Uber Promo Codes: The Comprehensive Guide

Looking to score with Uber? Then sign up to ride using an Uber promo code and get a discounted ride.

You have 30 days to use your Uber credit before it expires. The promo code can be used in any Uber city in the United States, but not international rides.

Uber sometimes increases its promo code, but don’t wait for that to happen, claim yours now. This doesn’t happen often, so we recommend using whatever promo code is available at the time of your first ride.

Please note that after you claim this promotion, you’re considered an “existing user”. Don’t fret: there are still a variety of creative ways you can earn free ride credit as an existing user.

Applying an Uber promo code

Uber promotions are a great way to reduce the total cost of your ride. If it doesn’t cover the full ride, the promotion amount will subtracted from your total fare.

Here’s how to use Uber promo codes:

  1. Download the Uber App – You can get it from the Google Play or App Store
  2. Create an account — Open the app and tap the Create An Account button
  3. Select Promotions Tab – Click the Hamburger button (three lines) on the left-hand corner of the screen, tap the button labeled “Promotions”, and tap Add Promo Code
  4. Enter Uber Promo Code – Enter the promo code in the box  at the center of the screen and tap Apply
  5. Enjoy the Ride! — And you’re done… Enjoy your Uber discount!

Uber Promo Code - Tutorial Screenshot

If you have any issues creating an Uber account, contact Uber’s support team.

Note: According to the official Uber site, there are a few things to note when using an Uber credit code:

Valid promo codes will apply to your account. Please note that promo codes are automatically applied in reverse order. Your most recently added promo code will be applied to your current or next trip.

To receive referral credit, share your personal referral code with friends. Your credit will arrive after they take a first trip.

Official Uber Help Site

Other than that, simply claim your credit and enjoy the ride.

How far does an Uber promo code get you?

There’s no way to tell you exactly how far an Uber promo code will get you, because promotion amounts vary by time and city. However, this amount will help cover a portion your one-way ride if you’re taking a simple inter-city trip.

Want to see how much your Uber ride will cost before you ride? Input your starting and ending destinations into our free Uber fare pricing estimator below and it will automatically calculate the cost of the ride. Then you may see how your promo code will discount your ride.

Estimator not showing up on mobile? Follow this link to see it now.

Google is indexing some of our pages as AMP Pages, meaning they strip out some of the content so the pages load faster. Simply visit the link and you’ll be on your way to getting on-demand Uber estimates directly from Uber’s API data.


Our Uber ride cost estimator these factors into account the following:

Base fare – Base fare is a flat fee (usually a dollar or two) that is charged on every ride. Think of it as a pick-up fee.

Per minute charge – Riders are charged per minute that they’re in an Uber, the amount which is dependent on the city they’re traveling in.

Per mile charge  – Riders are charged per mile.

Safe Rides Fee – Uber charges a flat $1 fee per ride to subsidize background checks for their drivers

New to Uber?

Below we’ll give you an overview of how to use the ridesharing service and what to expect during your ride.

First things first: what is Uber? Let’s dive in and answer that question.

Uber is a smartphone app that matches riders and drivers. Ride requests and payments are all handled within the app, giving you a cashless and stress-free experience.

Uber was founded 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp to fix San Francisco’s taxi issue. Since then, the company has grown to over 400 cities in 60 countries. It has received investments from Andreessen Horowitz, Morgan Stanley, and Baidu and has a valuation of over $1 billion.

Although Uber’s expansion has been rapid, one thing is clear – Uber will continue to grow and continue to eat market share from other transportation sources. Uber is so confident they will grow that they are giving out free Uber rides if you use one of our exclusive Uber promo codes!

Best cities to use your Uber promotion code


Atlanta is home of the Braves and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport— the busiest airport in the world. You can take an Uber ride from the airport to the Coca-Cola museum and learn about one of America’s most iconic brands.


The Second City that’s second to none: Chicago. Uber has a huge presence in the city, so use your Uber to catch a Cubs game, drink a local brew, and explore all of Chicago’s 77 diverse neighborhoods.

New York

The City that Never Sleeps has something for everyone—and Uber will get you there. Hop in an Uber to head from Times Square to Queens Center, Harlem to Williamsburg, and everywhere in-between.

Los Angeles

Anyone that’s been to Los Angeles knows one thing: it’s near impossible to get around without a car. Let Uber do the driving on your next visit, so you can get from Venice Beach to the airport without a rental car.

Uber vehicle types

Stock image of classic cars and Uber vehicle types

Image via Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

UberX – UberX is the most basic form of Uber. Riders can expect a Toyota, Honda, or Ford, and all cars have at least 4 doors and 5 total seats. Prices usually start around $0.40/mile plus per minute and pickup charges.

Fun fact: the average UberX ride is between 2-3 miles and costs around $15.

UberPLUS – Popular with business travelers, UberPLUS is a premium version of UberX.  Expect your UberPLUS to be a BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Audi, have a leather interior, and be black, silver, or grey. This option is usually twice as expensive as the UberX and drivers tend to be more professional, usually offering water bottles and mints to their riders.

UberBLACK – UberBLACK is Uber’s high-end limo hailing service. Most UberBLACK vehicles are driven by licensed limousine drivers and all UberBLACK cars are high-end and painted black; think Lincoln Town Cars and Navigators. Like UberX, all cars have at least 4 doors and 5 total seats.

UberSUV – UberSUV is UberBLACK but for groups of 6 or more travelers. All UberSUV vehicles seat a minimum of 7 riders and are, like UberBLACK, high-end vehicles.

UberXL – UberXL is the same as the above option but not limited to a Sport Utility Vehicle. The only difference is that minivans are allowed and most drivers using this category own Chrysler Town and Countries and drive after their kids have gone to bed.

UberLUX – UberLUX is the ultimate Uber experience. Riders are picked up in an ultra high-end, generally exotic vehicle—think a Tesla Model S, Jaguar XJ, or a 7-series BMW. All UberLUX vehicles seat at least four people.

Unfortunately, UberLUX isn’t common in the United States because of the high cost of these vehicles. Cities with UberLUX include Paris, London, and Sydney.

Who uses Uber?

Uber is used by just about everyone. Business travelers coming from the airport, college students headed to campus, and vacationers have all embraced the convenience of Uber.

Some common Uber rides include:

  • Going to the store to get groceries
  • Dropping your vehicle off at the mechanic
  • Going to and from the bars
  • A safe ride home from a company event
  • Rides home from the airport

Uber app pros and cons

Pros of Using Uber
  1. All rides are given a real-time ETA and price estimate
  2. Reliable ride in a driver’s personal vehicle
  3. Vehicles are clean and the drivers are generally friendly
  4. Uber is everywhere! Over 400 cities are on the platform

Cons of Using Uber
  1. Surge pricing uncapped, so in rare circumstances, rides are priced at up to 50x the standard Uber fare. Luckily, Uber will tell you this beforehand
  2. Service isn’t available at all airports because of local regulations

Uber safety

Recent news headlines have called into question the safety of apps like Uber. That’s to be expected: Uber operates in the world’s largest cities, so there’s bound to be incidents from time to time.

Uber conducts a detailed maintenance inspection of all vehicles on its platform annually. An initial inspection is done before the vehicle can join Uber.

Further, all Uber drivers undergo a background check. This check looks back at 7 years of public records and screens for sex offenses, driving record violations, and criminal history. These screenings are done at the state and federal level.


At the end of each Uber ride, both the rider and the driver are prompted to rate each other on a scale of 1-5. Five means the trip was excellent, and 1 means the ride was terrible. Uber uses these rankings to kick bad drivers and rowdy passengers off of the platform. Your driver’s ranking will be displayed as soon as you’re matched with them.

Earn ride credit with your Uber referral code

Refer friends to try Uber using your unique promo code that’s located in the Free Rides section of the Uber app. Every time a friend signs up for Uber and uses your code, you’re rewarded with free ride credit. Rewards range from $5 to $20 depending on the city.

Oh, and your friend isn’t left out either! He or she will receive Uber credit towards their first ride after using your promo code.

Uber FAQ

We get a lot of questions from new users trying to enter an Uber promo code, or just trying to figure out the app in general.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience.

If you have a question, post it in the comments below.

How long is my Uber Promo Code valid?
Your Free Uber ride is valid until the expiration date listed by the free Uber ride under the “free rides” tab in the home screen. Usually, free Uber rides from the Uber promo code are good for 12 months, but this varies by city and time of application

When can I use my free Uber ride?
Any free Uber ride gained from an Uber promo code is automatically used on the first ride, no exceptions

How will I know when my Uber driver arrives?
Your Uber driver will press a button in the app that will automatically alert you when he arrives at the destination

Can I tip my Uber driver?
Yes, there is a tip option available in the app

Can I use more than one Uber promo code?
For a free Uber ride, you can only use one of the above Uber promo codes. However, you can use your own Uber rider referral code to earn up to $50 in free Uber rides.

How safe is riding with Uber?
Uber is very safe. Drivers go through a background check and vehicle inspections.

How long is the average Uber ride?
The average Uber ride is between 2-3 miles and costs between $10 and $15

Is an Uber ride less expensive than a taxi ride?
Generally, yes. Taxis may be cheaper during surge times.

What type of car can I expect when I use Uber?
A Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy, and Honda Civic are all popular options for an Uber.

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