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What Is Waybill Uber? Explanation & How It Works

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In today’s gig economy, many people turn to side hustles for extra income.

One of the most popular options is driving for a ride or food delivery service, like Uber.

Driving for Uber is an excellent side gig because you can set your hours and work as much or as little as you like.

Plus, you get handy tools to make life easier and ensure you’re compliant with local regulations, like Waybill Uber.

What is Waybill Uber?

Glad you asked! Waybill Uber is a helpful tool that’s necessary for all Uber drivers.

What is Waybill Uber?

Waybill Uber is a segment of the mobile app for Uber and Uber Eats drivers.

Historically, a waybill is a document that details the information about a shipment or transport.

In this case, Waybill Uber is an electronic version of the document that provides information about a driver’s trip.

More specifically, the Waybill is a legal requirement that Uber must provide for drivers to remain compliant in most jurisdictions.

Uber drivers cannot pick up people by the side of the road, they can only complete prearranged rides with customers.

The electronic waybill proves that a driver has an agreement to pick up, transport, and drop off a rider or riders.

What Does Waybill Uber Show?

Uber’s Waybill is one section on the mobile app that’s accessible by drivers.

In the Waybill, drivers can access important information about the current or most recent trip in case they need it.

This data disappears after the driver completes the trip.

Typically, the waybill contains all information required to be compliant with state and city regulations where you are driving.

At the minimum, drivers will find the following:

  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate and state Number
  • Rate of pay, including the base fare, mileage, and any extras
  • Total number of passengers
  • Full names of each rider
  • Designated pickup and drop-off locations
  • Insurance coverage information with a link to Uber’s certificate of insurance

The waybill might contain additional information about specific rules and regulations in a specific municipality.

It’s helpful to double-check the waybill if you’re new to Uber driving or working in a different city or area than you usually do.

Of note, drivers do not have access to any customer’s personal information beyond what’s listed in the waybill.

Uber takes customer privacy seriously and protects all sensitive information for drivers and customers.

Why is Waybill in Uber?

The Waybill in Uber is essentially legal protection for the company and its drivers.

It provides the information that a driver needs if it is requested by authorities.

There are a few situations that could result in somebody asking to see your waybill.

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In Case of Accident

Accidents happen, and that means providing proof of insurance.

You can access the certificate of insurance through the waybill to provide it to the police and any other parties involved in the accident.

Note that the waybill tracks pickup and dropoff times as well.

Since Uber insurance maintains different levels of coverage depending on your status in the app, it can have a significant impact on your coverage if there’s an accident.

It is a good idea to snap a screenshot of your status and times to support any accident-related claims.

Traffic Stops

Just because you are driving for Uber doesn’t mean you can’t get pulled over.

Plus, an officer might stop to ask you why you’re hanging around if you’re waiting for a rider.  

Proof of Prearranged Transport

Additionally, Uber drivers can’t pick up passengers who hail them from the side of the road.

That’s why all Uber rides must go through the app and another perk of having the waybill easily accessible.

If somebody accuses a driver of picking up a passenger via street hail, the waybill serves as proof of a prearranged ride.

Airport Transportation

The Uber driver app is especially important for airport pickups.

Some locations require Uber drivers to provide the waybill to prove they are picking up a passenger as a safety measure, but each airport has unique regulations.

  • San Francisco has a laundry list of regulations for rideshare drivers, including leaving your driver app open at all times and displaying an Uber decal on your windshield.
  • San Diego International Airport has a similar list and notes that you need to be able to present your waybill upon request.
  • Sioux Falls Regional Airport requires drivers to show their valid waybill to airport police in lieu of a transponder or decal.

What Do You Need to Do With Waybill Uber?

For the most part, you don’t have to do much with Waybill beyond adding your information because Uber handles the rest.

That said, it is a good idea to check out your waybill to make sure your information is accurate, every space is completed, and you are familiar with everything in case you need it.

Also, if you get pulled over or are in an accident, take a screenshot of the information to help with claim work and answer questions about the incident.

How Do You See the Waybill Uber?

Many drivers don’t know about Waybill or accidentally stumble upon it when playing around with the app.

You may never need to access it at all, but it’s always better to be aware, right? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to find the Waybill on the Uber driver app.

1. Pull up the Uber driver app on your smartphone.

2. Click on the clipboard icon in the middle of the navigation screen. It appears as three stacked dots beside three stacked lines.

3. You should see “Recommended for You” with several options, including Waybill.

4. Select Waybill to view the information.

The Waybill is a scrollable screen with the certificate of insurance available at the bottom. You should be able to click on the link to access the information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about Uber and what information drivers can access?

These questions and answers should shed a little light on things.

What is Uber’s Cut of the Fare?

Uber claims that they take 25% of each fare.

The company lists this percentage as a service fee that covers a range of overhead costs, including credit card commission and the use of Uber software.

However, that might not be the whole picture because the fee structure is more complicated.

The total amount a driver pays for each fare depends heavily on the final total for the trip.

Do Uber Drivers Know Your Last Name?

Yes, Uber drivers know a passenger’s last name.

Drivers can access their rider’s full name through the Waybill but only until the information for their next fare replaces it.

Can Uber Eats See My Picture?

Uber and Uber Eats do have driver profile photos so that riders can verify who they are traveling with.

However, an Uber or Uber Eats driver can only see customer pictures if the customer posts one on their profile.

If you do not post a picture of yourself, then they only have your name, pickup location, and drop-off address.

Final Thoughts on Waybill Uber

What is Waybill Uber? It’s a helpful tool for drivers but it’s also a legal issue.

Drivers need to be able to prove that they have a prearranged fare and in case of an emergency, provide the certificate of insurance.

Do you like what you read or have more questions about Waybill Uber? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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