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Uber Select: Car List, Pricing, and More

Uber is one of the biggest ride-sharing services in the world.

With a reach that spans around the globe, chances are good that you’ve either ridden in an Uber or live in an area where it’s available.

Over time, Uber has added different offerings and levels of service.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about a past Uber level called Uber Select and all your current options.

What Was Uber Select?

Uber Select was a mid-tier offering for Uber, slotting roughly between the standard Uber X and Uber Pool tiers and the more luxurious Uber Black.

Uber Select was an offering for riders who wanted a little more comfort without paying luxury prices.

In addition, it offered highly-rated drivers in specific types of cars.

This gave riders the option to more predictably know what kind of car they were likely to get.

Uber drivers would need to log a certain amount of rides and have a high enough rating to be eligible to drive.

However, Uber Select was discontinued in July 2020 as Uber consolidated their offerings.

How Did Uber Select Work?

Riders could choose Uber Select when they made their Uber reservation.

Like other levels of service, riders have the freedom to see what kinds of vehicles and offerings are available in their area at the time of their reservation.

Also, similar to other services, riders could schedule Uber Select rides days in advance if desired.

Uber Select Size

vector graphic showing an Uber Select vehicle with descriptive text of what the service is above the vehicle

One of the critical benefits to Uber Select was that the vehicles were all a bit bigger as a standard.

This is key for larger passengers or passengers with a lot of luggage.

There’s nothing worse as an Uber user than being crunched into a small car or not having enough room for you and all your things!

Uber Comfort or Uber Black are the two closest alternatives for customers who still need some extra room.

Like other services, riders could also pay using Uber Cash or a credit card through the app.

Uber Select Car List

Some cars that would fit into the Uber Select line were the Tesla Model S, the Audi A6 Premium, the BMW 330i, the Lexus ES, and the Mercedes-Benz E 300.

Of course, that is by no means an exhaustive list, but Uber Select cars would generally fall into that range of vehicles.

How Much Did Uber Select Cost?

As you might expect, a more luxurious offering equals higher costs than a base Uber ride.

However, because Uber Select sat a tier or two below Uber’s most premium services, prices remained pretty reasonable.

Here’s an example of what Uber Select costs looked like in Los Angeles:

  • Base fare: $5
  • Per-minute rate: 61 cents
  • Per-mile rate: $1.90
  • Minimum fare: $12
  • Marketplace fee: $3 (the fee only existed in some markets)
  • Rider no-show or cancellation fee: $10

Prices could vary based on city, time of day, and other factors, but that is roughly what a passenger could expect to pay.

Uber passengers can always use Uber’s ride estimator tool for a fuller estimate.

Uber Select Vs. Other Premium Ubers

As an entry-tier luxury offering, Uber Select was comparable to many of Uber’s other offerings.

Next, we’ll compare these in experience and cost.

1. Uber Select Vs. Uber Black

Uber Black is Uber’s highest tier of service.

These luxury vehicles are for customers wanting the best Uber can provide.

Pricing for Uber Black is significantly higher than Uber Select.

Uber Black also offers maximum points for Uber Rewards if that’s something you’re looking for.

2. Uber Select Vs. Uber Black SUV

Like Uber Black, Uber Black SUV is Uber’s premium service for riders looking for sport utility vehicles.

SUVs offer more seating and luggage space.

Because of that level of service, Uber Black SUV’s prices are much higher than what Uber Select offered.

3. Uber Select Vs. Uber Lux

Like Uber Select, Uber Lux is no longer available.

When it was around, it offered a tier even above Uber Black.

Drivers were required to drive high-end luxury vehicles and offer a premium experience.

Even at its peak, Uber Lux was only available in specific markets.

Uber deemed it too similar to Uber Black and retired it in 2020 alongside Uber Select.

4. Uber Select Vs. Uber X

Uber X is Uber’s most essential and popular offering.

By default, any reservation you make with Uber will be through Uber X.

It’s a step below Uber Select in car quality.

Still, the selection was usually better, meaning you’re getting a ride faster.

Like Uber Select, Uber X must accommodate up to 4 passengers.

Uber X fees are lower than Uber Select.

5. Uber Select Vs. Uber XL

If you have six passengers, Uber XL is your best bet for Uber.

It’s similar to Uber X in that it’s the most basic offering, just with larger cars.

Uber Select maxed out with 4-passenger vehicles, meaning that it and Uber XL were often working with different passengers.

Uber XL rates are comparable to what you would see with Uber X.

6. Uber Select Vs. Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is similar to Uber Select in some ways and different than others.

This tier exists for customers who need extra space for passengers or belongings.

It’s an excellent offering for larger passengers.

Unlike Uber Select, though, any car that is bigger than average will qualify, whereas Uber Select required a more high-end vehicle.

Uber Comfort rates fall roughly in between Uber X and Uber Black.

How to Request an Uber Select Ride: Step by Step Guide

Requesting an Uber Select worked much the same as booking any other kind of Uber.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open your Uber app and select your target destination.
  • Swipe up to see your options. By default, Uber will have you listed with an Uber X, but this is your spot to select your level of service.
  • Confirm your pickup location. Uber will usually show you a map with where your GPS says you are and allow you to adjust if needed.
  • Wait for your driver! The Uber app will give you their name, license plate, and vehicle information, along with an estimated time of arrival.

If desired, Uber allows you to reserve rides up to a month in advance, including Uber Select.

Rider Summary: Was Uber Select Worth It?

Riders who used Uber Select loved the service, so they would tell you that it was worth it.

Ultimately, though, not enough riders used the service compared to levels like Uber X and Uber Black, so Uber retired the service.

Pros and Cons

Just because the service is no longer active doesn’t mean it didn’t have its perks.

Here are a few key advantages:

  • More luxurious ride without the prices of Uber Black
  • Bigger cars
  • More predictable experience

However, the drawbacks ultimately won out and caused Uber to remove the service.

Some primary disadvantages included the following:

  • Narrow range of cars
  • Not as popular as Uber X and Uber Black
  • More expensive than Uber X

Driving For Uber Select

If you’re an Uber driver, it can be a little bit tough to understand what you’re eligible for when it comes to driving.

Uber Select had very particular requirements for drivers, but meeting those requirements did open Uber Select drivers up to more pay.

vector graphic for become an uber driver post

Uber Select Car Requirements

Eligible vehicles that fit into Uber Select met a very particular set of criteria.

These Uber car requirements were pretty standard for most services across the board.

This included:

  • Mid-sized sedan
  • 4-doors
  • Room for at least four passengers
  • Leather or synthetic leather interior
  • No older than ten years old

These criteria ensured that passengers could reasonably predict the car and experience they were reserving with Uber Select.

How Much Did Uber Select Drivers Make?

Drivers for Uber Select did make a bit more money than Uber X drivers.

Where Uber X drivers average a little under $14/hour before tips, Uber Select drivers average making around $15/hour before tips.

Because Uber Select is more expensive and a higher tier of service, tips were often higher for Uber Select drivers, although that was not a guarantee.

How to Become an Uber Select Driver

To become an Uber Select driver, drivers needed to meet specific criteria.

  • Their car must meet the above requirements.
  • Drivers would need to complete a certain number of rides. The exact number is unknown but ranges from 50 to 100.
  • Drivers would need to maintain an average rating of 4.7/5, although some drivers reported needing 4.8.

Once drivers met those requirements, Uber Select credentials would automatically enter into their account.

Getting to Uber Select status can take some time, but the process was very straightforward once you’re in!

Today, getting to Uber Black driver status has similar, but not the same, criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many levels of service, especially with levels like Uber Select going away, Uber passengers have many questions about Uber.

Here are a couple of the more common ones.

Does Lyft have a service similar to Uber Select?

Lyft offers three premium options: Lyft Lux, Lyft Black, and Lyft Black XL.

As you might expect, Lyft Black and Lyft Black XL equate pretty closely to Uber Black and Uber Black SUV.

Lyft Lux is probably the closest offering to what Uber Select was.

It involves high-end sedans or SUVs with leather interiors and room for four passengers.

The big difference between Lyft Lux and Uber Select is that Lyft Lux isn’t as widely available, only offered in 80 United States cities.

Check your area with Lyft to see if Lyft Lux is an option for you.

What type of Uber service is best for trips to the airport?

There’s no one correct answer to this! Because Uber has many offerings, the best fit will depend on your situation.

To look at a few everyday situations:

  • If you’re a single traveler or going with another person, use Uber X.
  • If you’re a larger family or traveling with a lot of luggage, use Uber XL.
  • If you’re a larger person and like a bit of extra space, try Uber Comfort.
  • If you’re someone who likes to travel in luxury, reserve Uber Black or Uber Black SUV.
  • If you’re traveling with an older person or someone with disabilities, see if Uber WAV is available.
  • If you’re traveling with a car seat, see if Uber Car Seat is in your area.

Wrapping Up

Even though Uber Select is retired, the idea of using Uber for a more upscale ride lives on.

Uber does a great job giving lots of options to riders, so rest easy knowing that you’ll be able to get the ride you want when you want it.

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