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Why Is DoorDash So Slow? Simple Reasons Why & How To Fix

Explore the reasons behind delayed DoorDash deliveries and unpack the question, "Why is DoorDash so slow?" during its busiest periods - and what to do to fix it.

Why Is DoorDash So Slow for Customers?

Many things can happen between when the customer places their order on the DoorDash app and the food arriving at their door.

Here are some of the more commonly found issues for why DoorDash runs slowly for customers.

Dasher Took a Detour

The DoorDash delivery drivers, known as “dashers,” are given directions to the pickup and dropoff locations on their driver app.

While the drivers are strongly encouraged to follow the route provided to them by the app, dashers ultimately have the final say in how they get to their location.

Sometimes, dashers may determine that an alternative route to the one the app provided them is the way to go.

When this happens, this can potentially cause a delay in pickup and delivery times.

Restaurant is Busy

The restaurant the customer ordered from may be experiencing a rush.

If this should be the case, the delivery will take longer due to increased demand.

Times to expect restaurants to be busy are during typical lunch and dinner rush hours.

However, these usual rush hours are not the only times restaurants can experience a surge in customer demand.

Whenever this happens, service time might see a slight delay.

Dasher is Stuck in Traffic

If customers place orders during increased traffic hours, drivers may experience difficulty getting to their destinations.

The proximity of a restaurant to your home will always impact the time it will take for food to arrive at your location.

Ordering food during rush hour is sometimes unavoidable, but it can increase the potential for delays.

Road construction, car accidents, and general traffic jams are inevitable for dashers.

These criteria are likely to slow your dasher down during busy times.

If you know you’re going to place a DoorDash order during rush hours, be sure to exercise extra patience for the driver as they navigate traffic.

Not Enough Dashers in the Area

Depending on your location, dashers may be a hot commodity.

If your delivery location or the restaurant you order from is in an area with fewer dashers, it may take some time for your order to be assigned.

The time the DoorDash app takes to find a dasher to pick up and deliver your order will cause the entire process to take longer.

This may influence you to place your DoorDash order from restaurants in areas where there are typically a large number of drivers.

Also, depending on the location you need the food delivered to, it may not always make sense to use DoorDash as a method of securing dinner.

However, even if you live in an area where this typically isn’t a problem, rare occurrences may happen where there aren’t enough drivers to meet the demand.

It’s Peak Delivery Time

While it is easy to predict that restaurants and delivery drivers will be busy during lunch and dinner rush hours, there are a few “peak” delivery times to consider.

The typical lunch hours that see a surge are 11 am through 1 pm. Evening hours that see an uptick in dinner orders can be anywhere from 5 pm until 9 pm.

However, it happens during the late night hours until the early morning that delivery drivers may receive many requests at once.

This increase can slow down the customer’s ability to get their food as quickly as they may have anticipated.

Your Driver Is Picking Up Multiple Orders

There are plenty of instances in which dashers receive multiple orders at once.

DoorDash refers to this as “batched orders.”

These batched orders provide excellent opportunities for additional income for dashers but can cause potentially longer wait times for customers.

DoorDash is smart about how they assign batched orders.

They are sure to assign orders in which restaurants are close by or at the same restaurant altogether.

Despite this, timing is everything.

Even if batched orders are from the same restaurant, one order may be ready long before another.

Also, the additional stop the dasher makes adds waiting time for the customer.

App Issues

Not always, but sometimes the DoorDash app experiences technical difficulties.

The app conducts quite the multitasking operation to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

Depending on the issue, DoorDash offers troubleshooting support that might quickly solve your problems and get you back in business.

Nevertheless, these technical glitches can cause the food delivery process to take longer than customers typically desire.

Why Is DoorDash So Slow for Drivers?

Customers are not the only ones who occasionally experience delays in the DoorDash experience.

Dashers are prone to slow-downs as well.

Here are some of the top reasons DoorDash is so slow for drivers.

Slow Time

There are periods when very few requests come through for dashers.

Dashers may wait for some time before a request pops into their app.

This wait time can cause frustration for dashers hoping to earn decent money.

There are also slow periods for restaurants where customers place orders.

Short-staffed restaurants during slow periods may cause delays in making food for orders.

These can all cause DoorDash orders to take longer than usual.


While a top contender in the food delivery market, DoorDash is not the only name in the game.

Uber Eats is a wildly popular food delivery app that many users favor over DoorDash.

Uber Eats has the name brand loyalty from customers who rely on its rideshare services.

Brand recognition can burden apps such as DoorDash, which thrive on the singular service offered.

App Issues

Customers are not the only people who experience technical difficulties from time to time.

Even the best-laid plans go sour at times.

Despite DoorDash’s best efforts to provide a solid, high-tech app for their employees, things don’t always go according to plan.

If dashers experience difficulty with their app, they should follow DoorDash’s troubleshooting tips.

Not In a Hotspot

Dashers know that the best way to guarantee the best earnings is to be in an area of high demand.

However, this desire isn’t always possible to achieve.

Dashers may find themselves in an area where there are a low amount of delivery requests.

When this happens, the work slows down, and the dasher’s earnings can plummet.

Not a Top Dasher

DoorDash rewards its dashers by recognizing their hard work.

Dashers who meet select criteria by the end of the month will earn the title of “top dasher.”

Dashers with high customer ratings, high acceptance rates, and have completed a set number of deliveries qualify for the title.

Top dashers can drive and deliver in whichever areas and at whatever times they choose.

If a driver is not a top dasher, they must schedule working times and stick to select boundaries.

What to Do When DoorDash is Slow for Drivers

There are always ways for dashers to increase demand and, thereby, increase their revenue.

Wait for Peak Times

Dashers should aim to schedule their driving times during hours they know will be rife with orders to accept.

Peak Times

Peak times for lunch are typically between 11 am and 1 pm. Hours of heavy dinner requests are 5 pm and 9 pm.

Are Mornings Good for DoorDash?

Some dashers may find it surprising that early mornings are a great time to dash.

Plenty of people make requests for delivery during these early hours.

This time frame provides additional opportunities for dashers to earn money and experience fewer lulls in requests.

Restart App

A common solution to an app that runs slowly is to perform a hard restart.

Dashers experiencing glitches or difficulties on the app should close the Dasher app altogether and reopen it after a few moments.

This restart occasionally clears up any issues dashers may experience with the Dasher app.

Work On Your Dasher Reviews

Dashers who have better reviews get better business.

As previously mentioned, dashers with high customer ratings can earn the coveted “top dasher” title.

When this happens, the dasher has a higher potential for income.

Dashers hoping to increase their delivery potential should focus on putting the customer experience first during every drive in every way possible.

Higher ratings can lead to higher earnings.

Wrapping Up

As with any delivery app or service, DoorDash occasionally experiences a hiccup along the way.

Despite this, DoorDash boasts an impressive 25 million users annually.

Their dedication to fast delivery and high-quality customer service present itself in every transaction and interaction.

There may still be times when you wonder, “why is DoorDash so slow?”

The key is to stay patient and remember that many things factor into a smooth delivery.

Give your dashers time to safely and securely deliver your food.

You won’t be sad you did!

Please be sure to comment below with any questions.

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