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How to Understand Shipt Shopper Stats & Ratings

Understanding and maintaining good performance metrics is key to your success as a Shipt Shopper

I get a lot of questions about Shipt Shopper stats and ratings, so I put together this lesson to help explain what they are and what they mean.

1. Shopper Stats

  • Shopper Stats: These are performance insights based on your shopping experiences. They include Average Rating, On-Time %, Completion %, and Reliability %.
  • Importance: High Shopper Stats can increase your chances of receiving order offers.
  • Accessibility: You can review these stats at any time in the Shipt Shopper app.


Shipt is continually updating features and stats, so the app experience may vary by metro.

2. Average Rating

  • Ratings: After completing an order, members rate your service from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the best.
  • Feedback: Members can provide specific feedback, which you can view under “View Details” in the Ratings tab.
  • Goal: Aim for an average rating of 4.70 or higher from your last 50 ratings.

Pro Tip

Improvement: If you notice consistent feedback in a particular area, focus on enhancing your skills there.

3. On-Time %

  • On-Time Delivery: This reflects how often you deliver orders within the designated delivery window.
  • Benchmark: Strive to maintain an on-time percentage of 90% or higher.

Pro Tip

Planning: Aim to deliver at the beginning of the delivery window and factor in extra time for unforeseen delays.

4. Completion %

  • Calculation: This is the percentage of offers you complete out of those you claim.
  • Example: If you claim 10 offers and complete 9, your completion rate is 90%.
  • Reliability: A high completion rate demonstrates reliable service to customers and retailers.


Bundled Offers: Dropping a bundled offer impacts your Completion % once.

5. Reliability %

  • Drop Rate: This measures the frequency of dropping offers in the hour before or during the delivery window.
  • Flexibility: Shipt forgives 1 drop in the last 50 offers in certain situations.
  • Consequence: Repeated drops can lead to deactivation.

Pro Tip

Skill Development: Experienced shoppers suggest that as you continue to shop, you’ll develop skills to enhance customer satisfaction.

Your Shopper Stats and Ratings are crucial indicators of your performance. By focusing on maintaining high ratings, ensuring on-time deliveries, completing your claimed offers, and being reliable, you not only increase your chances of receiving more orders but also enhance the shopping experience for customers. Remember, continuous improvement is key to your success with Shipt.

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