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What Is an Uber Waybill? Explanation & How It Works

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber waybills are digital documents detailing trip info, required for compliance.
  • Waybills display driver and trip details, but disappear post-trip for privacy.
  • They are used for legal protection, and are necessary for interactions with authorities.
  • This document can be accessed in the Uber driver app; crucial for accidents, stops, airport pickups.

What is an Uber Waybill?

An Uber waybill is an electronic document within the Uber app that provides detailed information about a driver’s trip.

It serves as a modern, digital version of the traditional waybill, historically used to detail information about shipments or transport.

This electronic waybill is a legal requirement for Uber drivers, ensuring compliance in most jurisdictions. It verifies that the driver is on a prearranged ride, as Uber drivers are not allowed to pick up passengers roadside.

Essentially, it’s a digital proof that the driver has a formal agreement to pick up, transport, and drop off a specific rider or riders.

What Does an Uber Waybill Show?

An Uber Waybill shows crucial trip information for drivers, accessible through a section in the Uber mobile app.

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This includes the driver’s name, license number, license plate, state number, rate of pay (base fare, mileage, extras), total number of passengers, full names of each rider, designated pickup and drop-off locations, and insurance coverage details with a link to Uber’s certificate of insurance.

This data, which is required for compliance with state and city regulations, disappears after the completion of the trip. The Waybill may also contain additional information relevant to specific local rules and regulations.

Importantly, drivers only have access to the necessary information for their trip and no other personal customer details, as Uber prioritizes the protection of sensitive information for both drivers and customers.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I have heard of some Uber Eats drivers reporting waybills that show them as having completed passenger trips, even though they only delivered food.

This is a bit of a concerning issue, especially when a driver’s insurance certificate is attached to these trips.

I suggest checking your waybill every now and again to make sure that things are displaying correctly. If they aren’t, immediately reach out to Uber support and let them know the issue.

Usually drivers are told that there isn’t an issue and the discrepancy isn’t something to worry about.

But if you still have questions, be persistent and request to escalate the situation if necessary.

Situations That Might Require an Uber Waybill

An Uber driver needs a Waybill for legal protection and to provide necessary information when requested by authorities.

In case of an accident, the Waybill offers access to insurance details, helping the driver provide proof of insurance to the police and other parties involved.

It also records pickup and dropoff times, which is crucial since Uber’s insurance coverage varies depending on the driver’s status in the app.

During traffic stops, the Waybill can justify the driver’s presence in a specific location or prove that they are waiting for a prearranged rider.

Additionally, since Uber drivers aren’t allowed to pick up street-hailed passengers, the Waybill serves as evidence of prearranged transport, protecting the driver from false accusations of unauthorized pickups.

Lastly, the Uber driver app is crucial for airport pickups, where different airports have specific regulations.

For example:

Each airport’s unique regulations emphasize the importance of the waybill in verifying authorized pickups.

What Do You Need to Do With Waybill Uber?

For the most part, you don’t have to do much with Waybill beyond adding your information because Uber handles the rest.

That said, it is a good idea to check out your waybill to make sure your information is accurate, every space is completed, and you are familiar with everything in case you need it.

Also, if you get pulled over or are in an accident, take a screenshot of the information to help with claim work and answer questions about the incident.

How Do You See the Waybill Uber?

Many drivers don’t know about Waybill or accidentally stumble upon it when playing around with the app.

You may never need to access it at all, but it’s always better to be aware, right? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to find the Waybill on the Uber driver app.

  1. Pull up the Uber driver app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the clipboard icon in the middle of the navigation screen. It appears as three stacked dots beside three stacked lines.
  3. You should see “Recommended for You” with several options, including Waybill.
  4. Select Waybill to view the information.

The Waybill is a scrollable screen with the certificate of insurance available at the bottom. You should be able to click on the link to access the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uber’s Cut of the Fare?

Uber typically takes a 25% service fee from each fare, which covers various overhead costs like credit card commission and the use of Uber’s software.

However, the actual fee structure can be more complex, and the total amount a driver pays to Uber varies depending on the total trip fare.

Do Uber Drivers Know Your Last Name?

Yes, Uber drivers know a passenger’s last name. Drivers can access their rider’s full name through the Waybill but only until the information for their next fare replaces it.

Can Uber Eats See My Picture?

Uber Eats drivers can see a customer’s picture only if the customer has uploaded one to their profile. Driver profiles include photos for rider verification.

If a customer does not upload a photo, the driver will only have access to the customer’s name, pickup location, and drop-off address.

Final Thoughts on Waybill Uber

What is Waybill Uber? It’s a helpful tool for drivers but it’s also a legal issue.

Drivers need to be able to prove that they have a prearranged fare and in case of an emergency, provide the certificate of insurance.

Do you like what you read or have more questions about Waybill Uber? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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