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5+ Uber Free Ride Hacks To Use To Unlock Credit In 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Legitimate Promotions: Use official Uber promo codes and referral programs for free or discounted rides.
  • Referral Program: Share your Uber referral code with friends for credit but avoid sharing with strangers to comply with Uber’s policies.
  • Uber Rewards & Passes: Enroll in Uber Rewards and Uber Pass for discounts and perks on rides and Uber Eats.
  • Credit Card Benefits: Certain credit cards offer Uber benefits, like monthly Uber Cash or annual travel credits.

Does an Uber Free Ride Hack Exist?

No, there is no legitimate “Uber Free Ride Hack.” While Uber does offer promotional codes and discounts to customers, these are officially sanctioned and part of their marketing efforts.

Any other methods to obtain free rides, especially those that are unorthodox or “sketchy,” are not advised and could be against Uber’s terms of service or even illegal.

It’s important to use only legitimate and authorized methods to obtain discounts or free rides with Uber.

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Ethical Ways to Save On Uber Rides

So what’s the best way to save on Uber rides? Here are some methods OK’d by Uber and, more importantly, won’t get you banned.

hand holding a mobile phone and in the process of getting a ride by using the schedule uber feature on the screen

1. Use an Uber Promo Code as a First-Time Rider

As we discussed, first-time Uber riders get a discount code just for signing up. You can only use this code once since you can only get it through initial signup, but any savings are good savings.

2. Refer Friends and Earn Free Uber Credit

You can also use the referral code from your account to gain credit by giving the code to friends and family who don’t yet have Uber.

If they use your code, they get credit and so do you. Win-win. But just to reiterate, don’t be Blake Jareds.

3. Check Out Uber Rewards

Uber Rewards is a program Uber offers through its app. It’s free to sign up, and you can earn points to redeem for rewards.

Uber offers several different tier levels through the rewards program that depend on how you use the Uber app.

You can check those levels out here, as well as read more about what rewards you can score.

4. Sign Up for an Uber Pass

Another Uber program, Uber Pass, gives you special perks and discounts. There is a monthly fee, but with Uber Pass, you can save 10%-15% on rides, and it also gives you discounts toward Uber Eats.

For more information, check out the Uber website.

5. Sign Up for a Credit Card

Some credit cards offer benefits for Uber users. For instance, the American Express Platinum card provides $15 in Uber Cash monthly and an extra $20 in December.

Meanwhile, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card includes $300 annual travel credit. With numerous cards offering different perks, finding one that suits your needs can lead to valuable rewards.

A Notable Case of Uber Free Ride Hacks

Blake Jareds, a New Yorker and frequent Uber user, exploited the app’s referral program by posting his code on Reddit, leading thousands to sign up and granting him $50,000 in ride credits.

However, Uber revoked these credits after investigating his account following a negative review he gave to a driver. While Jareds’ approach was clever, it ultimately violated Uber’s terms of service.

The company pointed out that their referral program mandated that users personally know the individuals who use their referral code – a condition Jareds failed to meet.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

With that in mind, we don’t recommend trying to create any sort of hack like this. Uber already patched any of these previously successful methods, anyway.

Although creative, using these sorts of means to gain free rides is unethical, and some DIY “Uber free ride hacks” can even be illegal.

Not to mention that Uber is a huge conglomerate with a vast resource pool. It can see when something sketchy happens.

Like Jareds, you might get a few free rides out of the deal, but also, like Jareds, it probably won’t take Uber long to notice something is up.

How Uber Combats Fraud and Unethical Uber Free Ride Hacks

hacker holding laptop in front of Uber ride - header image for uber free ride hack post

Uber diligently monitors its app for fraudulent activities by both riders and drivers due to the prevalence of scams.

One notable scam involves drivers using GPS spoofing apps to deceive the Uber app into believing they are on a ride. You can read more about that here.

Riders, too, engage in scams, primarily to get free rides. A common tactic is creating multiple accounts to exploit Uber’s first-time promo codes.

Uber’s security system is capable of detecting such fraud by identifying accounts that use the same device and payment method.

Since it’s unlikely for a user to possess numerous credit cards, sustaining this scam is challenging. Being caught results in a ban from the app.

Another fraudulent method some riders use to get free rides is by frequently initiating chargebacks or requesting refunds without valid reasons.

Uber requires legitimate grounds for these actions. Abuse of these processes for free rides leads to removal from the platform.

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If You Do Find a Hack, Report It to the Uber Bounty Program

If at any point you come across a hack that works on the Uber app, it’s important to try and keep ridesharing fair for all and report it if it’s necessary.

These go far beyond what we could consider an Uber free ride hack into what we would consider illegal and unethical.

Uber has what it calls the Bug Bounty Program, which allows users to directly report to Uber any potential issues they find with the app. In return, reporters are rewarded monetarily for their findings.

You can read more about the Bug Bounty Program and its terms and conditions here.

We all love freebies and discounts, but no one should worry about being harmed as a result of those things.

So if you see an issue, submit it to Uber to help keep ridesharing honest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Uber Employees Get Free Rides?

Uber employees receive a 17% discount on all rides, Uber Eats, and other services as part of their benefits package.

This package also includes flexible working hours, healthcare, leave options, childcare support, and other perks like a casual dress code, free meals, a home office stipend, and wellness programs.

Do Uber Drivers Get Free or Discounted Rides?

Uber drivers, classified as independent contractors rather than employees, do not receive free or discounted rides as part of their benefits. However, they do earn money from driving.

Why is Uber so Expensive Recently?

Uber’s recent price increase is primarily due to a driver shortage caused by the pandemic. Fewer drivers were active in 2020 as demand dropped, and now, despite rising demand, this driver deficit is leading to higher rates.

Wrapping Up

The Uber free ride hacks and other money-saving hacks we listed here are great ways to earn rideshare credit. The best things in life are free, and we think that can include Uber rides.

Just be cautious about how you go about getting those rides. While there are tons of ways to try and get Uber credit, stick to the approved methods.

It’s best for all parties involved, and there are some good ways to earn rides that also reward you in other areas.

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