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How Long Does it Take To Become a Shipt Shopper?

While the process of becoming a Shipt Shopper only took me around 2 days in total – from application to approval – the time it takes to get approved as a Shipt shopper can vary significantly.

Putting my personal experience aside, after I talked to others, it seems to range from as quick as the same day to as long as several months. The exact time frame depends on factors like the demand for shoppers in your area and the current number of active shoppers.

Some people have reported being approved in just a couple of days, while others have waited for several months. This variation suggests that while some applicants might get approved quickly, others should be prepared for a potentially longer wait.

If you apply and receive some type of notification about not being approved yet not able to shop yet, you’ve found yourself entered on the Shipt Shopper waitlist.

Understanding the Shipt Shopper Waitlist

The Shipt Shopper waitlist is a period of waiting that potential shoppers might experience after applying to become a Shipt shopper.

This waitlist comes into effect when all delivery needs in a specific location are currently being met, and no immediate need for additional shoppers exists.

The duration of time spent on the waitlist can vary greatly, as it depends on the demand for shoppers in a specific area and other factors. When I talked to others, the time it took for individuals to get off the waitlist ranged from about a week to several months.

For example, one person applied around the end of November and got accepted for the final steps of the application in mid-January, while another waited for three months.

These variations indicate that the wait time can be quite unpredictable and is influenced by factors like the time of year and the specific demands of each geographic location.

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