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What is the Shipt Shopper Card?

The Shipt Shopper Card is a prepaid card issued to Shipt Shoppers for purchasing customer orders. It’s pre-loaded with funds by Shipt, ensuring shoppers don’t use personal funds, streamlining the transaction process for both shoppers and customers.

Alternative: Using a Virtual Shipt Shopper Card

In addition to the physical Shipt Shopper Card, Shipt also provides a virtual card option for making purchases when shopping for orders. This virtual card functions similarly to the physical card but exists digitally.

Like the physical card, the virtual card is pre-loaded with funds by Shipt for each accepted order, ensuring that shoppers do not need to use their personal funds.

Shoppers can access it through the Shipt app, and also through their phone’s digital wallets.

The virtual card offers added convenience, as it can be used immediately upon activation without waiting for a physical card to arrive, and it’s especially useful in situations where a physical card cannot be used.

I typically pay for orders using the virtual card. After signing up to become a Shipt Shopper, I was able to integrate the virtual card into my Apple Wallet on my iPhone. The process took roughly 5 minutes in total to set up. I chose this option because it is one less card I have to carry or keep track of. So far, I am very pleased with my choise.

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