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Shipt Shopper Availability & Scheduling

One of the best parts of being a Shipt Shopper is the fact that you are a gig worker – and with that comes an immense amount of flexibility.

Shipt’s scheduling system is designed to give shoppers flexibility and control over their work schedules – allowing them to decide when and where to work.

As I mentioned before in my walkthrough of the Shipt Shopper app, all of your scheduling will be done through the “Schedule” tab. Here’s how that works:

1. Setting Availability

Shoppers have the liberty to define their own schedules. This includes choosing the areas, days, and times when they are available to receive order offers.

By entering this information into the Shipt app, shoppers start receiving orders that match their schedule. They can plan up to 7 days ahead, ensuring they receive order offers when they are ready to shop.

2. Metros & Zones

Shoppers can select specific areas or zones within a city (referred to as a ‘Metro’) where they prefer to work. This feature allows them to accept orders that are convenient in terms of location and timing

Shoppers can choose multiple zones and even change their selected metro when traveling, providing the flexibility to work in different cities where Shipt operates.

3. Delivery Windows

Orders come with specified delivery windows, usually in 1-hour intervals, indicating the timeframe for delivery. Shoppers are advised to consider shopping before the start of the delivery window, allowing for a more relaxed shopping experience and accommodating any unexpected delays.

4. Claiming Orders

Orders are offered to shoppers based on their set schedule and availability. If an order isn’t claimed, it becomes available in the Open Metro section for other shoppers.

Tips for new shoppers include starting with smaller orders and choosing familiar store locations to build confidence.

This system empowers Shipt Shoppers with considerable control over their work-life balance, allowing them to work as per their convenience and preferences.

If you are planning on shopping with Shipt as a large majority of your day, or want consistent ongoing work at a set time, I would recommend scheduling shifts within this section of the app.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to sporadically make money here and there, you will likely be fine just opening up the app and taking orders that appear.

Based on my experience with shopping in a medium-sized city, there are usually a large amount of orders available to claim at any given time during the day. As long as you grab them quickly, there appears to be enough work to go around.

However, I can’t say if that is the same with large cities. While there are more customers, there are also many more shoppers.

My suggestion is to try out both and find the option that works best for you.

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