppers may work on multiple orders simultaneously, Shipt will guarantee a shorter delivery window for certain orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shipt leave groceries at the door?

Yes, Shipt can leave groceries at your door as they offer contactless delivery. Customers can specify the drop-off location in their Order Notes, and Shipt Shoppers typically confirm the correct drop-off location. Shoppers may also send a photo of the delivered order for proof of delivery.

Does Shipt have GPS tracking?

No, Shipt does not have GPS tracking for their shoppers. Instead, Shipt monitors shoppers’ activities through interactions with their smartphones and prompts during the shopping and delivery process.

Shoppers can also message members about their order status, providing reliable information about the delivery.

Does Shipt deliver at night?

Yes, Shipt does deliver at night, provided that shoppers are available and the chosen store is open. Delivery times depend on the availability of delivery windows, which are shown to members when they create an order.

What is delivery only Shipt?

Delivery-only Shipt orders are those where the items have been pre-picked and packed by store personnel.

In these cases, the Shipt Shopper simply collects the completed order from a store attendant, usually at an express checkout, without needing to select the items themselves.

What happens if no one accepts my Shipt order?

If there isn’t a Shopper available, your order will remain in the queue until someone does accept it.

Wrapping Up

There are plenty of grocery delivery apps and it can be hard to choose the right one to use. While Shipt may not allow you to track your delivery driver’s every movement, don’t rule it out as a fantastic platform.

Shipt allows you to shop along with your driver and has a fantastic reputation for getting customers their orders on time, despite allowing shoppers to work on multiple orders simultaneously.

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