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Shipt Shopper Vs Shipt Driver: Differences Explained

The terms “Shipt Shopper” and “Shipt driver” are often used interchangeably, but they can imply slightly different roles within the Shipt platform:

1. Shipt Shopper

Primarily refers to an individual who both shops for and delivers groceries or goods to customers. A Shipt Shopper is responsible for receiving orders through the app, going to the store, selecting the items as per the order, and then delivering them to the customer’s location.

An example of what a Shipt Shopper order looks like:

a screenshot of a shipt order with items that are uncomfortable to shop for

As you can see, this order requires the shopper to go to Target, shop for the items, check out, and then deliver the items to the customer.

Some shoppers don’t like these types of orders because they take a long time to shop for, and the amount that can go wrong in the process is quite substantial.

However, these are the most common types of orders, and are almost always available. So most shoppers will take them even though they are a bit of a pain to shop for.

2. Shipt Driver

While not an official term used by Shipt, it could be interpreted as someone who primarily focuses on the delivery aspect of the service.

This might involve picking up already prepared orders from stores and delivering them to customers, similar to a courier service.

Here is a typical order that somebody who just wants to drive would pick up:

With this type of “delivery only” order, shoppers will drive to the store, pick up a package that is already prepaid and waiting (usually at customer service) and then drive it to the customer’s location.

While they are not directly a Shipt driver, by doing these types of orders, Shoppers who select “delivery-only” orders are able to avoid the frustration of the time-consuming process of shopping in-store.

In the context of Shipt’s business model, most individuals fulfill both roles – they shop for items and then deliver them. Therefore, the term “Shipt Shopper” more accurately describes the typical responsibilities of someone working with Shipt.

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