Uber Promo Codes: The Comprehensive [Yet Untapped] Free Guide

If you’ve heard of Uber, then you’ve likely heard something about an Uber promo code, which grants new users crazy amounts of free ride credit when they sign up for the app for the very first time.

If you still haven’t used the app, you’re in luck. There’s never been a better time to become an Uber user than now, so cash in on this promotion while it lasts.

From what our research indicates, applying the Uber credit code “TRYNOW” to your account before you take your first ride is one of the best ways to get a discounted first ride. After applying this Uber promo code for new users, you will see a free ride credit pop up in your account.

Uber Promo Code - Updated

New users get up to $15 in free credit by using Uber promo code TRYNOW

While the amount of free credit is currently $15, we’ve seen it jump up even higher than that on some occasions. But our advice is to just apply the promotion and request a ride, because once you apply the credit, it is good for 30 days.

Please note that after you claim this promotion, you’re then considered an “existing user”. Once you reach existing user status, there are still a variety of creative ways you can earn free ride credit.

Applying an Uber promo code

A $15 Uber credit will get you almost anywhere you need to go for free, or at worst, put a significant dent in your final fare and save you $15. We use $15 credits all the time and they get our team pretty far, no matter what city we are visiting.

Actually applying an Uber credit code is easy, and can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Download the Uber App – You can get it from the Google Play or App Store
  2. Select Promotions Tab – Head on over to the tab labeled “Promotions”, then tap Add Promo Code
  3. Enter Uber Promo Code – Enter the promo code in the box, then tap Apply

Three easy steps and you’re on your way. If you’re having trouble, however, see the tutorial below that walks you step-by-step through the Uber rider signup process.

Uber Promo Code - Tutorial Screenshot

Note: According to the official Uber site, there are a few things to note when using an Uber credit code:

Valid promo codes will apply to your account. Please note that promo codes are automatically applied in reverse order. Your most recently added promo code will be applied to your current or next trip.

To receive referral credit, share your personal referral code with friends. Your credit will arrive after they take a first trip.

Official Uber Help Site

Other than that, simply claim your credit and enjoy the ride!

How far does an Uber promo code get you?

For the most part, an Uber promo code will get you pretty far, and more often than not, cover the entire one-way trip to wherever you are going. The free ride credits typically average somewhere in the area of $15, which gets Uber riders father than they might think.

Since Uber’s pricing structure is pretty simple, you can easily figure out how far the credit will get you based on mileage data. Or, you can enter your starting and ending destinations into the Uber fare pricing estimator below and it will automatically calculate the cost of the ride.

If it comes in under $15, you’re golden. If it is a little more than that, you’ll still save $15 but have to pay a little bit out of pocket to cover the difference. Estimate away!

Estimator not showing up on mobile? Follow this link to see it now.

Google is indexing some of our pages as AMP Pages, meaning they strip out some of the content so the pages load faster. Simply visit the link and you’ll be on your way to getting on-demand Uber estimates directly from Uber’s API data.


Our Uber ride cost estimator takes into account a few factors when pricing Uber rides:

Base fare – Base fare is a flat fee (usually a dollar or two) that the rider is charged and is essentially a pick up fee

Per minute charge – Each minute the driver has a rider in the car if a specific amount of money, usually $0.10 to $0.25 depending on the city

Per mile charge  – The “foundation” of the ride, this is the cost per mile you are charged for the entire ride (in the midwest this is $0.4/mile)

Safe Rides Fee – A flat $1 fee per ride to subsidize the driver background check and fund the staff to deal with safety issues that arise

While the fare estimator gives you a real-time estimate using real data directly from Uber, please understand that this can change based on varying factors, and is not a guarantee of final trip amount.

New to Uber?

If you’re a new Uber user that’s still a novice to the rideshare concept completely, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

After doing a pretty good amount of research, we realized how many people looking for current Uber promotions and wondering how to best claim their free credit ar also looking for information on the app itself and how it works.

For your convenience, we’ve broken down the best Uber promo code to use on your first ride (above), alternative promotions for users after they use their first Uber credit code, tips for using the app, and much more.

So what is is Uber? Let’s dive right in to answer that question.

Uber is the most efficient method of travel – period. The concept is that riders and drivers are matched by using a smartphone app and the request, ETA, route mapping, and payment is all contained inside the app.

Initially founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp to be a local solution to the San Fransisco transportation issue, the company has now grown to over 400 cities in 60 countries. As of 2015 Uber was valued at $62.5 billion and had investments from the likes of Andreessen Horrowitz, Morgan Stanley, and Baidu. Uber’s expansion plan is rapid and investors can’t seem to get enough of the company.

Although Uber’s expansion has been rapid, one thing is clear – Uber will continue to grow and continue to eat market share from other transportation sources. Uber is so confident they will grow that they are giving out free Uber rides if you use one of our exclusive Uber promo codes!

Best cities to use your Uber promotion code

Atlanta is home of the Braves and also happens to house Hartsfield-Jackson International, the busiest airport in the world! Uber also happens to have a massive presence in the city too busy to hate. So whether you are visiting the World of Coca-Cola museum, watching the fish at Georgia Aquarium, or checking out how the news is produced at the CNN Center, you can rest assured that Uber will get you there. And you won’t even pay for your first ride if you use our Uber promo code for new users!

Chicago is called the windy city because you can always count on one thing – it being windy! However, the creators of the nickname didn’t count on another thing being constantly present. Uber has taken over market share in Chicago and if you are visiting the Willis Tower, watching boats come in at the Navy Pier, or taking a picture of yourself in the bean at Millennium Park, Uber will get you there with a free Uber ride.

New York
The city that never sleeps is sure to keep you busy. You can relive the immigration of your ancestors by going to see the Statue of Liberty, pay tribute to New Yorkers at One World Trade Center, or see the home of 2017 potus Donald Trump. Whatever you decide to do, Uber has you covered with a free Uber ride up to $50 using our exclusive new Uber user promo code!

Go Red Socks! Unless you are from New York, you may want to visit Fenway Park. Other attractions include the Kennedy Museum, the U.S.S. Constellation to see how the Navy sailors lived aboard “Old Iron Sides”, or relive the Boston Tea Party. The only important thing to remember is that you can get to any of these destinations for free using any of our Uber promo codes for a free Uber ride!

Uber vehicle types

Stock image of classic cars and Uber vehicle types

UberX – The first and no-frills option is UberX. Riders can expect a Toyota, Honda, or Ford and all cars have 4 doors and at least 5 total seats. Prices usually start around .4/mile and the average UberX ride is between 2-3 miles and costs around $15

UberPLUS – Popular with business travelers, UberPLUS is an UberX but vehicles used are a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Audi. Cars must be black, silver, or grey and this option is usually twice as expensive as the UberX. Drivers tend to be more professional and usually dress to look like a chauffeur and offer water, snacks, and sometimes even alcohol to riders. The average UberPLUS ride costs around $30

UberBLACK – UberBLACK is simply an UberPLUS with a black vehicle. Again popular among business travelers, the UberBLACK must be a black luxury car and drivers dress in suits and ties to compete with chauffeur and car services

UberSUV – UberSUV is a great option for groups with more than 6 travelers. Rides can be split equally in the app (see our section on splitting the fare below), and all vehicles in this category must have at least 7 seatbelts. Rates vary by city, but pricing is usually 2x the base fare of an UberX plus a small additional fuel surcharge

UberXL – UberXL is the same as the above option but not limited to a Sport Utility Vehicle. Really, the only difference is that minivans are allowed and most drivers using this category own Chrysler Town and Countries and drive after their kids have gone to bed (we also found these drivers provide snacks more often than other drivers!)

UberLUX – UberLUX is not common due to the restrictive cost associated with these vehicles, but riders utilizing this service can expect to be driven around in high-end luxury cars such as a Rolls-Royce. Again, the cities that do offer this service do not have many drivers as rides and cars are so expensive, so this option is more of a novelty to make headlines and increase brand awareness, so don’t expect to be able to take a ride in a Bentley anytime soon.

Who uses Uber?

Uber was first used by people who wanted to get rid of their vehicles but has now transformed into a way of life for others. Business travelers, partygoers, and vacationers have all embraced the practicality of Uber. And the writers here at Ridester think that as long as Uber continues to offer their exclusive Uber promo codes and massive sign-on bonuses, the growth of people willing to try out the free Uber ride promotions will be exponential.

We’ve compiled a few common uses for Uber below:

  • Going to the store to get groceries
  • Dropping your vehicle off at the mechanic
  • Going to and from the bars
  • A safe ride home from a company event
  • Rides home from the airport

Uber app pros and cons

Pros of Using Uber
1. ETA displayed directly on your app home screen
2. Reliable ride in a driver’s personal vehicle
3. Vehicle is clean and the drivers are friendly
4. With operations in over 400 cities worldwide, find a ride pretty much anywhere

Cons of Using Uber
1. Surge pricing uncapped, so you may be charged up to 50x base fare (never seen this happen though)
2. App uses smartphone data (bad if you have a limited data plan)
3. Operations at airports getting less strict, but service may not be available at some city airports

Uber safety

Recent news headlines have called into question the safety of apps like Uber. Most readers do not understand that with operations in over 60 countries, Uber is not immune from incidents. In fact, Uber is actually one of the safety modes of ground transportation in terms of the inspections that both drivers and cars must undergo. Uber conducts a detailed maintenance inspection on vehicles both at signup and annually, and all drivers undergo a background check that goes back 7 years and screens for sex offense crimes, driving record violations, and also criminal record check at both the state and federal level. Finally, all vehicles used are personal vehicles which tend to be maintained better, both mechanically and cosmetically.


As both an Uber rider and driver, you are able to rate the other party based on your riding/driving experience. For example, say a driver is very unpleasant and even makes a comment to you or one of your friends. At ride termination, you will be able to leave feedback (on a scale of 1-5) and written feedback that is reviewed by the Uber staff. If either you or the Uber driver rate the other party with less than 3 stars, neither of you will be matched with each other. It is always nice to rate the other party objectively, and most drivers do their best to get positive feedback. However, in the off chance you do rate the driver with 3 stars or less you can be sure they will never pick you up again.

Get a tons of ride credit with your Uber referral code

As an Uber rider, you can earn free Uber credit by simply referring other riders to download the app! You will receive a unique string of numbers and letters that identify you as an Uber rider. So the Uber promo code that you used to download the app and receive a free Uber ride? Someone got credit for that, so why not let it be you! Under “free rides” in the home screen, you will find your own Uber promo code. Give this out to family, friends, and even strangers and you will receive a free Uber ride credit up to $50 and they will also receive the same! It’s Uber’s way of saying thank you for helping grow the business. Your free Uber ride will be automatically applied to your next Uber use and you cannot control when you use it.

Uber FAQ

We get a lot of questions from new users trying to enter an Uber promo code, or just trying to figure out the app in general.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

If you have a question, post it in the comments below and we will take a swing at answering!

How long is my Uber Promo Code valid?

When can I use my free Uber ride?

How will I know when my Uber driver arrives?

Can I tip my Uber driver?

Can I use more than one Uber promo code?

How safe is riding with Uber?

How long is the average Uber ride?

Is an Uber ride less expensive than a taxi ride?

What type of car can I expect when I use Uber?

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