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Why Is DoorDash So Slow? Simple Reasons Why & How To Fix

Explore the reasons behind delayed DoorDash deliveries and unpack the question, "Why is DoorDash so slow?" during its busiest periods - and what to do to fix it.

Key Takeaways

  • Ordering during off-peak hours or from less busy restaurants can reduce delivery times.
  • Keeping the DoorDash app updated can help minimize disruptions for both customers and drivers.
  • Dashers can increase orders by positioning themselves in high-demand areas during peak times.
  • Dashers aiming for higher earnings should strive for Top Dasher status by improving ratings.

Why Is DoorDash So Slow for Customers?

Many things can happen between when the customer places their order on the DoorDash app and the food arriving at their door.

Here are some of the more commonly found issues for why DoorDash runs slowly for customers.

1. Dasher Detours

Dashers receive pickup and drop-off instructions through their app. While they’re advised to follow the app’s suggested route, drivers have the discretion to choose their own paths.

Choosing an alternative route may, however, lead to delays in delivery.

2. Busy Restaurants and Peak Delivery Times

Restaurants may be busier than usual, particularly during lunch and dinner times, which can extend delivery times. This surge in demand isn’t limited to traditional rush hours, meaning service could be slower at other times as well.

  • Solution: Order during off-peak hours or from less busy restaurants to avoid delays.

3. Traffic Delays

Orders placed during high traffic times can cause delays for drivers. The distance from the restaurant to your home also affects delivery time.

Congestion, road work, and accidents are common obstacles that can slow down deliveries, especially during peak hours. It’s helpful to be patient with your dasher during these times.

  • Solution: Avoid ordering during known traffic peak times or select restaurants closer to your location to reduce delivery time.

4. Limited Dashers

In areas with fewer dashers, it may take longer to assign someone to your order, extending the overall delivery time.

You might consider ordering from restaurants in areas with more available drivers, but remember, even in typically busy areas, there can be shortages.

  • Solution: Order from areas known to have a high number of dashers or during less busy times when dasher availability is higher.

5. Multiple Orders

Dashers often handle multiple orders at once, known as “batched orders,” which can lead to longer waiting times.

DoorDash strategically assigns these orders from nearby or the same restaurants, but timing and additional stops can add to delivery times.

  • Solution: Be patient, or consider tipping well to potentially get your order prioritized.

6. App Issues

Occasionally, the DoorDash app may encounter technical problems, affecting the delivery process. DoorDash provides troubleshooting support to address these issues, but they can still cause delays.

  • Solution: Check for app updates or contact DoorDash support for troubleshooting advice.

Why Is DoorDash So Slow for Drivers?

DoorDash drivers face slowdowns due to various reasons.

By addressing these issues with the suggested solutions, dashers can potentially reduce wait times and increase their efficiency and earnings on the DoorDash platform.

1. Slow Times

Sometimes, Dashers experience lulls when few delivery requests come in. Waiting for orders can be frustrating, especially for those looking to make a steady income.

Additionally, restaurants may also have their slow times, which can delay order preparation, especially if they are short-staffed.

  • Solution: Dashers can utilize this time to position themselves in areas known for higher demand or use the time to take a break and refresh.

2. Competition

DoorDash faces stiff competition in the food delivery sector, notably from Uber Eats. Uber Eats benefits from its brand loyalty, thanks to its rideshare service, posing a challenge to DoorDash’s market share.

  • Solution: Drivers might consider multi-apping, working for multiple delivery services simultaneously to increase their chances of getting more orders.

3. App Issues

Just like customers, Dashers encounter app issues. Despite DoorDash’s efforts to maintain a robust app, technical problems can disrupt service.

  • Solution: Keeping the app updated and following DoorDash’s troubleshooting steps can help minimize these disruptions.

5. Not in a Hotspot

Being in a high-demand area boosts a Dasher’s chance of frequent deliveries and better earnings. However, it’s not always possible to be in such hotspots, leading to fewer delivery requests and potentially lower earnings.

  • Solution: Dashers should move towards or wait in designated hotspots where order requests are more frequent to maximize their earnings potential.

6. Not a Top Dasher

DoorDash rewards its most dedicated drivers with the “Top Dasher” title. This status, earned by meeting specific performance criteria, allows for more flexible scheduling and delivery zones.

Those without this recognition have to adhere to scheduled times and designated areas, possibly affecting their delivery opportunities.

  • Solution: Aim to meet the criteria for Top Dasher status by improving acceptance rates, customer ratings, and completing the required number of deliveries to gain access to more benefits and flexibility.

Boosting Earnings During Slow Periods as a Dasher

There are always ways for dashers to increase demand and, thereby, increase their revenue.

Even when DoorDash is slow, there are strategies Dashers can employ to boost demand and increase their earnings.

1. Aim for Peak Hours

To maximize earning potential, Dashers should try to work during the busiest hours. These are generally:

  • Lunch Rush: Between 11 AM and 1 PM.
  • Dinner Rush: From 5 PM to 9 PM.

2. Morning Opportunities

Surprisingly, early mornings can also be lucrative. Many people place delivery orders in the early hours, offering Dashers a chance to earn more with fewer competing deliveries.

3. Restart the App

If the DoorDash app is sluggish or glitchy, a hard restart might help. Closing and reopening the app after a few moments can resolve some common issues, improving app performance and order flow.

4. Improve Dasher Reviews

Highly rated Dashers tend to get more orders.

Striving for better customer reviews not only increases the chance of becoming a “Top Dasher”—which comes with its own set of perks—but also directly impacts income potential.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction in every delivery can lead to higher ratings and, consequently, higher earnings.

Wrapping Up

As with any delivery app or service, DoorDash occasionally experiences a hiccup along the way. Despite this, DoorDash boasts an impressive 25 million users annually.

Their dedication to fast delivery and high-quality customer service present itself in every transaction and interaction.

There may still be times when you wonder, “why is DoorDash so slow?”

The key is to stay patient and remember that many things factor into a smooth delivery. Give your dashers time to safely and securely deliver your food. You won’t be sad you did!

Please be sure to comment below with any questions.

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