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How Much Do Spark Drivers Make?

Earning Potential as a Spark Driver

Your earning potential as a Spark Driver depends on your location, availability of delivery slots, and the number of orders you actually complete.

On average, Spark Drivers earn between $15 and $22 per hour, including tips. Nevertheless, some drivers report gaining up to $28 or even $35 per hour when they complete orders during peak hours and on weekends.

Because Walmart Spark delivery drivers are independent contractors, their pay comes from the Spark platform.

Drivers are paid weekly for each completed delivery. Their total income is based on the distance driven, order size, and any extras the customer may have needed.

Spark delivery pays a base rate for each completed and on-time delivery, which amounts to between $15 and $20 per delivery. This totals an average annual income between $33,658 and $44,925 in the US.

Of course, these figures will vary from city to city and may also vary based on factors such as experience and demand for drivers in a specific area.

That said, here are the top five states with the highest average salaries for Spark drivers:

StateAverage Annual Salary
New Jersey$44,209

Factors That Influence Earnings

Several factors can increase your earnings as a Spark Driver, and understanding their impact will help you make more money while delivering orders.

  • Ideally, drivers can earn between $2 and $10 per order depending on the mileage traveled and the nature of the order.
  • Drivers who work in busy urban areas tend to make more money due to the high number of deliveries.
  • Quick delivery times within the designated period will probably prompt clients to give you a higher tip.
  • Working during peak hours and on weekends usually involves a higher earning due to the high demand.
  • Good customer service, like carefully handling the order, will probably result in a higher tip.

Spark Driver Bonuses That Can Increase Income

In addition to your salary, Walmart Spark offers various incentives to encourage performance and help boost driver earnings, including:

  • Lump-Sum Incentive: This is a one-time bonus payment you earn for completing a set number of deliveries. For example, you may earn an additional $50 for completing ten orders.
  • Guaranteed Payment Amount Incentive: This incentive program ensures drivers earn a guaranteed minimum amount. For example, if the guaranteed minimum amount offered is $500 and you only earn $475, Spark will pay you the difference.
  • Per-Trip Incentive: This incentive earns you a set amount of money for completing each trip. For example, on the Spark driver app, you might see an offer to make an extra $5 for every order you complete after 3 p.m.
  • Tiered Incentives: These bonuses pay you more through a series of lump-sum incentives. For example, the offer might include an extra $50 for completing ten deliveries and an additional $100 if you complete ten more.