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Uber Premium: Premium Rides In Luxury Vehicles

Explore Uber Premium – a ride of luxury and comfort. Dive deep into the world of premium vehicles and get to know what the service has to offer.

With the popularity boom of ridesharing apps, it’s no wonder people are looking to find reliable drivers instead of dealing with the hassles of driving, parking, and navigating.

But what about ridesharing customers who are looking for something a little special?

Since many ride services – including Uber – are now adding premium packages and special options, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the ride you want.

But what is Uber Premium, and is it worth the price?

What Is Uber Premium?

Essentially, Uber Premium is all of the other additional Uber services (Uber Black, Uber Select, Uber Lux, and Uber SUV) contained in one updated ride package.

The additional features added by Uber Premium help to improve your ride’s comfort, accessibility, and service customization.

Unlike your typical Uber ride, catching a lift in Uber Premium guarantees that you’ll be arriving in comfort and style within a luxury car.

This makes it ideal for travelers who need to arrive on time while making a statement in a stylish ride.

It also comes with extra leg room, perfect for the tall traveler who usually feels cramped in the backseat.

Uber Premium also offers more options than the standard Uber features.

What if you’re returning from a concert with the loud music still ringing in your ears?

You can request a quieter ride and expect your Uber driver to keep the volume comfortable.

Going on a long journey by yourself?

You can request that your Uber driver also help you manage your luggage.

Cold? Warm?

Ask about adjusting the temperature!

Uber Premium is all about suiting your needs.

Another essential feature that makes Uber Premium the ideal choice for simplifying complicated trips is their extended pickup option.

This gives you a timeframe of ten minutes to deal with unexpected delays before catching your Uber.

What to Expect from an Uber Premium Ride

Vector graphic showing Uber Premium vehicle with tagline about the service

The best part about riding with Uber Premium is that you can expect to receive what you ask for (so long as your requests are within their scope of services).

You can customize your Uber ride to suit your comfort level, whether that means adjusting the temperature or having an extra hand loading your bags into the car.

For some of your destinations, the Uber Premium pick-up point may be in the luxury car or limo pickup area, though that will depend on where you are.

If you’re traveling in Australia and end up at the Perth, Gold Coast, or Brisbane airport, you can find your driver in the ridesharing area— but if you fly into the Sydney Airport, you can meet your driver in the Limo Pickup area.

You can also expect an experienced driver, as, besides owning an eligible vehicle, Uber premium drivers must complete at least 20 trips with a 4.6 minimum star rating to qualify for this service.

This is in addition to the standard guidelines and requirements for all Uber drivers.

When you order an Uber Premium ride, expect to be picked up in a luxury car that’s under six years old.

For a list of the brands and types of vehicle you’ll ride in with Uber Premium, check out “Types of Uber Premium Vehicles” below.

How Much Does Uber Premium Cost?

The short answer is that the price of Uber Premium is about 1.8 times the cost of a comparable UberX ride.

The long answer is that it depends.

One difference between Uber Premium and other options is that the base price for an Uber ride on Premium varies based on where you want to travel.

The price per mile rate is also slightly higher than UberX, and customers may face surge pricing during busy hours when there may not be many drivers available.

On average, you can expect to spend somewhere around 1.8 times the fare per mile and base price of other Uber options.

The prices are subject to change, so it’s helpful to check Uber often to know the current ridesharing rates.

Types of Uber Premium Vehicles

Because the category of “luxury cars” is so broad, there are a ton of options across many different brands for Uber Premium vehicles.

Some popular options include Chrysler 300, Land Rover Discovery, and Tesla Model X.

The following is a list of a few of the cars you can expect to ride in when arranging for Uber Premium transport:

  • BMW M3, M5, X3, X4, X5, X6, 3-series, 4-series, 5-series, 6-series, and 7-series
  • Cadillac Escalade, XTS, ATS, CTS, SRS, and STS
  • Jaguar S-type, X-type, XF, and XJ
  • Audi A4, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7, S4, S5, S6, S8, SQ5, Q3, S3
  • Mercedes-Benz C, CL, CLA, CLS, G, GL, GLA, GLK, and ML
  • Volvo S60, S80, S90, XC60, and XC90
  • Nissan Maixima and Armada
  • Porsche Macan, Panamera, and Cayenne
  • Tesla Model X, Model S, and Model 3
  • Lexus ES, GS, GX, IS, LS, RX, LX
  • Hyundai Equus, Genesis
  • Infiniti EX, FX, G Sedan, JX, M, Q, QX

This car list is not exhaustive, and Uber adds new models all the time based on the updated needs of drivers and passengers.

The general rule is that an Uber Premium vehicle is comfortable, stylish, and big enough to offer extra legroom.

Differences Between Uber Services

The difference between Uber Premium and other Uber services varies depending on the location you’re using Uber, as the available ride packages may change based on location.

In most cases, Uber Premium is now the only premium ride option, taking the place of Uber Black, Select, Lux, and SUV.

While this may seem to have fewer features than multiple luxury ride options, Uber Premium is designed to have all the comfort and style of the former packages in one streamlined place.

Uber implemented the single premium options to create a more consistent rider experience.

But what does that mean if you’re used to Uber’s other ride packages, and how does Uber Premium compare?

Uber Premium vs. UberX

As one of the most affordable ride options, UberX is more affordable than the luxury or specialty options.

UberX and UberXL packages are the most bang for your buck as far as travel is concerned but will most likely not be as comfortable as the premium option.

The vehicle requirements for UberX are far less strict than Uber Premium, as you don’t have to worry about the extra legroom or a ride designed for comfort.

Unlike with Uber Premium, cars for UberX can be up to 15 years old.

UberX has a much wider range of vehicles to transport travelers from place to place.

Uber Premium is also much more personalized than UberX, as the premium option is suited to the exact customer’s needs.

If you’re looking for a silent ride, or a vehicle with a WiFi hotspot, or any other special requests, Uber Premium is much more likely to cater to your needs.

Uber Premium vs. Uber Black

The good news is that Uber Premium is more affordable than Uber Black.

It also ensures that you’ll be traveling comfortably in a luxury car with a highly-rated driver.

Uber Black does come with its own luxury features designed for executives on the go.

One significant difference is that Uber Premium doesn’t guarantee that vehicles will have commercial license plates.

However, Uber Black cars are selected for their professionalism and sophistication, making them excellent for arriving at business engagements and important events.

Additionally, while Uber Black gives travelers a five-minute window to meet their driver, Premium customers have a fifteen-minute timeframe.

Uber Premium Rollout Globally

Soon, Uber will be combining all of its luxury options into the one Uber Premium package.

They will accomplish this on a worldwide scale— but not all the Uber cities will get this done at once.

Currently, Uber Premium is available in many major cities across the US, including the suburbs of New York City.

This project is rapidly expanding, and Uber plans to launch more Premium services in cities all over the country.

Uber Premium services are also available internationally in large cities in India, Australia, China, New Zealand, Germany, France, England, Spain, and South Africa.

The availability of Uber Premium rides will vary greatly depending on your exact location, though new places are being added to the service areas all the time.

What’s the Deal with Uber Premium?

Right now, Uber is launching its personalized premium services in Uber cities around the world.

This means that travelers will soon (or already) have the option to ride in comfort and style with a qualified Uber driver.

Uber Premium offers comfortable, stylish transportation options that are customizable for the passenger’s unique needs and mood— at less than Uber Black rates.

This makes it more cost-effective than previous luxury packages while still retaining the features and amenities that both drivers and passengers love.

If your city has Uber drivers already, keep checking the package options to see when Premium comes to your location.

Uber Premium is coming to major cities worldwide— it may be rolling out to your area soon!

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  1. I have The BMW X6 2021 and uber just let me do confort rides , i submitted several claims to include en Premier and they said is not in their list, definitely a mistake, my x6 como with M package and luxury package plus seat masage. Unbelievable.


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