Uber Phone Number: How to Contact Support by Phone

Need to call Uber? Using their phone number is the fastest way to contact customer support and talk to a real person. There are 2 options: in-app calling or the emergency line. We'll cover both in the guide below.

A while back, we put together a guide on the best and fastest ways to contact Uber customer service when drivers or riders needed help.

Our guide addressed some of the most common problems people have with Uber. Whether it was an issue related to an Uber Eats promo code, a Greenlight Hub, or just a rider wondering if Uber takes cash, our guide showed how to quickly fix those issues.

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After putting together that guide, one of the most common questions we got was if there was an Uber phone number that offered live help and problem resolution.

We’ve got good news: Uber has rolled out 24/7 phone support, and now support reps are just a call away.

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Uber Phone Number

The phone support program, based on the Uber driver app, is part of the company’s 180 Days of Change initiative that improved the driving experience for partners and riders.

Uber initially tested the phone number in certain markets such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, which we assume was to work out the bugs and find an efficient solution before rolling out the program across the entire United States.

Drivers got an email on October 17, 2017, announcing the program, which included a link to the official announcement on their corporate website. Now, as of 2020, the program is available to Uber drivers across markets.

Uber phone number announcement email
An email announcing the Uber phone number initiative

According to the announcement on their website,

We’ve heard from driver-partners everywhere that you’d like the option of contacting us by phone whenever you need help or have a question about driving with Uber.

We want to be there for you—whether you’re on the road or off. So thanks to your feedback, we’re introducing 24/7 phone support.

You can now speak directly with trained agents right over the phone. Whether you have a question about your account or want to report an incident, we’ll be ready to help—24/7.

To speak with an agent, just go to the Help tab of your Uber Driver app and find the blue phone icon.

As of right now, it the program is only available to drivers. While this can be frustrating as an Uber passenger, we imagine that Uber has done it this way to keep the phone support program sustainable. If they opened it up to riders as well, then it could lead to an unmanageable volume of calls.

If we find a support phone number for riders, we’ll update you with all the information you need to know.

How It Works

The 24/7 phone support is easy to use, and the process of initiating a call is very straightforward.

First, open the Partner app that you use to drive with.

Then, navigate to the Account tab.

Tap Help within the menu that appears.

Uber phone number app

Then, tap the phone icon in the upper right-hand corner:

Contact Uber phone support on driver app

From there, a popup will appear on your screen, prompting you to initiate a call to support.

Contact Uber support: Speak to an agent screenshot

Tap the Call Support button on the popup screen, and a call will be started with an Uber representative.

What You Can Get Help With

This method for rideshare drivers to contact support has been established to allow quick and accessible problem resolutions.

Drivers using this number can get support with:

  • Fare adjustments and fare reviews
  • Document reviews
  • Vehicle requirements
  • In-person support scheduling help
  • Problems during a specific trip
  • And much more

While the customer service help center is available to assist drivers 24/7, we recommend only using the number for critical issues or things that are hard to explain over email or through Uber’s in-app support.

Many drivers may disagree, but I suggest using this number sparingly. Why? Well, if drivers start abusing the program, it will result in longer wait times for drivers that legitimately need help.

Uber is doing their part to improve the driver experience, so I recommend drivers do their part to make this initiative as good as possible.

Note also that if you need help with safety-related issues, you can contact Uber’s critical safety response line. And if you need in-person help, you can always visit an Uber Greenlight Hub.

Uber Critical Response Line

In case of an Uber emergency, the company does have an Uber Critical Safety Response line to report the incident. Uber has been testing the support line in 22 cities but has kept the entire thing on the down low. This number isn’t advertised everywhere, because it is only for emergencies.

If you are experiencing an actual emergency, ALWAYS call 911 first.

While this Uber Partner support number is not a replacement for 911, it’s a helpful way for riders and drivers to get urgent support.

When a caller dials in, they are routed to either a call center in Phoenix or one in Chicago. Support representatives deal with the issue at hand and provide the best course of action. The representatives are trained to call the appropriate emergency services if they deem the caller is in immediate danger.

In a statement, Uber said, “We are always looking for ways to improve communication with riders and drivers. In select U.S. cities, we have a pilot program where riders and drivers can call an Uber support representative directly for assistance with an urgent situation after a trip.”

It’s worth noting that you should not call in just to complain about your ride or give menial feedback. Please don’t abuse this number. It’s there for urgent matters, so please take that into account before making a call.

The number is (800) 353-8237 or (800) 353-UBER

Uber Phone Support FAQ

To conclude this guide, here are the answers to some common questions about contacting Uber via phone:

1. Does Uber offer phone support in other languages?

Currently, Uber only offers English phone support (at least to U.S. drivers).

2. Does the Uber phone number work for Uber Eats support?

Yes, it does. Since Uber lets drivers deliver for Uber Eats and accept passenger requests during the same shift, they also offer phone support for both services.

3. Does Lyft offer phone support to drivers?

Yes, Lyft also offers phone support to all drivers using the platform. You can learn more here.

4. Where is Uber phone support available?

Drivers can now receive phone support in every market where Uber operates, so whether you’re in San Diego, Austin, Miami, or anywhere in between, you can follow the steps in this guide to reach an Uber phone support rep.

The Takeaway

I think the phone support program is a great step for the company to mend their relations with drivers and improve the available Uber driver support options.

While I haven’t personally placed a phone call to this number (I haven’t had a problem that needed a resolution recently), I think both new drivers and veteran Uber drivers alike will find it easy, efficient, and a great way to solve problems.

I think if the launch of phone-based driver support goes well, they’ll scale up and figure out a way to launch similar help features for riders, too. In the meantime, riders can always visit or contact the customer support team from within the Uber app to receive online support about Uber rides.

What do you think of the Uber phone number? Have you tried it? If so, how did it go? Let us know in the comments below!