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Uber Pay Stubs: 2 Easy Ways To Find Yours

Uber pay stubs are an important part of keeping track of your earnings as a driver. Here's how they work, what they include, and how to get one.

Driving for Uber is an excellent way for individuals to earn extra money and a living.

You can create your own hours and work as much or as little as you want.

Whether you’ve been an Uber driver for a few days, months, or are thinking about starting, knowing where to access your pay stubs is essential.

You’ll need your pay stubs if you’re planning on moving into a new home and when it comes to tax season.

It may seem not very easy, but it’s not.

Here are two easy ways to find your Uber pay stubs.

Does Uber Provide Pay Stubs?

Technically, Uber doesn’t provide traditional pay stubs.

Whether you’re an Uber driver, Lyft driver, or taxi driver, you’re not an employee, you’re an independent contractor.

Being an independent contractor means you’ll still get paid and have access to income statements, but not pay stubs like you would in an employee position.

Does Uber Eats Give Pay Stubs?

Uber Eats is owned and operated by Uber, so even if you’re only a driver for Uber Eats, you still won’t have traditional pay stubs.

Uber pays their independent contractors the same, whether you drive people or food.

How Does Uber Pay Independent Contractors?

So, since you’re not an employee with Uber and an independent contractor, how does Uber pay these individuals?

Uber pays a driver in two ways.

a clock, a calendar, and a mobile phone running the uber app to indicate when does uber pay drivers

Direct Deposit

When you sign up to drive with Uber, you’ll be prompted to enter your bank account information so that Uber can pay you weekly via this method.

All your income from driving with Uber or Uber Eats will come through this method.

Instant Pay

Another great way to get paid with Uber is through their instant payment option.

It’s still a direct deposit, but you can request instant pay before the weekly payday if you need your earnings.

Instant pay allows Uber to release your earnings immediately.

Depending on your bank, you may get them the following day after processing.

How To See Your Uber Pay Stubs

While Uber doesn’t offer traditional pay stubs like other jobs, that doesn’t mean you still can’t access your income information whenever you need to.

If you need to see your pay stubs because you’re moving, making a budget, or just curious, you can see all your earnings with Uber and Uber Eats.

The first step to viewing any of your earning statements is to log in to the Uber Driver app on your phone or computer.

vector graphic showing an Uber pay stub on a desk

How To View Your Periodic Pay Statements

Once you’ve logged into the Uber driver app, you’ll navigate to the main menu and then click on the “earnings and statements” option to access your periodic pay statements.

When you click this, you’ll have the option to view all income statements from Uber and Uber Eats.

Usually, it’ll pull up the statement for the week we’re in, so you can see how much to expect for the next pay period.

The statement it pulls up will be your most recent pay stub if you’ve worked during that week.

How To View a Previous Pay Statement

Viewing a previous pay statement with Uber is just as simple as viewing your periodic paycheck stub.

You can see your compensation for an earlier week by following the steps above and then clicking on the week or month you’re interested in seeing.

You can see your previous statement as far back as whenever you started driving with Uber.

The previous statements can be beneficial when you’re trying to figure out how much to set aside for future income tax since Uber doesn’t take out taxes for you as an Independent contractor.

Everything you earn with the platform is taxable income, so knowing where you stand is essential.

How To Download a Statement

For those who need proof of employment, are looking for a deduction on their income tax, or for any other reason, you can download your Uber compensation statement.

You’ll repeat the same process as you would to see how much you’re earning in a particular week or month.

Once you’ve logged in and clicked on the week or time period necessary, you’ll click on “view statement.”

From here, all you have to do is make sure you’re on the pay period you want and then click “Download CSV.”

If you’re using your phone, the best way to get it to where you can print it off if necessary is to email yourself a copy and then print it out.

If you don’t need to print it out, you can easily access the document from the files on your phone and email it to whoever needs it.

How To Report a Problem With Your Uber Pay Stub

Accidents happen sometimes.

If you check your bank account and see that Uber paid you the incorrect amount, haven’t been paid, or are experiencing another issue with your pay stub, you can contact Uber driver support and get the problem sorted out.

vector graphic showing an uber eats driver on the phone with the uber eats driver help line customer support

The best way to get in touch with Uber about your pay stub issue is to open your Driver’s App.

You’ll navigate to the “help” section and find the appropriate prompt for the problem you’re experiencing.

Phone support is available for most Uber issues, but you probably won’t be able to speak to someone on the phone for payment.

You’ll scroll to earnings and payments and then click on it.

There are several different earning and payment issues you can choose from.

Many people opt for the “I have a different earning issue” or “a trip is missing from my pay statement.”

Final Thoughts

Driving for Uber or Uber Eats is a wonderful way to earn an income and work hours that work for you.

While you’re an independent contractor when working for Uber, and they don’t provide traditional pay stubs, that doesn’t mean you can’t access your earnings to know where you stand.

By looking at your bank statement or logging into the Uber Driver app, you can see how much you’ve earned while driving for them.

Knowing how much you’ve earned can help you budget, get approved for renting a new home, get a car loan, etc.

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