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The Pros and Cons to Consider Before Driving for DoorDash

5 Factors to Consider Before Becoming a DoorDash Driver

Check out the following potential downsides to Dashing before you decide to sign up.

1. Receiving Slightly Lower Pay Than With Competitors

Although the app has a competitive base pay, DoorDash has a slightly lower average hourly pay compared to some competitors.

For example, DoorDash pays an average of $19.38 per hour, while Uber Eats pays $23.37 hourly, and Postmates pays $24.32 hourly.

Consider this factor if you want to earn more money per hour and aren’t sure how to choose between platforms.

2. Getting Inconsistent Income

Your earnings depend on several factors, including the demand in your location, order quantity, time of day, estimated time required, customer tips, and promotions such as Peak Pay.

Also, consider costs like gas, car repair, and support when computing your general profit.

If you want consistent cash every day, many drivers work for multiple apps simultaneously to get constant orders and maximize their use of time and gas.

3. Paying for Non-Reimbursable Expenses

As an independent contractor, DoorDash won’t pay for your gas money, car or motorcycle insurance, safety gear, or a quality insulated bag to keep food warm.

Although its free welcome kit includes an insulated bag, some drivers say it’s flimsy. It’s best to invest in a durable, insulated bag.

Besides, the company doesn’t offer benefits like medical coverage or retirement plans. However, DoorDash covers all U.S. Dashers for occupational accident insurance.

4. Exposing Your Vehicle to Wear and Tear

Regardless of the platform or company you work for, delivery driving exposes your vehicle to increased wear and tear, especially if you frequently encounter harsh weather and environments.

Remember, DoorDash doesn’t provide reimbursements if your vehicle breaks down. Consider the amount of wear and tear your vehicle might incur, the cost of repairs, and ways to maintain it.

If you don’t want to expose your ride to such risks or if this seems like a hassle for you, making deliveries may not be the right choice.

5. Hard Work

Making deliveries, either as a side hustle or as full-time work, involves lots of challenges, such as navigating unfamiliar areas, dealing with bad traffic conditions, looking for parking availability, and other unpredictable situations.

Besides, you must have a good physique to carry the items (especially large orders) and walk to the customer’s location if necessary.

Despite the flexible schedule, you need to be available during lunchtime or dinner rush to receive Peak Pay benefits and earn more.

Overall, Dashing requires adaptability, resilience, and good time management to survive and earn enough.

What Do DoorDash Drivers Say?

Many DoorDash drivers shared their opinions of their Dashing experience. In a Reddit post, many users agree that DoorDash provides a profitable side hustle, but given its unpredictability and low income, it’s not reliable full-time work.

In another Reddit thread, a user highly discourages becoming a Dash driver, saying that the wear and tear on the vehicle, dealing with rude customers, the stress, and the effect on your mental health aren’t worth it.

Meanwhile, DoorDash has an overall rating of 3.4 on Glassdoor. It rated highest for work-life balance with 3.9 and lowest for compensation and benefits with 2.5.

Most Dashers note the platform’s flexibility and better zones as a perk, while many cite gas expenses and inconsistent earnings as a con.

Is Driving for DoorDash Worth It?

Considering the pros, cons, and reviews above, becoming a DoorDash delivery driver offers a lucrative side hustle if you need extra cash. But, given the delivery industry’s inconsistency, it’s not worth doing full-time.

If you want to join DoorDash, make sure to weigh each perk and downside carefully and see if it’s beneficial for your needs and lifestyle.

Also, read other articles or reviews to learn how to make the most money on DoorDash and maximize your gas and time.