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DoorDash Driver Questions

Before diving too far into the requirements and signup tutorial, let’s get a few commonly asked questions out of the way. Simply click or tap on each accordion below to unveil the answers.

Things to Understand to Become a DoorDash Driver

Is DoorDash Safe?

Yes, DoorDash is safe. It’s a legitimate food delivery service just like Amazon is a legitimate product delivery service.

Delivering food is low-risk by its very nature. You’ll simply walk into a restaurant, pick up your customer’s order, drive to the customer’s home or office, and then hand them their bag.

The company has also made liberal use of safety features such as contactless delivery to keep both drivers and customers safe.

Can I Start DoorDash Immediately?

You can start driving for DoorDash the moment you get through the application process and officially become a Dasher. This happens the moment you are approved, which can take some time to get through the approval process.

How Much Do DoorDash Drivers Earn?

DoorDash drivers typically earn between $20 – $25 per hour.

Earnings can be influenced by location, bonuses from restaurants, and other incentives.

Dashers are paid weekly and can keep 100% of their tips.

Advantages of Becoming a Dasher

Flexibility in setting hours.

No stress of maintaining an office space.

Earnings potential based on the number of deliveries.

Ability to work around other commitments.

If you’re looking for more reasons, check out our “How does DoorDash Work?” guide to learn more about the app at a granular level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is being a DoorDash delivery driver easy?

Relatively speaking, yes, it’s easy to work as a DoorDash driver. You’re simply picking up and delivering food.

How many breaks can you take with DoorDash?

You can take up to 35 minutes of break time during each shift. You can take it in chunks of minutes or all at once. If you go on break past this amount of time, then your shift will end.

Can you get reactivated with DoorDash if you’ve been disqualified?

Unlike some other hardline gig apps, DoorDash offers a more lenient appeals process. You can file an appeal. Sometimes Dashers do get qualified to drive after getting disqualified at first.

How long do you have to wait for the restaurant during food pickups?

DoorDash asks that you always pick up food orders for customers. The app recommends that you call or text the customer to let them know that the restaurant is busy. Give them an indication of when you think you’ll have their order delivered to them.

If the wait becomes far too long, then you have the option to unassign from that particular order and wait for another trip to appear in your DoorDash driver app. Do your best to gauge when it’s appropriate to remove yourself from a trip.

Can DoorDash Drivers Have Passengers?

Unlike a few other delivery services, DoorDash does not have any restrictions on passengers. You are allowed to have as many people as you want to accompany you on your deliveries, just as long as they do not interfere with them.

It should also be noted that passengers are not allowed to do tasks for the delivery, such as picking up or delivering the food. While the company cannot technically track your actions, you can get in a lot of legal trouble if something does happen.

Wrapping Up

Are you getting excited about the possibilities now that you know how to become a DoorDash driver? Does this sound like the side hustle or full-time gig that you’re looking for?

When you’re ready to become a Dasher, make sure you take immediate action. The sooner you sign up as a driver, the sooner you can get out there making money.

Don’t forget to finish your new person orientation videos and quiz while you wait for the background check process to complete. Happy Dashing!

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