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The Different Types of Shipt Orders

One of the things that confused me the most when I first started Shipt shopping was the different types of orders and labels on them.

Was I choosing the right type of order? What did each mean? Were there different expectations to each that I should know?

Let me offer you some assurance – these different orders aren’t that hard to navigate, but you should have a good understanding of what each means before you grab them.

Shipt offers different types of orders, each with its own characteristics and payment structures. The most common types of Shipt orders include:

1. Offered Orders

These are notifications for orders within your chosen zones. They have standard pay, not differing from other order types. If you reject an order, it goes to the metro pool, available to all shoppers in your region.

2. Promo Orders

These are orders in the metro pool with a promotional bonus, ranging from an extra $2 to $25, added to the standard payout. They appear when an order is nearing its delivery window and needs to be completed quickly.

3. Delivery Only Orders

These involve picking up pre-shopped groceries from the store and delivering them to the customer. The pay is typically a flat rate, like $8 per order, and does not vary based on the order size or value.

These are my favorite types of orders. They’re easy to do, and usually pay roughly the same, or at least only slightly below, they pay of full shopping orders.

4. Shopping Orders

This is the standard order type where you shop for and deliver the items. Payment is typically a percentage of the order total (7.5% according to one user), plus a base pay. Tips from customers often form a significant portion of the earnings.

5. Drop-off Orders

A feature introduced for social distancing, this involves leaving groceries at the customer’s doorstep without direct contact. These orders might have special instructions or labels indicating a ‘Door Drop-off.’

6. Shop Only Orders

Here, you shop for the order, but it’s picked up by the customer, not delivered. This type is not available in all regions and might be limited to certain stores.

7. Bundled Orders

These are orders where two shopping tasks are combined. They require special certification and adherence to additional requirements.

8. Prescription (Rx) Orders

These are specific to pharmacies like CVS, where you pick up a member’s prescriptions. Only certified shoppers can handle these.

Each type of order offers different payment structures, with factors like order size, delivery distance, and promotional bonuses influencing earnings. Understanding these variations is crucial for Shipt Shoppers to maximize their income and manage their workload effectively.

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