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UberX Vs Uber Comfort: Similarities, Differences, & Which to Choose [& When]

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Quick Take: A High-Level Overview of UberX vs Uber Comfort

FeatureUberXUber Comfort
Service GoalComfortable yet affordable ridesEnhanced comfort with additional amenities
Vehicle RequirementsMid-range sedans meeting safety standardsNewer, nicer vehicles with more legroom
Passenger SpaceStandard legroom for 1-4 passengersIncreased legroom
AmenitiesStandard featuresTemperature control, adjustable conversation levels
Driver ExperienceNo prior experience required, just vettingMinimum 4.85 rating, over 250 trips completed
PricingMost affordable option, varies by distance/timeAbout 1.15 times the fare of UberX
Ideal UseBudget-conscious users, short tripsThose prioritizing comfort, especially on long trips
User ReviewsPraised for affordability and punctualityAppreciated for comfort, but costlier for short trips

Key Takeaway: The main feature of Comfort is extra legroom, not luxury vehicles.

Uber Comfort does not necessarily mean a luxury ride or luxury vehicles. If you are looking for nice cars, I suggest you check out Uber Select or Black.

Some riders I have talked to have expressed disappointment when they’ve received economy cars or Tesla Model 3s, which they don’t consider luxurious or particularly comfortable.

What Is UberX?

UberX is a standard ride service offered by Uber, designed to be both comfortable and affordable. It is the default option in the Uber app, automatically selected when you request a ride without altering any settings.

UberX vehicles are typically mid-range cars that can accommodate up to four passengers, making it suitable for individual riders or small groups.

The service emphasizes affordability and is the most popular choice among Uber services. All UberX vehicles meet the company’s stringent standards for safety and comfort.

What Is Uber Comfort?

Uber Comfort is an upgraded version of UberX, designed for those seeking extra comfort and willing to pay for it.

This service features larger vehicles with more legroom and experienced drivers. Vehicles and drivers meet higher standards for quality and service.

Riders can also pre-set their preferences for noise, temperature, and conversation for a more tailored experience. However, Uber Comfort is more expensive than UberX.

Key Differences Between UberX and Uber Comfort

UberX and Uber Comfort both provide transportation from point A to point B, but they have key differences. Here’s a quick overview of each service’s main features:

1. Vehicle Types and Requirements

One of the key differences between the two services is the types of vehicles permitted to drive for each service.

UberX vehicles generally need to be a sedan that meets all of the Uber safety requirements.

However, Uber Comfort vehicles must also be fairly new and have a certain amount of legroom for passengers to qualify. This means that you will find much “nicer” cars driving for Uber Comfort.

2. Passenger Space and Amenities

Uber Comfort offers far more space to passengers to ensure a more comfortable ride!

You will find that there is much more legroom in an Uber Comfort car compared to an UberX car.

Additionally, Uber Comfort offers amenities that are not available in an UberX, such as the ability to control the temperature of the vehicle and the option to express whether or not you would like to engage in conversation with your driver from the app.

3. Driver Experience and Ratings Requirements

Another clear difference between UberX and Uber Comfort is the requirements expected of drivers.

Drivers for UberX do not need to have had any prior experience with the app; they simply need to pass the vetting process undertaken by Uber.

However, to drive for Uber Comfort, drivers must have a minimum of a 4.85 rating and have completed at least 250 trips.

4. Pricing

Another key difference between UberX and Uber Comfort is the pricing. Uber does not use flat rate pricing, and therefore the cost of the Uber is always going to vary.  

Typically, the fare is made up of a base rate, a per-kilometer fee, and a per-minute fee, as well as any other tolls or fees that need to be included. The exact cost of these factors varies based on time, location, and distance.

Additionally, the fare is higher depending on which type of ride you select. According to

Uber, you can expect to pay 1.15 times more than the UberX fare for Uber Comfort to compensate for the added amenities and upscale vehicle.  

Additionally, it is always a good idea to tip your driver, and you may need to increase the tip to reflect the driver’s extra experience if you choose Uber Comfort.

Pricing is the key distinction between the two services, which therefore means that Uber Comfort may not be the right choice for the budget-conscious!

However, the increased price is reflected in the extra amenities and services that you receive, which may be worth it to some.

Which Service Is Right for Me?

Now that you understand the general basics of UberX and Uber Comfort, you might be wondering which one is the right service to choose (and when). This entirely depends on your specific preferences and needs.

If you are budget-conscious and want to get around for as little money as possible, UberX is likely the best choice no matter the distance.

Uber will charge you the lowest rate, but you will still experience a comfortable and affordable ride.  

However, if comfort is more of a priority, the Uber Comfort is likely the best choice. The fare increase is likely worth it for you if you want to ensure a comfortable and leisurely ride.

Overall, a good approach to take is to use Uber for shorter trips and Uber Comfort for longer trips.

If you are going to be in an Uber for an hour or more, then you will likely appreciate the added amenities that come with an Uber Comfort – especially if you are traveling with others in the car!

However, if you are only taking a short trip of a few minutes, the extra amenities and their higher price may not be worth it – making UberX the better choice.

What Are Reviewers Saying About UberX?

Nothing is more indicative of a product’s quality than what real users have to say about it!

Reviewers generally have great things to say about UberX, commenting on its affordability and also the punctuality of the drivers.

One customer on Trustpilot commented that they were “initially apprehensive” about UberX as they “expected a decline in customer service”, but these worries were soon cast aside thanks to the great service they received.

However, some Trustpilot reviewers have commented that they found traveling with luggage using Uber to be difficult due to lack of space.

Uber’s luggage policy is very strict, so make sure you check it out before riding with baggage!

What Are Reviewers Saying About Uber Comfort?

In terms of Uber Comfort, Trustpilot reviews are fond of the added amenities (especially the ability to control the conversation level during the ride).

One commented on their appreciation for the way their driver was “conscious of our wishes for comfort and conversation.”

However, some reviews express that the increased price is “simply not worth it” for short trips, so keep this in mind if you ever find yourself needing a quick ride!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get when talking about UberX and Uber Comfort:

Is UberX the Least Expensive?

Yes, UberX is typically the least expensive option. This is because it is designed to be Uber’s “standard” service, and therefore does not come with all the added extras you get with the other services.

Do You Sit in the Back or Front of Uber?

Whether you sit in the back or front of an Uber is entirely up to you! However, most people tend to sit in the back if they are riding by themselves or in a pair.

Wrapping Up

Uber Comfort and UberX are both great options to choose from when booking an Uber.

While UberX is the more affordable “standard” service, the increase in price for Uber Comfort comes with added perks such as temperature control and a nicer vehicle.

Next time you book an Uber, think about whether you want some added comfort!

If the answer is yes, then you might benefit from deviating from the standard UberX and choosing an Uber Comfort as your ride of choice instead.

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