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Self-Guided DoorDash Orientation for New Dashers

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash now offers self-guided training for new Dashers through manuals, videos, blogs, and support.
  • The Getting Started Manual covers essential topics like accepting deliveries, the delivery process, and getting paid.
  • DoorDash’s YouTube channel and other creators provide video content to help maximize earnings and efficiency.
  • Dasher Support offers additional resources and assistance for account changes or more complex questions.

Historically, DoorDash required new drivers to undergo an in-person or online orientation before driving.

With many drivers opting to skip the traditional orientation in the past few years, DoorDash changed the process to a self-guided training style.

Now, newly signed-up drivers learn the ins and outs of being a Dasher on their own with a variety of resources, including:

  • Training Manual
  • Video content
  • Blog
  • Dasher support

Before jumping into your first Dash, review these materials that DoorDash put together. It covers the basics and will guarantee a smoother onboarding process for you.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to get your DoorDash Activation Kit after getting approved to drive

Get the DoorDash Training Manual

The Getting Started Manual is your main training guide. It contains all of the information you need on:

  • Accepting a delivery request
  • Placing the order at each restaurant
  • Paying for the order
  • The delivery process
  • Getting paid
  • Tips to be the best driver for your customers

This manual is one of three welcome gifts DoorDash gives to new Dashers after they’ve completed their first delivery.

Keep in mind that you must complete the signup process, provide a valid driver’s license, and pass the background check that proves a clean driving record before getting it. DoorDash will ask for your mailing address during the sign-up and use this address to mail the manual.

Watch Video Content About Getting Started

Both DoorDash and independent content creators have videos to help you navigate around the Dasher app and the overall DoorDash process.

To view the DoorDash video content, check out their YouTube channel. They have created a specific playlist for Dashers . Videos include content on how to maximize your tips, ways to fit DoorDash into your schedule, and how to use the Dasher app.

Many other content creators provide information on their experience with DoorDash. Watching these may help you avoid mistakes and maximize your earnings. Some channels you may want to check out include:

Read the DoorDash Blog

DoorDash has a blog with answers to all your questions when you’re just starting out. This will be your best resource while learning how to be a Dasher.

To get you started, check out these posts:

  • New Dasher Roadmap : It’s best you start here. It lays out how to get started as a Dasher, covering topics like payment, app interface, and working with customers.
  • Pro Tips : Once you have the basics covered, you’ll want to learn the best ways to maximize how much you make. This post will teach you small tips that make a big difference.
  • All About Delivery Driving : If you think delivering is right for you, check out this post from DoorDash about what the job is. It’ll help you learn more about the gig.

There are plenty more posts to continue learning from. You can search for more on their website about topics you want to know more about.

Dasher Support

If you still have questions, use Dasher Support, the customer service specifically for drivers. They provide access to more resources. For instance, if you need to change anything in your account, you can find it here.

If your concern is a bit more complicated that you need human assistance, you can best reach them at (855) 431-0459.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash changed their orientation method to be more self-guided. Their delivery drivers teach themselves how to use the DoorDash driver app and begin completing deliveries.

If you want to learn more about how to be the best delivery driver, consider these resources to start:

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