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Instacart Demo Orders Explained [Practice Before You Shop]

Key Takeaways

  • Instacart demo orders allow new shoppers to practice order fulfillment.
  • No actual shopping required; practice navigating the app from home.
  • Not mandatory, but highly recommended for new Instacart shoppers.
  • Demo orders familiarize you with app features and customer interaction.

What Are Instacart Demo Orders?

Instacart demo orders are practice orders that allow Instacart shoppers to familiarize themselves with the process of fulfilling an order without actually dealing with real customers.

These demo orders simulate the entire order fulfillment process within the Instacart shopper app, including aspects like selecting items and specifying product weights.

Unlike real orders, demo orders do not require the shopper to physically go to the store, bag groceries, or deliver items; the entire process is completed virtually from the comfort of their home.

This feature is designed to help new shoppers gain confidence and understand what to expect when they start accepting real orders.

vector graphic showing two instacart demo orders on separate smartphone screens

Do You Have to Do the Demo Orders on Instacart?

Completing demo orders on Instacart is not mandatory. These orders serve as an optional training tool to help new shoppers become acquainted with the app’s functionality and the order fulfillment process.

This feature, unique to Instacart within the gig economy, offers a way for shoppers to practice and gain confidence before handling real customer orders, unlike similar platforms like Lyft, Uber Eats, or DoorDash, which typically require newcomers to start with live orders immediately.

Instacart’s demo orders are designed to ease initial apprehensions by providing a risk-free environment to learn the app’s workings.

Do You Get Paid for Demo Orders on Instacart?

You do not receive payment for completing demo orders on Instacart.

These orders are designed as a training tool to assist new personal Instacart shoppers in understanding the app’s functionality and the expectations when fulfilling batch orders.

Since demo orders involve simulated tasks without any real transaction or exchange of goods with a customer, there is no compensation provided for these practice sessions.

The primary purpose of demo orders is educational, aiming to prepare shoppers for actual service tasks.

How Do You Complete Instacart Demo Orders? [Tutorial]

To complete Instacart demo orders, start by opening the Instacart app and accessing the Dashboard, where you’ll find an option labeled “Demo orders” near the bottom.

Upon selecting this, you’ll be presented with a variety of demo orders from different stores, such as Walmart or Kroger.

Each demo order includes fabricated details like the customer’s name, the number of items ordered, and the distance to the store. Select an order by tapping the green “accept” option.

As you proceed with a practice batch, you’ll encounter a list of items including canned foods, meats, and fresh produce, along with their locations in the store and prices.

The app will display buttons that mimic real-order functionalities, such as “Message the customer,” “Can’t find item,” and “Found item.”

These are crucial for interacting with customers and managing the order process.

If an item is unavailable, you can use the “Can’t find item” or “Message the customer” options to seek alternatives.

While progressing through the demo order, the app may request item weights; simply input a fictitious weight to proceed. Use the “Found item” button to indicate items you’ve “collected.”

This practice is conducted entirely within the app from the comfort of your home, designed to familiarize you with the app’s functionality before handling real orders.

Repeating this process several times can help build confidence and ensure you’re prepared for actual Instacart batches.