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3 Critical Things To Understand About The Uber Mask Policy

Published On: 7 Comments
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The pandemic affects every area of life, including rideshare services.

As companies like Uber continue their services, they must make some adjustments and establish guidelines to ensure both driver and rider safety.

First, there were Uber vaccine rides, now a mask policy.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the Uber mask policy in 2023.

Does Uber Have a Mask Policy in 2023?

Yes, there is an Uber mask policy in place.

Whether you are a rider or a driver, you must wear a face mask while in an Uber.

That applies even if you are vaccinated.

Some cities, like New York City, require individuals to wear masks in taxis and car services or when taking public transport.

Other cities don’t.

However, Uber’s mask policy is in addition to the mask mandate of your city or state.

Even if your locality does not require you to wear a mask in public, Uber does as part of its “No Mask, No Ride” program.

Uber Mask Policy Requires Masks on Rides Even for Those Who Are Vaccinated

Some areas have removed restrictions for those who are vaccinated.

The reasoning behind that is that vaccinated folks may be less likely to transmit Covid-19.

Nevertheless, to keep everyone safe, Uber insists that even vaccinated people – including those who have received booster shots – keep their face masks on during Uber rides.

That starts from when your driver picks you up until they drop you off, as per Uber’s Door-to-Door Safety Standard.

vector graphic showing the Uber mask policy in effect with a driver and two riders wearing masks during an Uber rideshare ride

1. Helping to Keep Each Other Safe During COVID

When everyone wears a mask, it helps keep everyone safe.

According to the CDC, masks help protect both yourself and others, and they work best when everyone wears them.

You may not be worried about Covid-19, but wearing a mask ensures you don’t spread it asymptomatically.

Your driver may be in a vulnerable population for Covid-19, even if you are not.

Their mask only offers partial protection if you are not wearing one.

If you are taking a shared Uber ride with UberX Share (formerly Uber Pool), wearing a mask is also critical to ensure the health and safety of other passengers.

Everyone should do their part to keep Uber a safe transportation option during the pandemic.

2. Wash Wear Air

Uber recommends a shared “Wash, Wear, Air” ritual before, during, and after rides.

All riders and drivers should adhere to this policy, which includes three steps:

  1. Wash: Wash your hands before entering the car. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use hand sanitizer instead.
  2. Wear: Wear a mask whenever you are in the vehicle.
  3. Air: Air out the vehicle when possible. That helps reduce the spread of Covid-19. If it’s warm outside, keep the windows open. Drivers should air out their vehicles after each ride.

3. No Mask, No Ride

Uber enforces a strict “No Mask, No Ride” policy for passengers.

While most Uber drivers are careful about wearing a mask, some Uber riders are not, so Uber put safeguards into place to enforce this policy.

Riders risk being banned if they continually violate the “No Mask, No Ride” policy, and Uber has already banned over 1,250 riders due to not wearing masks.

4. Health and Safety Supplies for Drivers

To support drivers and ensure they can stay safe, Uber is providing health and safety supplies for drivers and Uber Eats delivery contractors.

Similar to how Lyft launched Lyft delivery to help, Uber has opened 36 Greenlight Hub locations to distribute masks and other supplies, like disinfectant wipes or hand sanitizer, to drivers.

You can see if you are eligible for free supplies and book an appointment by going to the Covid-19 resource section in your driver app.

You can also click the link on this page if you are on your phone.

When you pick up the supplies, make sure to wear a mask, and don’t go if you are feeling unwell.

Does the Uber Mask Policy Apply to Vaccinated Riders?


Uber has been very clear that getting the vaccine does not exempt you from wearing a mask, whether you got Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, or another vaccine.

Getting a booster doesn’t make you exempt, either.

Why Am I Being Asked to Take a Photo of Myself Wearing a Face Cover or Mask?

Uber may require you to upload a picture of yourself wearing a mask before ordering a ride.

This verification requirement is not random.

If you see it, it’s happening because the last time you rode in an Uber, your driver reported that you were not wearing a mask.

Drivers can easily report users for not wearing masks.

What If My Driver Was Not Wearing a Face Mask?

Uber holds both drivers and riders accountable.

Riders can report drivers who are not wearing face masks.

You can do that in the app by going to your trip history, selecting your trip, and clicking on “Report Safety Issue.”

Then, click on “My Driver Was Not Wearing a Face Mask.”

If a driver repeatedly gets reported, Uber may ban them.

You can also report them on this page.

You can also cancel a ride and report your driver if they arrive without a face mask.

You are never required to put your health in danger.

What to Do If You Are Exempt

In limited cases, Uber may grant exemptions to drivers or riders who have an underlying medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask.

However, you must contact support and supply evidence of that condition.

Drivers may request a face-covering exemption on this page.

If you are exempt, explain to your rider or driver why you are not wearing a mask.

More About Safety at Uber

Uber is working with the World Health Organization to provide passengers and drivers with updated health and safety information.

It has also taken several steps to prioritize your security.

vector graphic showing man asking woman "Is Uber safe?" before getting into a waiting Uber vehicle

1. Ride Safety Feedback

Both riders and drivers can submit safety feedback about a trip.

Similarly, you can report a delivery person for not adhering to safety standards.

Furthermore, you can cancel a trip upfront if a driver is not wearing a mask.

If a passenger is not wearing a mask, the driver can cancel the trip without it affecting their rating.

Suggested: Learn more about Uber rider ratings and Uber driver ratings.

2. All Drivers Are Background Checked Before Their First Trip

Uber performs a background check on potential drivers before it allows them access to the platform.

That includes criminal background checks, driving violation checks, and more.

Furthermore, Uber runs a criminal and driving history check at least once a year.

Not only that, but it pulls criminal reports from numerous sources, so it will know if your driver has committed a crime.

Uber also periodically asks drivers to take pictures of themselves to verify their identities.

That way, people can’t use someone else’s account to drive for Uber.

You can always view a driver’s rating and the length of time they have been driving for Uber.

3. There’s Emergency Help If You Need It

If you feel unsafe at any point during an Uber ride, you can call 911 straight from the Uber app.

Do that by clicking on the safety icon on your trip tracking screen (it will look like a blue shield).

Then, click on “911 Assistance.”

Uber will display your real-time location and trip details, so you can share them with the authorities, even if you are not familiar with the area.

In many cities in the United States, Uber will automatically transmit that information to the police.

Uber also has a feature called RideCheck, which can detect if your driver is taking you to the wrong location or if a crash has occurred.

If that happens, Uber will proactively reach out to help you.

Final Thoughts

At Uber, passenger and driver safety is a top priority.

To that end, Uber has implemented strict mask rules for everyone using Uber.

In addition, it has introduced several safety assistance tools, such as instant 911 calling.

7 thoughts on “3 Critical Things To Understand About The Uber Mask Policy”

  1. Uber really needs to change this policy. I used to use them at least once a week, but sometimes up to three times a week. I live in an area where no one wears masks (oddly, bodies of the covid dead aren’t piling up in the streets), so if I go to a bar what am I supposed to do? Keep a mask in my back pocket? Now I’m spending a small fortune having my nieces or nephews pick me up when I’m drunk. They don’t roll out at 2am for less than $100.

    • Hope so. I got reported as a delivery driver for not wearing a mask by a customer and strongly urged by Uber to make sure that I wear one…

  2. I was assaulted by a driver for me taking sips of coffee as I wore an N95 medical grace mask.

    Uber should be sued into oblivion and I will be taking legal action.

  3. The C-19 bug is .125 microns in size. All masks, even the N-95 AND multiple masks can only block 30 microns. This is a scientific proven fact. So wearing a mask will not stop the bug, it’s like trying to stop a fart with a chain link fence. You are only fooling yourself if you think a mask will protect you. They are a symbol of the Gov, controlling us with false information. But most people believe whatever they hear from the media. It’s a sad state the country is in, and Uber is controlled by those who spread the false information. People have the power, not the government. But we need people to wake up and use common sense and do their own research to find the true facts. Until then, be controlled by the gov or stop using uber.

  4. Even the CDC says it should be OPTIONAL in most places now. There’s ZERO evidence that unmasked riders or drivers are spreading the virus. This can’t be the new normal forever for these companies. We followed all the guidelines and now probably 75% of my passengers have no mask. I’m supposed to risk retaliation and cancel their rides while also cutting my revenue 75%? Come on. What’s next, requiring all male drivers and passengers to wear condoms?


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