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Promotions and Incentives for Spark Drivers

Spark Drivers receive earnings for every delivery order completed. The amount to receive is listed next to the order, so you can calculate how much money by delivering for Walmart.

Drivers also keep 100% of all tips confirmed by the clients.

By targeting peak hours, you can maximize your earning potential and make more money. Moreover, you can make more money by accepting consecutive orders.

But this isn’t all the money you can make. The app also offers several promotions for Saturday deliveries and orders during the evening peak hours.

Different Incentives

Drivers are eligible for different incentives. These payments are automatically added to your earnings once you meet the set criteria.

  • The app provides lump sum incentives where drivers receive a specific bonus after completing a number of orders during a designated time slot.
  • Eligible drivers qualify for tiered incentives as the number of orders increases.
  • Spark Driver app guarantees a minimum payout or hourly guarantee, so you can ensure you can gain a minimum amount as you deliver orders over the weekend.
  • The app can provide drivers with some extra money if they don’t gain a minimum amount of tips during a specific period.