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Spark Driver Reviews: Real Experiences from Drivers

So, what it’s actually like to work as a Spark Driver?

This is a legit question you probably ask yourself if you’re looking for a job in the gig economy. Luckily, some real-life experiences can clear the confusion, explaining the pros and cons of working to deliver orders.

Most drivers agree that working as a Spark Driver involves a lot of flexibility. Drivers can set their availability and choose the orders they deliver.

Additionally, this is an easy job that doesn’t require specific training or previous education.

But, there are a few disadvantages that you’ll have to consider before signing up for this job. Some drivers believe that some Walmart employees can be difficult to work with. Receiving a tip isn’t always guaranteed, and some orders can actually damage your vehicle in the long run.

It’s also crucial to notice that working as a Spark Driver might not be consistent. Your payment depends on the number of orders received, so if there are no orders to deliver, you won’t make money.

The Perks and Downsides of Being a Walmart Spark Driver

Before joining the ranks of Walmart Spark drivers, consider these pros and cons of working for the platform:

Pros of Spark Delivery

Spark drivers are freelance contractors, allowing flexible work hours but income depends on work frequency.

Spark delivery drivers can choose jobs based on preference and pay rates.

Being independent contractors, Spark drivers can work with multiple courier services to increase earnings.

Cons of Spark Delivery

Spark drivers experience fluctuating job availability, with peak times followed by slow periods, affecting income potential.

Spark drivers’ earnings depend heavily on customer tips, which can vary greatly.

As freelancers, Spark drivers don’t receive Walmart employee benefits like paid time off and health insurance.