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Shipt Shopper Referral Codes & New Shopper Bonuses

Before you go through the application process, you should be aware of one money-making opportunity – new Shopper bonuses that are unlocked exclusively with a Shipt Shopper referral code.

When you apply for Shipt using a referral link, you become eligible to unlock a new Shopper bonus in your city. These bonuses vary by city, but are typically around $50-100, depending on the demand for drivers in your city.

My code is currently offering a $50 bonus when referred shoppers complete 30 orders within 40 days from activation.

The code is very simple to claim, but it is important to enter the code before you finish applying. It is much easier to claim the onboarding promotion bonus during the application process than retroactively afterwards.

To be eligible for a Shipt referral bonus, you can either simply apply through a referral link, or you can manually apply the promo code (ours is S91-GI-BBU) during the application process.

My suggestion is to apply using a referral link, as it is much easier to apply the promotion as well as confirm that the promotion has been successfully applied to your account.

Once you click the link, you and begin the application process, you will see the URL automatically display the referral code. It should look like this:

Shipt shopper referral code successfully applied to the account

Once you see the code within the URL, the promotion is applied to your account. From there, you can continue the application process.

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