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How Grubhub Customer Service Works for Drivers and Buyers

Last updated: October 5, 2021
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image showing man on the phone with Grubhub customer service representative

Whether you’re looking for a good food delivery service or an opportunity to earn, Grubhub can certainly fulfill your needs.

But when the company doesn’t meet your expectations and you want to cancel the order or file a Grubhub complaint, you need to know that reliable Grubhub customer service has your back.

Grubhub has been connecting customers, drivers, and restaurants across the United States and London for nearly two decades, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

Real humans like you make the service possible, so it’s inevitable that you may run into little mistakes, the wrong menu items being prepared or deliveries being delayed once in a while.

Even if you’re running into major issues, Grubhub customer support can help you out.

In this article, we’ll show you all the channels you can use to reach out to Grubhub, whether you’re a delivery person or a customer.

Grubhub Customer Service Number

image showing woman on the phone with Grubhub customer service representative

Unlike food delivery apps like Postmates and Uber Eats, which don’t make their phone numbers easily accessible, Grubhub often encourages its customers and drivers to call.

However, if you’ve ever searched for a working Grubhub phone number, you may find that there are tons of options on the web, making it difficult to figure out which one will get you the right answers.

We’ve narrowed it down to a few working phone numbers that you can call to get support today:

  • (877) 585-7878: This is the official customer service phone number listed by the Better Business Bureau and Grubhub’s Facebook page. This should be your first choice for calling the company, no matter what time of day or day of the week it is.
  • (877) 951-2500: If you need help with a specific order that you placed, you can contact the Customer Care team through this number, which we found once we logged into the platform.
  • (312) 637-8458: This phone number works for delivery drivers who needed help from the Driver Care team.
  • (877) 564-4192: If you run into an issue that’s related to Grubhub for Work, the company’s corporate service, you can call this number. This number should also be available around the clock.

Though most food delivery apps recommend reserving phone calls for time-sensitive issues, Grubhub actually recommends its customer service number for a wide variety of issues.

Whether you need assistance with a past order or help with the driver application process, don’t be shy about making a call.

This channel can connect you to real-time Grubhub customer service when you need it most.

Grubhub Live Chat

Grubhub customer service: the

Sometimes, making a phone call isn’t the most convenient route to take.

If you’re sharing a quiet room, in a space that’s too loud to hear, or simply don’t want to talk, you do have the option to jump on a live chat.

Customers who need help with specific orders — past or present, takeout or delivery — can start a live conversation by heading to this contact page, tapping “Help with an order,” and logging in.

Then, tap “Chat with a Care Agent” and enter your name, email, phone number, and message before selecting “Start chatting.”

Include your order number in the message for the best support possible.

This chat is typically available 24/7 and is a great option for anyone who needs help resolving delivery fee issues, missing items, overcharged credit cards, and other case-specific situations.

Corporate customers can head to this Grubhub for Work page and tap the “Live chat” hyperlink in the “Get in touch” section or the “Chat Now” button in the lower right corner to open a pop-up.

If the pop-up says Grubhub customer service is available, or if you’re willing to wait for the team to contact you back later, proceed to enter your contact information and message.

Live chat is also available to drivers for select issues.

Here are some situations where you may need live chat as a driver and how to open up a chat window in your Grubhub For Drivers app:

  • If there’s an issue before a scheduled order: If you need help before your scheduled start time, head to your tasks, open your order, and select “There’s a problem” at the bottom of the page.
  • If a restaurant incorrectly marked your order as prepared: If you arrive at a local restaurant and find that you still need to wait or if something is missing from the order, tap “There’s a problem” at the bottom of your order screen and select “Order is not ready.”
  • If you’re unable to deliver upon arrival: While your delivery order is live, tap “There’s a problem” at the bottom of your screen, then select “Diner is not home.”

Grubhub Email

Grubhub customer service: A man in a restaurant types on his laptop

While Grubhub doesn’t have a public email that the average customer can contact customer support with, it does have an email for corporate clients to reach out to.

If you’re experiencing an issue with Grubhub for Work, you can send an email straight to — no contact forms needed.

Drivers who need help with Grubhub for Work deliveries may also reach out to the company at

It’s unclear if this email is solely dedicated to the corporate service, so it’s worth trying it out if you’re having no luck with any other channel.

Getting Help Online

If you have a fairly common issue that doesn’t necessarily require the help of a whole other person, you can use Grubhub’s online resources to find answers yourself.

Drivers can head to this support page to find answers to issues involving the driver app, delivery process, payment process, and more.

Grubhub customers can find resolutions for specific situations back on this help page, just by tapping the relevant topics until you get an answer.

You can also run through their FAQ page for any questions that may be commonly asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grubhub customer service: A woman types on her phone

Once you’re a part of Grubhub — or even when you’re just thinking about joining the platform — you can benefit from a wide variety of customer service channels.

To learn more about your options, read our answers to these frequently asked questions.

1. Can I contact Grubhub for issues with Seamless deliveries?

Although Seamless is owned by Grubhub, it still operates as a separate platform, which means Grubhub customer service won’t be able to help with Seamless orders.

You can contact Seamless by calling (800) 256-1020 or by emailing

2. How can I call Grubhub if I run into an emergency?

Grubhub does not have a separate line for emergencies.

Instead, the company recommends contacting your local authorities if you do run into a situation in which you’re injured or someone is in immediate danger.

Once you and anyone else involved are safe, you can report the incident to Grubhub by calling or using live chat for fast assistance.

3. How can Grubhub restaurant partners contact the food delivery company?

Restaurant owners can contact the Grubhub Restaurant Care team by dialing (877)-799-0790 or by emailing

This dedicated team is available between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. each day (no time zone specified). The phone number (877) 585-1085 may also help you reach the customer support you need.

If your issue is specifically related to Grubhub for Work corporate orders, you can also call (877) 564-4192 or email

4. Can Grubhub’s customer service channels help drivers with taxes?

While customer service can help drivers out — or at least redirect them as needed — the company actually offers two separate channels that are dedicated to helping its independent contractors deal with taxes.

Simply email or make a phone call to (888) 831-5729 for whatever help you need.

You may need to be patient during the tax season — January to April — when there’s higher demand for help with 1099s.

5. Can I message the Grubhub customer service team through its social media channels?

While many food delivery companies use social media for customer support to some capacity, Grubhub does not actively respond to problems or complaints on its public pages.

Instead, you’ll need to use the company’s official support channels, as listed in this article, to reliably get help.

Get Support for Every Delivery

Whether you’re in San Francisco, New York City, or all the way across the pond in London, Grubhub customer service is designed to help whenever you need assistance.

The food delivery service is unique in the fact that it prioritizes phone support, which is great news for the many customers and drivers who have been disappointed by other gig economy companies when it comes to customer service.

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