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Instacart Scams to Avoid As a Shopper

Some shoppers can steal from the client’s order, scan extra products, or deliver empty bags. If Instacart suspects this behavior, they’ll immediately deactivate your account.

The scams don’t stop there, though. They also affect shoppers. For example, some shoppers utilize third-party bots, snatching new orders as they appear. Since this reduces the available batches for other shoppers, Instacart can immediately deactivate your account for this activity.

Customers can contact shoppers, promising them a large tip if they pick up items that aren’t on the shopping list. Then, the shopper will be left paying for the products out of their pocket, with a low rating, and risk of deactivation.

Shoppers have also reported phishing scams. Scammers will pose as Instacart employees and call the contingent workers asking them for sensitive information.

If any of these situations happen, they can affect your good standing with Instacart. So, contact Instacart immediately through their email, alerting them of the suspicious activities.

1 thought on “Instacart Scams to Avoid As a Shopper”

  1. As an Instacart shopper, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with bogus complaints. Customers occasionally claim that items are missing, damaged, wrong, or that they’ve been overcharged. To safeguard against these false accusations, I’ve adopted a few strategies:

    Photographic Evidence: I always take pictures of the items before and after delivery, especially for “Leave at My Door” orders. This provides proof of the item’s condition and that it was delivered.

    Keeping Receipts: I retain all receipts until the order is confirmed as complete and satisfactory. This helps in disputes over charges or missing items.

    Clear Communication: I make sure to communicate clearly with customers, especially when it comes to replacements for unavailable items. I send messages through the app to get their preferences and keep a record of these conversations.

    Prompt Reporting: If a customer reports an issue, I immediately contact Instacart support with my evidence to clarify the situation.

    These measures have significantly helped me in maintaining a good standing on the platform and in avoiding unjust penalties due to false complaints.


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