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Instacart Greeting Message: What It Is and Means In 2023

Wonder what to say in your Instacart greeting message? This guide will help Instacart shoppers craft the perfect greeting message for customers.

New to Instacart and want to design your own greeting message?

You’re in the right place!

Instacart is among the most popular grocery delivery services in the US.

It’s easy to use, offers transparent pricing, and is widely available.

But perhaps one of the best aspects is being able to chat with an Instacart shopper after placing an order.

That’s why crafting the perfect Instacart greeting message is so important.

It’s an excellent way for a shopper to build rapport with your customer and make their shopping experience easy.

Read on to learn how you can kickstart your customer’s positive experience.

What Is an Instacart Greeting Message?

When you start shopping for a customer, you want to ensure you meet their needs.

One way shoppers can reach their customers is with a greeting message.

An Instacart greeting message is how you greet your customer through Instacart’s app.

You’ll take a moment to introduce yourself and tell the customer what to expect.

Then, they’ll know you’re available if they need you.

Why Is an Instacart Greeting Message Important?

The chat feature in the Instacart shopper app makes it easy for you to let your customer know you’ve started shopping.

It helps build a good rapport and is an easy, efficient way to provide good customer service.

Good Customer Service

The bulk of your Instacart pay is based on customer tips.

To maximize your earnings, you want to ensure you’re giving the best customer service possible.

A text message to promote customer engagement can help you kick off a positive customer experience.

Create Rapport

A greeting message shows your customer you care about their groceries and want to get it right.

By reaching out right away, your customer will know they can message you with any questions or requests.

Ask Customers How You Can Go Above and Beyond

Perhaps the best way to use a greeting message is to reassure customers.

A quality message lets the customer know you’re willing to go above and beyond.

And, in creating that strong rapport, you can let them know you’re open to special requests to improve their experience.

Can an Instacart Greeting Message Help You Make Higher Tips?

It might seem trivial, but a greeting message is far more than a simple “hello.”

Instead, it shows the customer the shopper behind their grocery delivery.

You put yourself on a more even footing with the customer by humanizing yourself.

Since a greeting message is meant to make your customer feel comfortable, it can lead to higher gratuity.

Direct customer contact lets you perfect your orders and ensure all your clients are happy.

Although it’s not a given, it’s highly likely that comfort will lead to larger tips.

Should You Use an Instacart Greeting Message?

Using an Instacart greeting message has its pros and cons.

Here’s a quick look at why you might want to use a message and a few reasons you might not.

Pros for Using an Instacart Greeting Message

Customer service should be your top priority as a personal shopper.

A greeting message with highlight that priority, as well as offer the following benefits:

  • Increased likelihood of bigger tips
  • Build a rapport with your customer
  • Make it easy to do substitutions
  • Streamline shopping service
  • Ensure you’re getting the correct items or quality substitute

Cons for Using an Instacart Greeting Message

For the most part, using an Instacart greeting message is ideal for customer service.

However, there are a few reasons why you might not choose to.

  • Customers might take advantage of the chat feature
  • Non-responsive customers can slow down the shopping process
  • Customers might see the message as unnecessary and get annoyed

Conclusion: Should You Use an Instacart Greeting Message?

Instacart shoppers often use the service because they can’t or don’t want to go grocery shopping.

A greeting message will let them know you’re willing to be their surrogate at the grocery store.

Just make sure not to send too many messages to avoid bothering the client.

What Are the Parts of a Good Instacart Greeting Message?

You want your greeting message to be short, sweet, and to the point.

But you also want it to convey a lot of important information.

There are three critical components to an Instacart greeting message: an introduction, information about replacements, and reassurance.


The first part of an Instacart greeting message is the introduction.

This is where you’ll introduce yourself to the customer by name.

Mention Replacements

After introducing yourself, let the customer know you’ll contact them if anything needs to be replaced.

This ensures the customer will keep an eye on their phone if they need to approve replacements.

Ask if There’s Anything Else You Can Do

Close your greeting message by asking if there’s anything else you can do.

For example, you could offer to add or remove items or consult with the customer before choosing produce.

Instacart Greeting Message Examples

An Instacart greeting message is a bit like a resume.

You want to nail it on the first try without seeming pushy.

Take a look at these example messages.

1. Hi! My name is [insert your name].
I just started shopping for your order, so I’ll update you if anything’s out of stock.
If there’s anything you need to add to the order, let me know, and I’ll add it to your list!

2. Hi, [insert customer name]!
I just arrived at the store.
Feel free to message me if there’s anything you need to add to the order.

3. Hi! I’m [insert your name], and I’ll be your shopper today!
Shoot me a message if there’s anything you forgot.
I’ll make sure to check in if any of your items aren’t available.

Should You Make a Custom Instacart Greeting Message?

A custom Instacart greeting message will go a bit further in humanizing you to the client.

Instead of a nameless stranger, they’ll see a person taking care of their order.

A personalized message will help ensure you’re meeting their needs, ultimately leading to a larger tip.

What if the Customer Isn’t Responding?

Although the chat feature can make shopping easier, it can be frustrating if the customer doesn’t respond.

Unfortunately, when that happens, there’s not much you can do.

When an item on the order requires customer approval, you might find yourself waiting for a response.

However, you can call the customer directly to avoid backing up the rest of your orders.

In the event of an item replacement, it’s usually best to choose your own replacement option.

The customer can select a replacement, have the item refunded, or let you decide.

It’s best to abide by whatever they choose initially.  

How Much Should You Message the Customer on Instacart?

Since many people who use Instacart do so because they’re busy, you shouldn’t send too many messages.

Try to limit messages to a greeting and questions about replacements.

Otherwise, you risk annoying the customer.  

Wrapping Up

As an Instacart shopper, you want to do everything you can to make the customer’s experience great.

An Instacart greeting message when you start shopping is a small but effective way to improve their experience.

Just make sure to keep your messages short and sweet to avoid irritating the customer.

Are you an Instacart shopper who uses greeting messages? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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