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DoorDash Albertson’s: How It Works, Pricing, Cost & More

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Demand for food delivery services has grown steadily over the past decade, culminating in exponential growth due to the pandemic.

Both office workers stuck at home and essential workers with no extra time to make dinner or go grocery shopping have come to rely on restaurant and grocery delivery services to stay safe and save time.

Companies like Amazon and Instacart have capitalized on consumers’ desire for delivery service by partnering with large grocery chains (or buying a grocery chain out in the case of AmazonFresh) to provide fast grocery delivery services.

That’s where DoorDash Albertson’s program comes into place.

In a strategic and mutually beneficial business merger, Albertson’s and the restaurant delivery service company DoorDash will collaborate to bring Albertson’s customers on-demand grocery delivery on the DoorDash app.

Fuad Hannon, head of new verticals at Doordash, described how the merger will work in…

“Leveraging our extensive logistics network and Albertsons’ wide selection of fresh groceries, we are creating a one-stop shop for customers to access any of the essentials they need, delivered to their doorstep within an hour,”.

With 2,277 grocery stores, 1,725 pharmacies, 400 associated fuel centers, 22 dedicated distribution centers, and 20 manufacturing facilities, Albertson’s is one of the largest grocery providers in the U.S.

While you may not see an Albertson’s in your city or town, the company owns retail stores under the following banners:

  • Safeway
  • Vons
  • Pavilions
  • Randalls
  • Tom Thumb
  • Carrs
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Acme, Shaw’s
  • Star Market
  • United Supermarkets
  • Kings Food Markets
  • Haggen

Thus, DoorDash services all stores included in this list.

This article will explain what Doordash Albertson’s Delivery is, how it works, and pricing options to use the service.

What Is DoorDash Albertson’s Delivery?

Albertson’s stores have teamed up with DoorDash to bring you grocery delivery services without time slots or queues.

This is an unprecedented move by both Albertson’s and DoorDash.

Up until the merger, Albertson’s has had curbside pick-up and a subscription delivery service through Instacart.

Still, same-day delivery was never guaranteed and depended heavily upon the location and labor supply of a store.

DoorDash has been a restaurant and convenience store delivery service since its founding, so teaming up with Albertson’s goes beyond their traditional services and client base, on par with competitors such as Instacart and Amazon.

DoorDash Albertson’s Delivery is a same-day grocery delivery service that customers use through the DoorDash app.

You can use DoorDash to access your local Albertson’s wide selection of over 40,000 grocery items, from produce to dry goods, pharmacy, cleaning products, and much more.

Select Albertson’s stores use a merchant service with DoorDash known as DoorDash Drive to service customers directly from their local Albertson’s online store.

However, the vast majority of Albertson’s and subsidiary stores require customers to order through DoorDash directly.

Did you know?

Uber recently launched a new service called Uber Pharmacy. The service allows customers to have pharmacy orders shipped directly to their doorstep.

How Does Albertson’s DoorDash Delivery Work?

Albertson’s DoorDash delivery works the same way that DoorDash deliveries work for restaurant orders through DashPass.

You’ll have to buy a DashPass, which is DoorDash’s monthly membership plan.

Once you have a DashPass subscription, you can order groceries for same-day delivery and without DoorDash fees – like service fees – on orders of $25 or more.

It’s important to note that if you do not meet the 25$ minimum requirement, you will have to make up the difference in delivery fees specified by DoorDash.

Of course, now that you have a DashPass, not only will you get free, same-day deliveries from Albertson’s, but you’ll also get other benefits.

These include promotions, free deliveries, and other DoorDash benefits when you order from restaurants, convenience stores, and pharmacies that DoorDash services.


Editor’s Tip:

If you sign up for DashPass and don’t like the service, don’t forget to cancel the membership.

It’s harder than it seems though.

Check out our guide on how to cancel DashPass to learn more.


DoorDash Albertson’s Cost

You must be a part of Doordash’s membership program, Dashpass, to access Albertson’s grocery delivery through DoorDash.

DashPasses cost $9.99 a month and include free deliveries on orders over $15 from restaurants and over $25 from Albertson’s stores.

There is no minimum order size, but if your order is less than $25, there will be a delivery fee between $3.99 and $8.99, depending on how far you live from the grocery store.

The best way to avoid high delivery fees is to plan big purchases ahead of time.

Unfortunately, the further you are from Albertson’s, the larger the delivery fee will be if you order less than $25 worth of groceries.

There are ways to cut costs and earn promotional bargains through a digital gaming experience called “In The Bag”.

The game has players grabbing and stocking their virtual DoorDash grocery bag with as many fresh produce items as they can.

They’ll see items such as apples, milk, avocados, broccoli, and more that they will snatch and place in their bags until the bag is full.

The more they can fit in their bag in this digital video game, the more promotions players will receive per tiered score when shopping for groceries at Albertson’s via DoorDash.

Top scorers can win up to $5000 in store credit on their future grocery orders from Albertson’s.

To incentivize customers to utilize the joint service, Albertson’s and DoorDash give major discounts on the first grocery delivery when you sign up for DashPass.

They reward customers up to $40 off their first Alberton’s grocery order with the promotional code GROCERY.

These are just two of the promotions DoorDash Albertson’s offers, but both Albertson’s and DoorDash will update and notify you on the latest bargains that pop up frequently.

How to Request a DoorDash Delivery Through Albertson’s

To order groceries and other essentials from Albertson’s using DoorDash delivery, Dashpass members can follow these simple steps:

1. Open the DoorDash app

The first step is opening the DoorDash marketplace app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Look for the Albertson’s store or subsidiary nearest to your residence.

Since DoorDash and Albertson’s have joined forces for delivery, any Albertson’s store will be eligible for DoorDash services.

A green check represents eligibility, and there should be one next to Albertson’s.

2. Navigate to Albertson’s and Browse

2When you click on Albertson’s, you will see hundreds of grocery items to choose from.

Click the items you need to add to your DoorDash basket.

You will need to add at least $25 worth of items to your basket to qualify for free delivery through DashPass.

3. Begin Checkout Process

You can then proceed to checkout by clicking the checkout button.

DoorDash will notify you if you do not meet the 25$ minimum for free delivery, in which case you’ll have to pay a delivery fee that makes up the difference.

4. Finish Checkout

You can apply any promotional codes at checkout for discounted prices, and DoorDash will show you additional savings you have made or earned by using their services.

Certain Albertson’s stores partner with DoorDash Drive White-Label Delivery Solutions platform to use DoorDash drivers for direct delivery of grocery orders that customers placed through the store’s website.

However, these are select stores, so you might not have this service available at your neighborhood Albertson’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the DoorDash Albertson’s Delivery program, see below.

Should I tip my DoorDash Albertson’s delivery driver?

While tipping is never required, it is always a courteous and important thing for service workers.

Unless you have received poor service, we think you should tip the delivery driver.

Delivery drivers receive hourly pay, but they do not receive benefits, so they rely on tips as an integral part of their income.

How much to tip DoorDash drivers is up to you, but we recommend at least 10-20%.

What is the number one grocery store in America?

This depends on what “number one” refers to.

The largest grossing grocery store with the most stores in America is Walmart, with Kroger Co. coming in as a close second.

Top grocery store chains with a faithful customer base due to high quality and diverse products are Whole Foods (Amazon), HEB, Wegmans, and Trader Joe’s.

Kroger competes with Albertson’s DoorDash program with their Kroger Delivery program, as well as Amazon with their Amazon Whole Foods shoppers.

As a driver, how do you block a store on DoorDash?

Only merchants and customers can block drivers on DoorDash.

Drivers cannot block stores, but they can decline orders from stores or merchants they do not like to work with.

Does DoorDash take cash?

DoorDash is a cashless app.

You cannot pay with cash as you pay immediately upon placing an order in the app or website using a credit or debit card.

Who is Albertson’s owned by?

Joe Albertson opened the first Albertson’s in Boise, Idaho, back in 1939, which has grown into the grocery empire we know today.

Currently, the President and CEO of Albertson’s is Vivek Sankaran.

Wrapping Up

The DoorDash Albertson’s delivery service has reaped enormous benefits for both companies, bringing a 250% increase in online grocery orders that have increased annual profits considerably.

Businesses aren’t the only ones to gain from this merger.

Customers looking to save a tedious trip to the grocery store can use DoorDash to order their weekly or daily grocery list with a few clicks and get fresh groceries delivered within hours.

If Alberston’s is your go-to grocery store, don’t hesitate to utilize the DoorDash Albertson’s delivery service for your next big shop.

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