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How to Communicate With Customers As a Shipt Shopper

Best practices for communicating with Shipt customers during the shopping process include:

  1. Intro Message: Send a friendly introduction informing the customer that you are starting their shopping. Include your name for a personal touch.
  2. Substitutions: Notify the customer about out-of-stock items and suggest alternatives, possibly with pictures for clarity.
  3. Heading to Checkout: Inform the customer when you are wrapping up shopping and ask if they need anything else.
  4. On the Way: Update the customer with your estimated arrival time once you’re en route.
  5. Closing Message: After delivery, send a message thanking the customer and informing them where they can find their receipt.
  6. Miscellaneous Communications: For special situations like alcohol orders, remind the customer about ID requirements. For delayed orders, set the right expectations about timing.
  7. Efficiency: Use keyboard shortcuts or text templates for common messages to save time.

These communication steps help ensure a smooth shopping experience and maintain good customer relations.

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