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How to View & Claim Orders As a Shipt Shopper

When shopping with Shipt, it is incredibly important to understand how to view and claim orders, as this is your lifeblood to earning with the platform.

Navigating the Available Orders Tab

Accessing Orders

  1. Open the App: Launch the Shipt Shopper app and navigate to the “Available Orders” page. This may be set as your default landing page.
  2. Refreshing Orders: Use the refresh button or pull down on the screen to update the list of available orders.

Understanding Order Display

  • Group vs. List View: Orders can be displayed in ‘Group’ (by zones) or ‘List’ format. ‘Group’ is beneficial for multi-zone metros, while ‘List’ works well for single-zone metros.
  • Offered Orders and Open Metro Orders: Offered Orders are those within your scheduled hours. Open Metro Orders are available to all shoppers, often including Promo Orders with additional incentives.

Reading Order Offer Cards

  • Each Order Offer Card provides detailed information, including store location, delivery window, and item count or estimated shop time.

Order Labels and Their Meanings

Types of Labels

  • Delivery Only: Pick up pre-shopped items and deliver them. Includes CVS Prescription pickups.
  • Prepaid: Mostly for Target orders, indicating a different checkout process.
  • Promo: Offers additional payout bonuses, increasing closer to the delivery window.
  • Drop-off: Contactless delivery where you place items in a safe spot and send a picture via text.
  • Early OK: You can deliver the order before the start of the delivery window.
  • Shop Only: You shop, but the store handles delivery.

Additional Features on the Order Offer Card

Exploring More Options

  • Ellipses Button: Access the order route and a preview of the shopping list.
  • Store Icon: Indicates the store for the order.
  • Delivery Window and Pay Rate: Shows the delivery time and compensation.
  • Claim Button: Use this to claim an order you want to fulfill.

Tips and Strategies

Maximizing Efficiency

  • Expand Zones: Keep each zone expanded in the Group view to see all available orders.
  • Understanding Stats Impact: Orders in your Offered Orders section affect your acceptance rate, while those in Open Metro Orders do not.
  • Utilizing the Map Feature: Use the map for route planning and efficient order claiming.

Pro Tips

  • Early Shopping: Consider shopping orders before their delivery window for a stress-free experience.
  • Start Small: Begin with smaller orders at familiar locations to build confidence.

Mastering the use of the Available Orders tab and understanding the nuances of different order types and labels is essential for your success as a Shipt Shopper. By effectively navigating and utilizing these features, you can optimize your shopping strategy, increase your efficiency, and enhance your overall experience. Happy shopping!

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