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Understanding The Spark Delivery Process As A Driver

Spark Driver’s app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The app is user-friendly and enables drivers to join the business and claim delivery slots based on availability.

By joining the app and after going through the background check, drivers become part of the gig economy, where they can make deliveries and returns.

Once you fill in the information, your application will be sent for review. After the confirmation email, you can check for delivery slots.

In a few instances, you might not be able to join because the zone you’ve picked is full.

This means that you won’t be able to work, and the app will notify you once there are available slots. If approved, you can check the available delivery orders and pick up one.

How the Delivery App Works

Here’s how the Spark Drivers app works.

  1. Check the Spark Now tab on your app to find different orders. You’ll find information about the contents of each other, customer information, handling requirements, and the expected delivery timeframe.
  2. Accept suitable orders within the zone you prefer.
  3. The app suggests an optimized route to minimize the delivery time, allowing you to reach your customer’s address without delay. And as a result, you can expect to get a tip for your early delivery.
  4. Arrive on time to pick up the order from Walmart. Check all the information related to the order information, guaranteeing that you didn’t pick up the wrong order.
  5. After checking the route, you can provide the client with an estimated delivery time.
  6. Handle the order carefully, deliver it to the client, and continue to deliver the other orders.
  7. Mark your order as complete in the app. The delivery window closes when you’ve delivered all the orders.
  8. If a client wasn’t available or refused to receive it, you should return the order to Walmart or contact Spark Driver support.