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7 Common DoorDash Scams: How to Avoid Losing Out

DoorDash has revolutionized the convenience of home dining, but it's important to be aware of the various scams affecting both drivers and customers to protect yourself from potential fraud.

DoorDash Leaks

The most prominent data compromise that DoorDash has experienced was in 2019.

Hackers accessed the company’s data system and leaked personal information from customers, drivers, and restaurants.

This personal data included partial bank and credit card numbers, partial driver’s license numbers, delivery and email addresses, phone numbers, order history, and names.

The company maintained that no full debit card or credit card information had been accessed.

Because of this, they claimed that the perpetrators could not and did not steal any funds.

The company released news of this data breach in September 2019, five full months after the initial hack occurred.

They had only detected the breach earlier in September themselves.

Around 4.9 million customers, restaurants, and drivers were affected.

DoorDash Hacks

About a year before the 2019 hack, DoorDash customers reported hacking of their individual accounts.

This incident was never truly explained.

DoorDash claimed that it was most likely a credit stuffing scheme.

In these schemes, a third party accesses individual accounts to steal account information.

This is then used to access other accounts on other websites.

However, many customers claimed that their login information was unique to DoorDash.

So this explanation is probably not accurate.

DoorDash Scams (For Customers)

When using DoorDash to place an order, it’s important to be aware of possible scams that could affect your order.

These are some of the most notable ones that customers have reported when using the app.

1. Email Survey Scam

Email survey scams are common methods for credit stuffing.

In these attempts, you will receive an email that directs you to complete a survey.

For incentive, the scammers offer you a discount on your next DoorDash delivery.

To complete the survey and receive the so-called discount, you will have to log in to a website that looks like DoorDash.

In reality, it’s a copycat website that looks like DoorDash, but a third party is controlling it.

Logging in from this page allows the scammers to harvest your personal information.

2. Fake Delivery Drivers

As horrible as it is to get your online information stolen, having scammers show up at your home is even more upsetting.

Many DoorDash customers have fallen victim to a scam in which a so-called driver came to their home and claimed that he or she had the customer’s order.

Often, it can be difficult to tell between a scam of this nature and a true mix-up.

But in one case, a victim of this scam saw the fake driver approach on her security camera feed.

The fake driver came to her door with a group of people whom the driver told to hide and wait.

Since DoorDash’s 2019 leak involved delivery addresses for many customers, criminals are now likely able to use them for such scams.

3. Phishing Attempts

Phishing scams involve receiving a link, email, or text message with a link to follow.

Clicking on this link lets scammers steal personal information, oftentimes credit card information.

In this scam, the third party pretends to be a trusted business entity so that the victim will comply.

When scammers use phishing methods over SMS text in particular, it’s known as smishing.

In some smishing attempts, customers receive text messages from parties claiming to be DoorDash.

In these text messages, scammers ask customers to confirm recent delivery details by logging onto a fake site that is set up to pharm their data.

This is an especially dangerous scam.

Many users who know they haven’t placed an order will want to log on and verify that they haven’t made an order.

Clicking the link will subject users to stolen data.

Customer phone numbers leaked in the 2019 DoorDash leak.

So customers should watch out for text messages that aren’t from trusted sources.

4. Dashers Stealing Your Food

Unfortunately, DoorDash customers sometimes experience delivery drivers tampering with or stealing food.

If you experience something unexpected with your order, try to get to the bottom of the situation first.

Keep in mind that drivers are not allowed to open the bag or box and check your order.

If your order is not quite right, it is possible that the restaurant itself made a mistake.

If your order isn’t delivered, then it’s possible that there was an address mix-up as well.

DoorDash has links dedicated to reporting and sorting out these issues.

But if you’re sure that your driver wasn’t professional with your order, then contact Doordash support through the app.

DoorDash’s drivers are independent contractors.

Tampering with or stealing food is not tolerated by the company.

Still, be aware of all the mix-ups that could take place without malicious intent.

Customers report petty and false complaints often to get free food or discounts.

Always make sure to investigate driver-related issues before taking drastic action.

Editor’s Note:

It may seem concerning when the DoorDash app goes down, but it’s not cause for alarm.

That’s likely due to a technical glitch, not related to DoorDash scams.

However, if the issue seems like more than a simple technical error, report the issue to the company immediately.

It never hurts to be safe.

DoorDash Scams (For Drivers)

For Dashers who depend on DoorDash to make a living, it can be just as difficult to detect scams.

Unfortunately, many scammers target customers and employees of DoorDash although in different ways.

1. Customer Picks Up Food Before Driver

Sadly, drivers can be the victim of actions perpetrated by customers.

In some rare cases, customers will deceitfully report that the driver has not delivered their food.

Sometimes they will pick up the food at the restaurant before the driver does.

These sorts of actions reflect poorly on the driver at no fault of their own.

As it’s their responsibility for the customer to get his or her food, bypassing or cheating the system causes unfair issues for the drivers.

Drivers can report situations like this directly to DoorDash in the app.

They should also call the company immediately to rectify the situation.

2. Customer Reports False, Incorrect Complaints About Food

Similarly, as mentioned before, customers will make false complaints to receive discounts.

Drivers should contact DoorDash through the app or by phone to share their side of the story immediately.

This will often clear the air and fix the issue.

3. Direct Deposit Scam

In this phishing scam, third parties prompt drivers to log on to a fake version of their DoorDash account.

Once they harvest that login information, they use it to change direct deposit information.

Then, they are able to steal the employee’s wages.

One driver reported that a third party contacted her and posed as DoorDash.

They told her about a delivery challenge that, if completed, would win her a cash prize.

Once she completed the challenge, they asked for her information so they could send her prize to her.

Once the scammers had her information, they stole around $900 of her wages.

DoorDash maintains that customers and employees should not share their account information.

Some employees who gave out information had trouble escalating the situation.

But they eventually did receive reimbursement.

Also, look out for anything that have to do with emails regarding DoorDash 1099 documents – particularly payment or tax documents.

Scammers have been known to email DoorDash drivers asking for social security numbers and other sensitive information – which they later use for identify theft.

4. Cyber Shoplifting

Once scammers steal credit card information, they use chargeback measures, meant to protect customers, to get items for free.

After they buy items using stolen account numbers, they call the bank and report the fraudulent activity.

Then, the bank reimburses the account holder and the activity goes undetected.

Individual scammers have been using this method to buy meals from restaurants and DoorDash orders.

What To Do If You Suspect A Scam

If you suspect a scam or identity theft of any kind, the best thing to do is report it immediately.

Contact DoorDash customer service through their app or by phone by calling the DoorDash phone number.

If scammers have compromised your payment information, notify your bank immediately as well.

As a general rule, keep your login information safe by never sharing it.

If you receive emails, texts, or other communication offering anything that seems out of the ordinary, be cautious.

Check with DoorDash to verify the information before you act on it.

If you feel very at risk, you can delete DoorDash accounts pretty easily – another option to explore if you’re having second thoughts about your data.


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Is DoorDash Safe?

Despite the scams customers and drivers may encounter, DoorDash is safe.

Customers must use it with understanding and caution.

Like many other app-based companies, DoorDash takes steps to improve its cybersecurity.

Customers and drivers can do their part by understanding how scammers work.

This way, they can avoid falling into these common traps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about DoorDash-related scams and activity?

Let us answer your questions!

Can DoorDash call you?

Yes. Sometimes you and your Dasher will need to communicate through phone calls.

DoorDash protects both the driver’s and the customer’s phone numbers during these communications.

Can DoorDash be trusted?

DoorDash is as safe as any other kind of delivery service.

It’s important to exercise awareness and caution to avoid scams.

The company prides itself on good communication and handles any issues that occur.

Learn more about the steps they’ve taken to ensure safety through the pandemic here.

Can DoorDash drivers text you?

If necessary for communication, Dashers can send you texts if you have the capability turned on within the app.

Still, the driver will never see your phone number unless you provide it directly to them.

How to get money back from DoorDash?

Select your order in the app and fill out a refund request through the app.

Refunds can come in the form of a credit to your account or a refund directly to your credit card or debit card.

Final Thoughts

Next time the urge to snack hits, you’ll be ready to use the DoorDash app with confidence.

Make sure to keep these scams and schemes in mind.

Doing so will keep your information and your yummy indulgences protected.

Have you ever experienced a scamming attempt through a delivery app like DoorDash? Let us know about your experience!

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