How to Contact DoorDash Customer Service

DoorDash is one of the many convenient food delivery services operating today. Using the company’s mobile app or website, you can order food from local restaurants in cities across the United States and Canada. It’s never been easier to get something to eat without having to cook or even leave your house.

On the other side of the equation, DoorDash presents a valuable opportunity to earn some extra money. When you sign up to be a DoorDash driver, you can set your own hours and work for yourself while making a solid side income that includes the potential for tips.

Whether you’re delivering or ordering food, however, sometimes you may have issues arise and need to get help from DoorDash. It could be a price discrepancy, an incorrect order, or inappropriate behavior on the part of a delivery person, restaurant partner, or customer. Whatever the problem, you want to know how to fix it, and we’re going to show you how in this guide on contacting DoorDash customer service.

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DoorDash: Lacking in Contact Methods

Compared to some other food delivery apps or rideshare services, DoorDash leaves something to be desired when it comes to contacting support. They have minimal options for live chat and no phone support options for either customers or drivers. The only way to contact support directly is via email. The DoorDash support email is [email protected].

On some other sites, you may see phone numbers posted that claim to be for DoorDash support. Don’t waste your time calling these. You will reach DoorDash, sure, but you’ll just hear a voicemail telling you to visit the DoorDash website or email their support team. You can see an example of the frustrating loop you can fall into in this Twitter thread below:

How to Contact DoorDash Customer Service

In order to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible, make sure to be specific about your problem when you do email support. Include screenshots (or photos) of your issue if relevant, and explain what steps you’ve already taken to try to solve it. This will help the DoorDash representative assist you in a more expedient manner.

DoorDash Customer Service Number: Why It Doesn’t Exist

A customer service phone number seems like a reasonable thing to ask of a food delivery company, especially one currently valued at $4 billion, according to the latest report from “The Wall Street Journal.” Why, then, does the company not have one?

It’s a mystery to us overall, since there’s clearly a need for phone support. We have a couple theories, however. One theory is that DoorDash doesn’t think phone support is something the majority of their customers want. They figure that talking on the phone is an antiquated method of communication that millennials (who are a major target market for food delivery apps) don’t use much, anyway.

Another theory is that the company just doesn’t want to spend the resources and time to create phone support. Even with all the capital that DoorDash has available, they still have to choose how to allocate their resources. They might think that expanding to new cities or creating new restaurant partnerships are higher priority activities than adding a customer support phone number.

We disagree with this view, since customer service seems to be the best way to differentiate yourself in the food delivery game. All the apps function in much the same way, having nearly identical use interfaces in some cases. Improving customer support, then, seems like a way to stay competitive.

In the end, we can only speculate about why DoorDash doesn’t offer phone support. Furthermore, we can hope that the company will use some of its newly acquired funding (the company raised $250 million in its most recent fundraising round) to add the phone support that customers so clearly desire.

DoorDash Live Chat: Available Within the App for Select Issues

We already mentioned that the support DoorDash provides outside of email is minimal at best. While it isn’t much, you can live chat with a support representative from within the app if you have a specific issue with your order.

For instance, if your order wasn’t delivered, you can chat with support by taking the following steps:

  • Go to the Orders tab in the app (or select “Orders” in the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the website)
  • Select the order that was never delivered and click “Help”
  • Under Delivery Issues, select “Dasher never arrived”
  • Click “Start chat” to contact the DoorDash support team​

There isn’t a direct way to initiate a chat with support, however. This is a feature we’d really like to see DoorDash add, as it would make the app much more appealing to customers and drivers. Even more than that, a support phone number would be a very valuable addition, especially to help out drivers when they’re out making a delivery and are having trouble getting the correct food or having to deal with a customer who’s behaving in an inappropriate manner.

Visit the DoorDash Help Center First

Since contacting DoorDash support isn’t the easiest, your best bet is to begin with the DoorDash Help Center at You’ll find pages for both customers and Dashers (the term for DoorDash delivery people). Within each page, you can search for your question or scroll down to view answers to common queries.

Contact DoorDash Customer Service

DoorDash Customer and Dasher FAQs

Since finding answers to DoorDash support questions can be difficult, we wanted to provide answers to some of the most common DoorDash questions right here in this article. These are taken from the DoorDash site, as well as our own experience using the platform:

1. How do I redeem a DoorDash promo code?

You can enter your promo code in the Promo Code box when you go to Checkout for your DoorDash order. For a full explanation of how to get and use DoorDash promo codes, check out our DoorDash promo code guide.

2. Can I schedule a delivery in advance?

Yes, you can. Before you click or tap “Place Order,” select “Scheduled.” You can then select the date and time you wish to have your meal delivered. After selecting the date and time you want, simply click “Place Order” and DoorDash will handle the rest.

3. What do I do if my red card was declined?

The DoorDash red card allows you to pay for the customer’s order without having to deal with reimbursements or your personal credit or debit cards. Sometimes, however, the card can be declined by the merchant’s system.

If this happens, the best thing to do is wait five minutes before asking the cashier to try a second time. DoorDash states that the system will notify them if a card is declined, allowing them to fix it on their end.

4. How do I report an incorrect order or missing item?

To report an item missing from an order or an order that was otherwise incorrect, follow these steps:

  • Select “Orders” from the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the website (or go to the Orders tab in the mobile app)
  • Select the order in question and click “Help”
  • In the Order Issues section, select “Missing items” or “Items made incorrectly”
  • Select the item(s) that apply and choose the best fit answer of what went wrong (Whole item missing or Side option missing)
  • ​As an option, you can provide more details in the Details section and press done
  • Click or tap on “Submit​”

Resolve Your DoorDash Customer Service Issues

The DoorDash platform is great for getting a bit to eat on demand, but it’s somewhat lacking in terms of its support options. In most cases, your delivery will go fine whether you’re making it or receiving it. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too concerned about how to contact customer or Dasher support. On the occasions when you do need it, however, we hope you now have a better idea of how to get ahold of support.

The DoorDash platform is just one of many food delivery services out there. Check out our guides to some other popular food delivery platforms below: