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Lost Phone In Uber Car? Here’s What To Do

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Did you leave your phone in an Uber?

It’s easy to forget your phone in your Uber, especially if you are in a rush.

A lost phone in Uber vehicles is a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.

However, don’t worry – it’s still possible to get it back.

Read on to learn what to do and how to get your phone back.

What Happens If I Leave Something in an Uber?

The first thing to understand is that not all is lost.

While nothing is guaranteed, there’s a good chance you will get your lost item back.

You probably have a better chance of getting a lost item back from an Uber car than from a New York City taxi driver.

Uber will try to facilitate getting your lost item back, and there’s even an option to contact the driver in the app.

Uber Lost and Found will come to the rescue, as long as you handle the situation appropriately.

Do Uber Drivers Return Lost Items?

It’s critical to understand that your Uber driver is not required to return your forgotten item.

Whether it’s a cell phone or your home keys, there’s no company policy requiring them to return lost items.

After all, Uber drivers are independent contractors.

Nevertheless, many Uber drivers do return lost items and are happy to do so.

What to Do If You Leave Something Behind

First, don’t panic.

There is a process for getting a forgotten item back after a trip.

Here’s what you need to do.

If You Requested the Trip on Your Account

If you requested the Uber trip on your account, you’ll need to log into your Uber account.

You can use your second phone or a friend’s phone to sign in to the Uber app or your desktop to sign in to your account on the Uber website.

In the app, go to your trip history and find your most recent ride.

Click on it, and then click on “Find Lost Item.”

On the Uber website, visit this link.

Uber will ask you to enter a mobile phone number, so they can connect you with the driver via an internet call.

The driver won’t see the number you entered.

If the driver picks up, ask them about the forgotten item, and try to arrange a time and place to meet them.

You can leave a detailed voicemail explaining the situation if they don’t pick up.

In the voicemail, you can share a phone number they can call to contact you or your friend directly.

There is a $15 fee that goes directly to the driver when they return a cell phone or another lost item.

However, remember that the passenger is solely responsible for lost property, not Uber or the driver.

Also, the fee can vary based on location.

Be considerate of the driver’s time.

Remember, they may be taking other riders to destinations far from where you are.

Driving back to your area might cause them to lose money, so consider giving them an extra tip in addition to the $15 fee.

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If Somebody Else Requested the Trip

If somebody else requested the trip for you, they will have to complete the process mentioned above on their account.

They can do it for you, or you can use their account if you are with them or they give you their login details.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Lost Phone Back From Uber?

That depends on whether the driver picks up your phone call and how soon they can meet you.

If you call them right after you complete the trip, they may still be in the area, so it can take as little as 5-10 minutes.

On the other hand, if you only realize you lost something in the Uber after a while, the driver may be far away or busy with other things.

In that case, it could take several hours or even a day or two before they get time to meet you.

How to Contact an Uber Driver After a Trip

vector graphic illustrating how to request a specific Uber driver

You can no longer contact an Uber driver directly after a trip.

Instead, Uber will connect you with the driver via an internet phone call.

Simply go to your trip history, click on the trip you need help with, click on Find Lost Item, and then enter your number, so Uber can make the call.

How Do I Contact My Uber Driver Without a Phone?

If you left your phone in the car, it’s going to be a bit harder to contact your driver, but it won’t be impossible.

Your best bet would be to use a friend’s, family member’s, neighbor’s, or roommate’s cell phone.

Try to log into your Uber account from their phone and enter their number in the Find Lost Item section.

It doesn’t have to be the same number registered to your account.

If nobody can help you, set up a Google Voice account or an account with another VoIP provider that provides a desktop or web app.

Enter that number instead of yours, and use the desktop or web app on your laptop to speak with the driver.

How to Contact Uber If You Lost Your Phone

If you lost your phone in an Uber, your first step should be to log into your account on another device and try to contact your driver using the methods mentioned above.

However, if you can’t log into your account, you can contact Uber by visiting this page.

You will need to enter:

  • Your first and last name on Uber
  • The email address you have registered on Uber
  • The phone number registered on your Uber account
  • An alternate phone number for your driver to reach you (this could be a friend’s phone number, your landline, or a VoIP number)
  • Whether you agree to let Uber share your number with the Uber driver
  • A description of two recent trips (include as many details as you can, including the driver’s name, a description of the vehicle, the date and time of the trip, where you were picked up, and where you were dropped off)
  • A description of the trip you lost your phone on (again, include as many of the above details as possible)
  • A description of the lost phone, including the brand, model, color, and where inside the car you left it

If you don’t hear back from Uber, try contacting Uber Support on Twitter.

Tweet at them publicly and send them a direct message.

It’s essential to make that public tweet, as Uber cares about its public image.

How Can I Log Into Uber Without My Phone?

You don’t need your phone to log into Uber.

Uber also lets you sign in from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or a friend’s phone.

If you don’t have a computer and can’t borrow one from a friend, try to find a cybercafe or a public library with public computers.

Can I Bypass Uber’s 2-Factor Authentication?

vector illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone that has just received an uber code text

If you left your phone in your car, you won’t receive the 2FA texts needed to sign in to your account.

However, even if 2FA was turned on, there are still some ways to get into your account.

How to Log Into Uber Without a Verification Code

There are two ways to log in to Uber without a verification code.

The first method involves using one of your backup codes.

Uber allows users to download backup codes that give you access to your account when you can’t get an SMS verification code.

You can save these backup codes on your phone or write them down and put the paper in a safe place.

When logging into Uber, click on “I’m having trouble” when Uber asks you to enter your SMS code.

Then, you will find the option to enter your eight-digit backup code.

If you did not download any backup codes, contact Uber customer support.

Follow this link for help.

Uber may require you to verify your identity first.

Other Things People Normally Lose in Uber Vehicles

Phones aren’t the only personal belongings people leave in Uber cars.

According to Uber’s Lost and Found Index, people are most likely to leave their phones behind on Saturdays.

Other items that people typically forget include wallets, cameras, keys, glasses, clothing, purses, backpacks, IDs, licenses, vapes, e-cigarettes, watches, headphones, laptops, books, passports, and even cakes.

People were most likely to leave cakes behind on Sunday.

Riders have also left behind some unique items, including a chihuahua, a salmon head, an entire set of 18k gold teeth, a fog machine, and a mannequin, believe it or not.

Final Thoughts

If you left your phone behind in an Uber, act quickly.

The sooner you get in touch with your driver, the more likely they are to be able to help out.

While there is a small finder’s fee, offering to compensate the driver for the time they spend returning the item can increase the chances of them doing so.

After all, they will lose out on ride opportunities.

Many people have successfully gotten back things they left in Uber cars.

Being friendly, kind, and understanding goes a long way.

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